LawnStarter Reviews

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They did a great job on my lawn. Definitely paid attention to detail and made sure I would be satisfied.
Santina M.
I couldn't believe how easy it was to get setup with the service. My yard looks great, and the best part is I will never have to spend another ounce of time messing with my own grass again.
Henry I.
Signing up and getting a quote was surprisingly easy. There were no hoops to jump through to get my price.
Anastasia S.
My yard is finally looking great again. After only a few lawn mowings, the edges are looking much more pronounced and the height is evening out. Thank you LawnStarter!
Cindy L.
Such an incredibly easy service to use! My lawn is basically on autopilot, with me logging in to request extras from time to time. The crew that services me always puts their best foot forward.
Wendy F.
Definitely the best lawn mowing service in St Louis! Very affordable, and we appreciate your responsiveness! I'll be telling all my neighbors!
Great job. Loving it so far. Such a relief to have the notifications and great customer service!
Maria B
They came as expected and knocked out the job very quickly. Would reccomend for anyone needing a reliable lawn mowing service in Durham.
Jo Z.
I enjoy how LawnStarter vets all the lawn services in Tallahassee and matches me with the best one. My guy - Larry - has been incredible so far, but I also love the idea that I can switch my lawn pro at any time.
William H.
Professional service! Very happy, thank you Paul!!
Kylie S
“LawnStarter really impressed me when they were scheduled to mow my grass but also fixed a few other lawn problems around the property without being asked.”
Maddie V.
We've got a hilly, difficult lawn to mow, but your crews have always managed to make it look good. Thanks, guys!
Bill H.
Lawnstarter is awesome! They do the work on the day they say they will, I can always reach them over the phone if I need something, and the electronic payment through the app is pretty neat - would recommend!
Gina Wilson
Just a bit more information, LawnStarter is a local technology start up that links local lawn care providers with people looking to have work done. Cool company with a cool idea in the same vein as Uber and Lyft
I stumbled across LawnStarter's website and it was by far the most professional. I booked online and haven't looked back. Would definitely reccomend to others.
Ken L.
Dave and his crew have always done an excellent job on my yard. The edging really stands out. I look forward to getting lawn treatment, as reccomended by LawnStarter.
Bernard L.
The crew that works on my yard has been great. Promt and quality work everytime, not to mention the sub-5 minute response time on any email I send. LawnStarter is on top of their game.
Sarah T.
The service is getting better and better. Much better than the neighborhood kid mowing lawns, and well worth the premium.
Lynn L.
I'll gladly review you guys, the service has been great! Scott and I wanted to thank you for being reliable for us this last year. So, thanks!
Mallory B.
I'm so glad that I get to stop worrying about my lawn. I get to spend time doing more important things.
Jenn A.