LawnStarter Reviews

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Lawnstarter is awesome! They do the work on the day they say they will, I can always reach them over the phone if I need something, and the electronic payment through the app is pretty neat - would recommend!
Gina Wilson
Great service so far and it has been super simple to manage my account wherever I am. If you want the best lawn services in Jacksonville FL, just use LawnStarter!
Gregory P.
There's a reason why I never think about my lawn care. You guys have always done a good job and responded to my requests. I know that Parker or Ryan will always answer when I call, and I could get used to that type of service!
Jackson R.
Reliable, good job with mowing, and incredibly responsive via email. Best mowing in Deltona by a long shot.
George B.
Overall, looks great! They even trimmed my monkey grass (after asking me) and I have to say, it looks so much better that way! They are one of the most attentive to detail out of all lawn services Birmingham AL has, or at least those I’ve experienced and
Nick S.
Lawnstarter has dramatically improved my quality of life. Imagine this: you get home and your lawn is already mowed! Talk about a time saver.
Shelley B
Not too bad of a price for making my lawn the envy of Hyattsville. Seriously, great work!
Hillary V.
Fantastic concept! You just signup through the app and a lawn mower comes a couple days later. The same guy has been doing my lawn and I think it's been looking better and better over time.
Fernando M
The crew did an absolutely amazing job when they came out. George left my lawn looking clean and green, better than ever in fact! Would highly reccomend.
The team did a great job this week. Looks good! I also love the app.
Dax D
Absolutely great work on the landcaping! The bushes were neatly trimmed, grass cut evenly, and I look forward to seeing the fertilizer work. All through a nice easy app!
Terry R.
LawnStarter has been doing my lawn all year and it's been fantastic. They really go the extra mile.
Trevor D.
I've gotten mowing, aeration and bush trimming through this company and have had no problems thus far. The app is a very nice touch, and the customer success team is quite helpful!
Wayne H
Great job. Loving it so far. Such a relief to have the notifications and great customer service!
Maria B
“I’m just happy my husband doesn’t have to worry about the yard work anymore. He works so much during the week and it was such a relief to get a few more hours with him on the weekend once we found a great lawn care company that got the job done.”
Graciela V.
The customer support at LawnStarter is unparalled. I never would have thought that they would care so much about making me happy.
Tania B.
Having a rental property is tough, but LawnStarter makes it a little bit easier. They do all the lawn care in Poquoson for the properties I have there. It's a great arrangement and they always respond to my calls.
Joseph N.
Love that I could do everything online. Also if I request something, you actually implement it. Definitely better customer service than I'm used to!
Anna F.
I love the fantastic support and the convenience of using LawnStarter vs using another company. I will be referring you to all my neighbors.
I'll admit it, you guys do a better job on my lawn than I ever could on my own, and you keep a darn fair price on it.
Willy C.