LawnStarter Reviews

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To be honest, I don't care what my lawn looks like as long as it's mowed once a week. After trying various companies around the city I'm glad I found LawnStarter. The lawn is mowed on time every week, and if it rains I'm quickly notified of a reschedule d
Taylor S
The team did a great job this week. Looks good! I also love the app.
Dax D
The crew over at LawnStarter has never disappointed. They leave my lawn looking amazing every time.
Jake N.
Seriously, it's 2014 and just like I can't live without Uber, I now can't live without LawnStarter!
Morgan L.
If it weren't for Lawnstarter I'd have to hire a normal lawn care service, and definitely not going back to that hassle again, haha.
Linda L.
The customer service is what kept me with LawnStarter for these past few months. They always reach out to make sure I’m satisfied with their service.
Bryan P.
I had always lived in the city and had never had a lawn. When I finally moved into a house I had a million other things going on and it was great that I found LawnStarter to take care of it all right away.
Ryan F.
I don't have any complaints with LawnStarter. They complete their work as scheduled at a fair price. What more can you ask for?
Rachel K.
LawnStarter is awesome. I don't even think about my lawn anymore. It just looks good.
Jack F
My favorite part about LawnStarter is that I have to talk to nobody. Everything is handled through the app, I don't even need to be there! Fantastic!
Adam J.
The crew did an absolutely amazing job when they came out. George left my lawn looking clean and green, better than ever in fact! Would highly reccomend.
Great job with the lawn care guys. You've given me days of my life back with your service.
Sean F.
Jordan did an absolutely wonderful job on my lawn. My husband and I were SO impressed. It looks better than it has since we moved in!
Rachael G.
I wasn't there to physically see the cut but the ladies in the house said it looks great. Just wanted to mention if you could get quotes for cleaning up the garden. Thanks again for the timely and convenient service.
James S
I dont want to imagine my lawn without Lawnstarter. They do great work and are simple to use. 10/10 would use again.
Mamie S
Great service so far and it has been super simple to manage my account wherever I am. If you want the best lawn services in Jacksonville FL, just use LawnStarter!
Gregory P.
The customer support team over at LawnStarter ensures that I have a great experience after every cut. It really makes them stand out from the other providers I've used in the past.
Orville G.
I'm not really good at using an edger, so when mowing the lawn was my own responsibility the lawn usually looked worse than before. Now I have LawnStarter take care of my lawn, and I don't even have to think about my yard.
William D
Best lawn mowing service in Orlando I've also reccomended LawnStarter's lawn services to my mother in Leesburg. Thanks for the hard work guys!
Vick L.
Steve and his crew makes sure that they spend the necessary time to make my lawn look great. Love their values as a company!
Judy W.