LawnStarter Reviews

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Fantastic job on the edging last week, you really made it look good. As always, the lawn mowing service was to my satisfaction as well.
Ryan K.
He was very accommodating to my schedule. The jungle that was once behind my home is now a proper backyard. Thanks!
Kristin B.
They did a great job with a challenging job. the grass was long and they had to cut on a hill. they saved my dandelions and were very careful to not cut any flowers. they cleaned up well after the cutting.
Miki D
Fast. on-schedule, efficient, and quality work.
Jon L
LawnStarter mows my lawn at a fair price. And it's definitely worth it. They make my lawn look great.
Lucy D.
So far, this has been your best crew ever! Their attention to detail (such as careful curb edging and trimming around lawn objects) is exemplary. Every bit as fine as when I used to do it myself. Please forward my compliments to them.
Jonathan P
After getting a quote for lawn service online and seeing a lawn mower magically show up to my door, I can't see ever going back to doing yard work. Amazing!
Steven W.
I was hestitant to sign up at first, but the raving reviews pushed me to join. And I'm so glad I did. My lawn has never looked better.
Tiffany L.
If I could give LawnStarter ten stars, I would. Ramiro did an incredible job. I look forward to seeing my lawn 'start' up again!
Hans F.
I used to work hard on my flowerbeds and lawn, but it simply became overwhelming. LawnStarter picked up where I left off and then some! Thanks for the great work.
Cindy B.
The crew did a great job and our lawn looks great! I had the chance to meet the crew and they were courteous and professional and I highly recommend their services!
Richard R.
My lawn looks better than it has ever looked, thanks to LawnStarter. Would definitely recommend everyone to try it out!
Tom R.
The quality of work and attention to detail has made me a loyal customer.
Steve M.
I was skeptical at first when I was told about LawnStarter, but they truly blew me away. Customer support is stellar and my lawn looks the best it has in years
Ernest S.
Great cut. Foreman of the crew discussed with me the proper height to cut the grass which I appreciated. They cut the same length as last time which turned out to be the right height
Nicholas D
I remember coming home and actually thinking to myself 'something looks different about my lawn'. Maybe I was imagining it since I had just ordered through an app but I am quite satisfied.
Terry R
Great job. Loving it so far. Such a relief to have the notifications and great customer service!
Maria B
My neighbors on nextdoor kept recommending LawnStarter so I figured I'd give it a try. Now I'm the neighbor recommending on nextdoor haha! But seriously it's a good service at a good price. Keep it up!
Michael G
Greg and the team at lawnstarter are doing great work. I went from mowing my lawn MAYBE once a month, to a beautifully manicured yard that I'm proud of. They made it simple and easy -- I love Lawnstarter
Daniel G
Excellent job. Prompt and quick service.