LawnStarter Reviews

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I love the work that the crews do on my lawn. But I love even more the amazing customer support that they have. They're always friendly and eagar to help me resolve any issues.
Joe L.
Excellent service. I am so happy and relieved to have found your service. The lawn looks great and the Chem Service has made a huge difference in front and back yards. Don't ever leave me. Love the work done and love not having to fret about it.
Martha F
Great job. Loving it so far. Such a relief to have the notifications and great customer service!
Maria B
No complaints. Punctual and professional. Plus their customer support really goes the extra yard (no pun intended)!
Kumar S.
I'm grateful that I found a company that can take good care of my lawn for me. Definitely frees up my Saturday mornings to spend with the family.
James V.
I initially joined LawnStarter using a coupon. Well, two months later I'm still here. It's way more convenient than doing it yourself. Trust these guys, they know their stuff!
Steve J.
My lawn looks better than it has ever looked, thanks to LawnStarter. Would definitely recommend everyone to try it out!
Tom R.
With two kids at Kingsview and one at Northwest, I'm busy. LawnStarter is a lifesaver. Thanks for making this so convenient!
Brian B
Great job with the lawn care guys. You've given me days of my life back with your service.
Sean F.
Fantastic job on the edging last week, you really made it look good. As always, the lawn mowing service was to my satisfaction as well.
Ryan K.
The team did a great job this week. Looks good! I also love the app.
Dax D
LawnStarter's approach to lawn care in San Antonio is fantastic. I love the way everything is done via the app.
Dane D.
We've got a hilly, difficult lawn to mow, but your crews have always managed to make it look good. Thanks, guys!
Bill H.
I was the type that would never let someone touch my lawn, but when someone sent me an invite to join LawnStarter I tried it out and just sort of let it run. 8 weeks later, my mower is in storage and as long as it keeps up like this, i have no plans on m
Michael P
I use LawnStarter to remotely manage the lawn for my vacation home. They make sure that I have one less thing to worry about.
Cleveland C.
Representatives from LawnStarter follow up with me regularly to make sure that I am completely satisfied with their work. I'm impressed.
Sara L.
My lawn looks fantastic and my provider has even reccomended several services at affordable pricing
Ruth T
It's crazy that I haven't heard of this company earlier. Hands-down best lawn services I've used (and I've burned through quite a few).
Gus M.
I booked through LawnStarter's online website and I couldn't be happier. My lawn looks beautiful and I have more time on my hands.
Grace B.
The service is getting better and better. Much better than the neighborhood kid mowing lawns, and well worth the premium.
Lynn L.