LawnStarter Reviews

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The lawn was mowed to my satisfaction and the customer service has been A+. That's all I could ask.
Sanjay S.
Super Fantastic Job!! Woke up to a beautiful day with a whole new looking yard. Very pleased
Angele A
Fantastic job! Couldn't be more thrilled. Please keep this up, thank you!
Bonnie N
The crew over at LawnStarter has never disappointed. They leave my lawn looking amazing every time.
Jake N.
Dave and his crew have always done an excellent job on my yard. The edging really stands out. I look forward to getting lawn treatment, as reccomended by LawnStarter.
Bernard L.
LawnStarter has been doing my lawn all year and it's been fantastic. They really go the extra mile.
Trevor D.
Though the service is a bit more than the neighborhood kid, the quality, professionalism and shear convinience is well worth it. Thanks for being so awesome.
Holly B
The level of customer service that I've experienced so far is something I haven't ever found with another lawn care company. Thanks!
Lisa E.
My lawn looks way better now that I'm using LawnStarter. Definitely going to retire my lawn mower for the forseeable future.
Randell C.
I just really like having someone I can trust with my lawn from week to week.
Anne J.
I've lived here for quite some time and gone through more lawn services than I can count on two hands. Reliability is always an issue. LawnStarter matched me with a top-rated lawn mower and I haven't looked back.
Bryan C.
I grew up mowing my parent's lawn and have had nightmares about it ever since. I was thrilled to find Lawnstarter once I moved into my own place. If only they'd been around in the 90's! LOL!
Jason M
It seems like every Washington DC lawn care service is a sham...except Lawnstarter. They have not only skill, but business sense and integrity. One of my best experiences hiring a contractor.
Jeff M.
The LawnStarter crew ensures that my lawn looks perfect every time. I can definitely sense their attention to detail.
Anna D.
Sometimes I forget that grass is a living, breathing thing that requires maintenance to look nice. But now I don't have to worry about forgetting that. My yard is in goods.
Steven K
I've tried several Gaithersburg grass mowing services. Most of them are a pain. LawnStarter is the only grass mowing service I really trust.
Dwayne R.
The support team shoots me an email whenever they're finished with my lawn. They truly care about making me have a great experience.
Charise D.
These guys do all of my Falls Church lawn care jobs. I travel a lot so it's nice to have a service that will respond and do special tasks.
Azeem A.
I don’t normally take the time to write reviews but I had to say something quick about the awesome and reliable service LawnStarter has given me.
Paul H.
Cameron H.