LawnStarter Reviews

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Thank goodness my neighbor in Raleigh told me about LawnStarter. My lawn has never looked greener and I don't have to do anything. No phone calls, no in person talks - just set and forget.
Jeff R
Lawnstarter is clutch. My roomates and I share a lawn mower and Jeremy always let the grass grow too long before trimming the grass. Turns out this is terrible for the mower and it broke. We called lawnstarter thinking it'd just be a one-time thing, but e
Pearl C
The customer support team truly makes this company shine. I could tell that they're legitimately interested in keeping me happy.
Earl K.
Good thing I found this service online. My shoulder went out about a year ago and I've been struggling to keep up with all of the yard maintenance. Now if I need things done around the property I just order it through the app. I've had a great experience
Allen H
Well, I've got a great lawn and more time to go fishing on the weekends. I'd say LawnStarter was a success for me!
William M.
Dave and his crew have always done an excellent job on my yard. The edging really stands out. I look forward to getting lawn treatment, as reccomended by LawnStarter.
Bernard L.
I plan on reccomending all my neighbors switch to LawnStarter. It's far better than dealing with the old school lawn services I'm used to. Great work!
Sarah H
I must have had the worst luck hiring a gardening service - from the professionals to the neighborhood kid, it was always something. LawnStarter makes all that way easier, and I highly reccomend.
George R.
“I just wanted a group that got the job done. It took me a little bit to find a good company but finally I stumbled upon LawnStarter.”
Sam E.
Point and click, it's that simple! I love being able to keep tabs on my lawn without being there, since I travel so much.
Steve C
Beautiful job! They were fast and efficient! And cleaned everything up beautifully! Thank you!
Brittaney W
Who'd have thought ordering lawn care could be this easy? I'm totally sold on what LawnStarter is doing to lawn care in Apopka.
Erin G.
The service is getting better and better. Much better than the neighborhood kid mowing lawns, and well worth the premium.
Lynn L.
When I did a google search for 'uber for lawn mowing', I quite honestly didn't actually expect anything. And there LawnStarter was, and it's delivered just as expected!
Kaley N.
Lahni has been very attentive to the details around my lawn. The mowing and careful edging are really making my home look complete. Much better than when my husband did it, lol!
Barbara W
I'm so happy I decided to pay a couple extra bucks to use LawnStarter. The customer service is well worth it, not to mention the fact that everyone is insured. I love LawnStarter.
Dan J.
“Thank goodness I finally have a company that shows up on time and consistently! On top of that every job is just as impressive as their first was!”
Deborah M.
Though the service is a bit more than the neighborhood kid, the quality, professionalism and shear convinience is well worth it. Thanks for being so awesome.
Holly B
LawnStarter is much more affordable than I thought they'd be, considering the quality and service management. It's all been so easy, and saved us so much time!
Brianna T.
LawnStarter takes care of all my lawn maintenance and fertilization. The yard's never looked greener, so thanks guys!
Andy A.