LawnStarter Reviews

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LawnStarter makes it ridiculously easy for me to stop worrying about my lawn. I just book online and they put my lawn on autopilot.
Matthew D.
Excellent job on the lawn mowing. Very pleased indeed. Looks great! Thanks.
Maria B
The team did a great job this week. Looks good! I also love the app.
Dax D
The lawn service by LawnStarter is fantastic. They are super responsive and really care about the customer. Highly recommend. No wonder everyone in my neighborhood uses them.
Jessica K.
An exceptional job, as usual! However, he went beyond the call of duty and -- after he finished mowing -- played basketball with my grandsons for a few minutes. Very nice touch!!
Michael B
The level of customer service that I've experienced so far is something I haven't ever found with another lawn care company. Thanks!
Lisa E.
Fantastic job on the lawn! Today was my first service and I loved how easy everything was. I'll definitely be using LawnStarter going forward.
Landon R.
“I just wanted a group that got the job done. It took me a little bit to find a good company but finally I stumbled upon LawnStarter.”
Sam E.
Fantastic job! Couldn't be more thrilled. Please keep this up, thank you!
Bonnie N
Easy to use and book service, highly reccomend to all friends
Harold P
LawnStarter is a high-class operation. They sent awesome lawn service providers out that did great work on my lawn. I recommend them to everyone.
Juanita R.
Just a couple weeks into lawnstarter and it's good service. James and Allen are nice folks and very helpful. They helped me move some furniture too. I wish them the best, thank you.
Jeffery C
Can't complain about the price, and the quality is amazing. Love that y'all actually answer the phone when I have a request!
Sandra D.
Seriously, it's 2014 and just like I can't live without Uber, I now can't live without LawnStarter!
Morgan L.
This time around, the crew earned more than 5 stars. Great work!
Brenda L.
I couldn't believe how easy it was to get setup with the service. My yard looks great, and the best part is I will never have to spend another ounce of time messing with my own grass again.
Henry I.
Lahni has been very attentive to the details around my lawn. The mowing and careful edging are really making my home look complete. Much better than when my husband did it, lol!
Barbara W
I wish there were LawnStarter for everything - the process is convenient. No hassle, no quotes, none of the headache I have to put up with when hiring contractors. Two thumbs up!
Dave S.
I absolutely love that I can order and manage my service through the mobile app. It's not perfect but it's a heck of a lot better than dealing with a regular Birmingham lawn mowing service who don't have a clue. 5 stars, reccomend.
Diana K.
Fantastic concept! You just signup through the app and a lawn mower comes a couple days later. The same guy has been doing my lawn and I think it's been looking better and better over time.
Fernando M