LawnStarter Reviews

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“It seems so simple- just mow my lawn how and when you say you’ll do it. Yet out of trying several companies, LawnStarter is the only one that’s get it!”
Tom W.
I absolutely love that I can order and manage my service through the mobile app. It's not perfect but it's a heck of a lot better than dealing with a regular Birmingham lawn mowing service who don't have a clue. 5 stars, reccomend.
Diana K.
You're very genuine and honest with customers, I like that. Also, could lawn care in Virginia Beach get more convenient than LawnStarter? I don't think so.
Lily D.
“The crew was considerate of my meticulous requests and did their best to make sure I was 100% happy with the yard.”
Jacob A.
I grew up mowing my parent's lawn and have had nightmares about it ever since. I was thrilled to find Lawnstarter once I moved into my own place. If only they'd been around in the 90's! LOL!
Jason M
Reliable, good job with mowing, and incredibly responsive via email. Best mowing in Deltona by a long shot.
George B.
The customer support team truly makes this company shine. I could tell that they're legitimately interested in keeping me happy.
Earl K.
You wouldn't believe the trouble I've been through, working with other service providers. LawnStarter truly is a breath of fresh air.
Judith Q.
I use LawnStarter to remotely manage the lawn for my vacation home. They make sure that I have one less thing to worry about.
Cleveland C.
The landscaping work has been fantastic. Better than any other San Antonio lawn service. Thanks!
Harmesh S.
Incredible job on the lawn, and the app makes everything easier. I plan on adding a bush trimming and lawn fertilization package next season when I restart service!
Jon T.
LawnStarter has relieved more headache than I can imagine. The lawn care crew is professional and always polite. They even fold up my hose when I forget to roll it up. Highly reccomend!
Kam J.
The online ordering was literally simpler than ordering Dominos. And my lawn looks great.
Jax M
The lawn work was stellar and I love the fact that I can do everything with an app. I'm so happy to be part of LawnStarter revolutionizing the lawn industry. Great work.
Tammy S
“LawnStarter really impressed me when they were scheduled to mow my grass but also fixed a few other lawn problems around the property without being asked.”
Maddie V.
I enjoy how LawnStarter vets all the lawn services in Tallahassee and matches me with the best one. My guy - Larry - has been incredible so far, but I also love the idea that I can switch my lawn pro at any time.
William H.
I've lived in Northwest DC for 15 years and always hated my lawn guy. Lawnstarter gets it. They make the lawn look good and are very affordable.
Ruben J.
I think you guys are the best lawn mowing service in Springfield. The customer service and the grass cutting have both been great.
Linda M.
I used to work hard on my flowerbeds and lawn, but it simply became overwhelming. LawnStarter picked up where I left off and then some! Thanks for the great work.
Cindy B.
As I have happily reported many times lo these past spring and summer months, I have no complaints to voice about the expertise and efficiency of the weekly grass cutting of my lawn. Great job, as usual.
Phillip R.