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Happy customers all over Valrico

Julia S.'s lawn in Valrico, FL

Crew was great, on the job, excellent work! Thanks so much Ramona! Okay

-Julia S. in Valrico, FL

Ms. Angel R.'s lawn in Valrico, FL

Excellent professional service regular customer satisfied. Thank you

-Ms. Angel R. in Valrico, FL

Stephanie W.'s lawn in Valrico, FL

He did an excellent job. My yard is now beautiful. I am happy.

-Stephanie W. in Valrico, FL

Valrico, FL - Oct 2, 2023
Local Lawn Care Facts & Resources

Should I water my lawn today?

We currently have no rainfall data available for Valrico, FL.

Sunrise   7:09 am Sunset   5:34 pm

Lawn tip of the week

Core aeration and overseeding are like peanut butter and jelly...they're essentials and they just go together.

Grass Cutting Height Preferences

Long (6-7 inches) 6%
Medium (4-5 inches) 19%
Short (2-3 inches) 75%

Popular Grass Types in Valrico

Bermudagrass 60%
Centipedegrass 15%
Zoysiagrass 8%
Buffalograss 7%
Tall Fescue 4%
Perennial Ryegrass 3%
Kentucky Bluegrass 2%

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 10,970 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $56.93
Average Customer Review 4.82 / 5.0

Weekly Cuts 23%
Biweekly Cuts 22%
Monthly Cuts 55%
Lawns Fertilized 4%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 13%
Aerated Lawns 9%
Yards with Cleanups 7%
Days That Are Sunny 7%

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FAQ About Lawn Maintenance in Valrico

What's the best way to maintain your lawn?

In the Valrico area, maintaining a lush, green lawn involves a number of things, from consistent mowing, to weeding, watering, fertilization aeration and more. The average lawn size here in Valrico is 10,970 square feet, which typically takes 99 minutes to mow if you do it yourself.

Additionally, you'll want to fertilize your lawn 6 times per year, with each application tailored to that time of year. It's also a good idea to get a soil test done once every 2-4 years to ensure your soil isn't lacking key nutrients. Professional fertilization in Valrico averages about $55 per application, and includes spot weed treatment.

Aeration is a process that relieves compaction, helps grass establish roots, and allows air and nutrients to reach the soil. Ideally, you should aerate once per year, every three years at the very minimum. Despite it's importance, only 9 percent of Valrico homeowners get aeration. Aeration in Valrico costs $175 on average, but depends on lawn size, and should be done in spring or fall.

Finally, watering is critical. You'll generally want to water in the morning before 7:09 am or in the evening after 5:34 pm so the water does not evaporate. Valrico does not have watering restrictions.

How much does it cost to have your lawn mowed in Valrico?

While the average cost of grass cutting in Valrico is $46.21, the price depends primarily on lawn size and mowing frequency.

Here is the average price in Valrico by lawn size:

  • 1/8 Acre: $31.1
  • 1/4 Acre: $35.5
  • 1/3 Acre: $39.8
  • 1/2 Acre: $51.5

Here is the average mowing price by frequency:

  • Weekly: $37.43
  • Biweekly: $51.75
  • Monthly: $56.83

Two other factors that can increase price are corner lots and gates. In Valrico, 18% of homes are on a corner lot, and 70% of homes have backyard gates.

Can I get fined for not cutting my lawn?

First, you'll have to check your Homeowners Association rules. In Valrico, 68% of homeowners are part of a HOA, and most HOAs have restrictions on grass and overgrown bushes.

Meet some of our Valrico pros

Ramona Lara Profile Photo
Ramona Lara
We are a simple, small, family-operated business that takes pride in the work we do! We have been in this line of work for over 20 years, and we absolutely love what we do! We are always here to listen and improve. We thank you all, and we truly appreciate your business!

410 North Miller Road
Valrico, FL 33594

Ramona Lara Profile Photo
Ramona Lara
We are a small family-owned and operated business with over 25 years in the lawn and landscaping field. We do everything from complete lawn care to sod removal and installation as well as cleanup jobs. We take pride in the work we do and are always open to suggestions on things we can do to improve.

North Miller Road
Valrico, FL 33594

Jon Barry Profile Photo
Jon Barry
Hello, we are Job and Dave with Father and Son Git-er-Done. We've lived in Florida for 33 years and been in the construction business and lawn service for over 30 years. Our goal is to do our best and soar above the rest also have happy, satisfied customers by doing the job right the first time.

2010 Front Street
Valrico, FL 33594

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

Robert W.'s Lawn Care service in BRDOC Lawn Care
Derek does a great job every time. He knows what he's doing... much appreciated
Robert W. - Aug 18, 2023 - Valrico, FL
Lawn Care by Derek Washington,
BRDOC Lawn Care
Michael B.'s Lawn Care service in RTH LAWN SERVICE & LANDSCAPING
I had a chance to meet Ramon this morning, Ramon and his crew provided excellent service, the yard looks really good!
Michael B. - Aug 04, 2023 - Valrico, FL
Lawn Care by RAMON TAGUJA,
Norma M.'s Lawn Care service in J & S OUTDOOR MAINTENANCE LLC
Great job always! I appreciate the consistency! Jeremy always does an excellent job.
Norma M. - Aug 01, 2023 - Valrico, FL
Lawn Care by Jeremy Lee,
Ayana P.'s Lawn Maintenance service in New creation lawn pr
Thank you
Ayana P. - Jul 12, 2023 - Valrico, FL
Lawn Maintenance by Ramona Lara,
New creation lawn pr
Hyung Joo K.'s Grass Cutting service in 9 Green Lawns, LLC
Thanks for the hard work!
Hyung Joo K. - Jun 29, 2023 - Valrico, FL
Grass Cutting by Jason Bonner,
9 Green Lawns, LLC
Tina L.'s Lawn Care service in Ye
Manual data very outstanding job to my property. I am glad that he is a team member who will be working on my yard this summer. Please keep up the good work and I thank you for your great job.
Tina L. - Jun 24, 2023 - Valrico, FL
Lawn Care by Alvaro Granados,
Sean N.'s Lawn Mowing service in The Grass Dr.
Thanks again, Raymone! Yard looks fantastic as usual :)
Sean N. - May 21, 2023 - Valrico, FL
Lawn Mowing by Raymone Wimpye El,
The Grass Dr.
Samantha C.'s Lawn Service service in Grayson’s  Complete Home Care
He did a really good job
Samantha C. - May 18, 2023 - Valrico, FL
Lawn Service by Stephanie Grayson,
Grayson’s Complete Home Care
Jenna W.'s Lawn Mowing service in A TLC Lawn Service LLC
My lawn looks great!
Jenna W. - May 09, 2023 - Valrico, FL
Lawn Mowing by Mabel Fleites,
A TLC Lawn Service LLC
TERRY L.'s Lawn Service service in Lime Lawn Care
Very punctual and professional. Yard looks amazing
TERRY L. - Apr 28, 2023 - Valrico, FL
Lawn Service by Christopher Carden,
Lime Lawn Care
Greg C.'s Lawn Maintenance service in Maico Wright's Lawns Care Service
Lawn looks well maintained
Greg C. - Apr 21, 2023 - Valrico, FL
Lawn Maintenance by Maico Wright,
Maico Wright's Lawns Care Service
Gary I.'s Lawn Mowing service in ValueBase Lawn Care
Professional services by Chester
Gary I. - Mar 23, 2023 - Valrico, FL
Lawn Mowing by Chester Butler,
ValueBase Lawn Care

Overall Rating: 4.85 / 5 stars (174 reviews)

Service Recommendations in Valrico

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for lawn care services in Valrico, FL.

Stick and Leaf Cleanup

Recommended by ANTHONY PEREZ

Service Location: Valrico,FL
Service Yard Size: 10,046 square feet
Service Price: $1463.4
Location (from the street): Front yard Remove leaves Including sticks ....................

Yard Cleanup

Recommended by Alvaro Granados

Service Location: Valrico,FL
Service Yard Size: 9,276 square feet
Service Price: $146.34
Location (from the street): Back yard Clean along rear fence line, remove dead leaves, old wood and clean area afterwards

Yard Cleaning

Recommended by Harrison Best

Service Location: Valrico,FL
Service Yard Size: 12,197 square feet
Service Price: $300
Location (from the street): Back yard Cut up and haul off broke tree branch. The branch has hit the side of the house and knocked off gutter

Yard And Flowerbed Cleanup

Recommended by Joe Fragomeni

Service Location: Valrico,FL
Service Yard Size: 18,608 square feet
Service Price: $152.44
Location (from the street): Back yard Clean up leaves and flower beds in back and left side front. Small amount of Leaves along the front left side fence and pile of limbs on patio are already paid for. Will return remove regardless of quote approval.

Other Lawn Maintenance

Recommended by Joey Rosamond

Service Location: Valrico,FL
Service Yard Size: 7,574 square feet
Service Price: $36.58
Location (from the street): Full yard Double grass fee for grass that is over 6 inches.

Lawn Cleanup

Recommended by Benjamin Green

Service Location: Valrico,FL
Service Yard Size: 7,174 square feet
Service Price: $304.88
Location (from the street): Full yard, Front yard, Left side, Back yard, Right side Remove all the overgrown grass clippings from the yard bag them for customer and neatly place all the bags for the to dispose of

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Valrico

Lawn Care

Requested by Vol T.


Service Location: Valrico, FL 75052
Service Yard Size: 6,970 square feet
Service Price: $8537
Items Needing Service: Bushes

Location on Property: Infront

Work to be Done: Bush removal/trimming

Serviced by: Lawn and Order SV

Other Landscaping Service

Requested by Christina L.


Service Location: Valrico, FL
Service Yard Size: 3,358 square feet
Service Price: $118
Items Needing Service: I was wondering about a quote for the cost of removing some of these weeds by hand. The treatments don't seem to be doing much.

Location on Property: Throughout

Work to be Done: Weeds pulled

General Landscaping

Requested by Whitney B.


Service Location: Valrico, FL
Service Yard Size: 6,805 square feet
Service Price: $79
Items Needing Service: Dead plants

Location on Property: Front yard

Work to be Done: Just need removal of weeds and dead plants

Leaf Cleanup

Requested by Rebekah R.


Service Location: Valrico, FL
Service Yard Size: 25,532 square feet
Service Price: $235
Items Needing Service: Front yard and back yard mowing and leaf removal

Location on Property: Leaf removal

Work to be Done: Remove from front and back

General Lawn Maintenance

Requested by Kerianne A.


Service Location: Valrico, FL
Service Yard Size: 8,641 square feet
Service Price: $94
Items Needing Service: Looking for additional quote for weed maintenance in backyard bed.

Location on Property: backyard

Work to be Done: Regular weed maintenance such as pulling weeds. Most companies just spray to kill weeds and never clean up.

Yard And Flowerbed Cleanup

Requested by Mary Ellen C.


Service Location: Valrico, FL
Service Yard Size: 9,221 square feet
Service Price: $100
Items Needing Service: We need to have the flower beds weeded in the front and back yards.

Location on Property: The front yard has a border, you will see bed. In the backyard, it is on the back slope.

Work to be Done: Weeding.

Top Valrico, FL Lawn Services of October 2023

Zachary Anzaroot
1922 Citrus Orchard Way
Valrico, FL 33594
46 Ratings
Very professional, showed up early ready to go, we connected right away as Veterans and I knew everything was safe with him and he finished super quick without missing anything. I will definitely be asking for him again...
#2-New creation lawn pr
Ramona Lara
410 North Miller Road
Valrico, FL 33594
413 Ratings
The Ramona Team shows up as scheduled faithfully and my lawn is one of the best kept lawn on the block, if not the best. My house looks and feels like a home thanks to the beautiful lawn service I receive from the Ramona Team! Spectacular-Beautiful!
#3-Oak Tree
Ezra Duarte
Valrico, FL
39 Ratings
We were there Friday. Looked good.
#4-Bryant's Lawns And Garden
Andrew Bryant
Valrico, FL
35 Ratings
Lonnie did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#5-D. Bergeron's Lawns And Garden INC
Danielle Bergeron
Valrico, FL
34 Ratings
Good work. Did you take a look at the gutter in the back right above the deck? How did it look? No worries if you didnt get to it this week. Just a reminder, we need to do the small patch of grass at the very front left of my house, where the green guy and light pole is, the neighbor doesn't do it (which doesn't make sense., but is what it is).
#6-Father n Son git'er done Handyman and lawn service
Jon Barry
2010 Front Street
Valrico, FL 33594
323 Ratings
I just moved into a house and every company I called was booked out for weeks. I found this company online and booked Friday and they were here on Monday morning. David did a great job and we made a plan to trim some shrubbery on the next visit.
#7-Navarro's Lawns Treatment
MeulŽn Navarro
Valrico, FL
31 Ratings
Frank and his crew did a great job with our new paver. I was very pleased when I got home and saw the landscaping they had done.
Howard Ries
Valrico, FL
30 Ratings
Aside from the shorter blades of grass and a few stray clippings in the area, you'd never know they were here. That makes Rob the right person for the job.
#9-New Creation Lawn Professional
Ramona Lara
North Miller Road
Valrico, FL 33594
280 Ratings
Very happy with Ralph, always has a smile and excellent service
#10-Maico Wright's Lawns Care Service
Maico Wright
Valrico, FL
27 Ratings
Frank has done an excellent job.
#11-Camacho's Lawns & Landscape
Pelegrino Camacho
Valrico, FL
25 Ratings
Quick and thorough, made it look easy
#12-L. Green's Lawns And Garden
Lee Green
Valrico, FL
23 Ratings
Daniel's work was some of the best I've had. Lawn came out looking extremely clean and he went above and beyond even with our unclear property lines. Highly recommend.
Valrico, FL
223 Ratings
Great job. I apologize for leaving out the water hose. I keep forgetting to move it. Anthony did an amazing job on my landscape maintenance.
#14-K. Tejeda's Lawns And Garden Inc
Konrad Tejeda
Valrico, FL
21 Ratings
Much better. Thank you for correcting the issue.
Alvaro Granados
Valrico, FL
2 Ratings
Hey there. My wallet and phone were stolen last week. I just got my replacement phone and credit cards. I'm updating my account with the new information so you can get payment for the last mow.
#16-Lawn and Order SV
Chad Orihood
4001 Levonshire Place
Valrico, FL 33596
2 Ratings
Services Offered: Lawn Mowing , Gutter Cleaning, Mulching

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