LawnStarter Reviews

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Great work, grass looks great and the bushes look so much better now. Carlos did an excellent job.
Jordan B.
I was hestitant to sign up at first, but the raving reviews pushed me to join. And I'm so glad I did. My lawn has never looked better.
Tiffany L.
Thank you so much Rob!!! You did an excellent job on the yard and I am so pleased this month. Please continue the great work!!!
Vincent M.
The lawn was mowed to my satisfaction and the customer service has been A+. That's all I could ask.
Sanjay S.
My lawn looks amazing. I've had small issues with providers in the past, but so far, I have no complaints at all about LawnStarter.
Yong M.
Everyone knows how hard it is to find a good lawn care service in Leesburg. Not everyone knows about LawnStarter yet, but they should. You guys are awesome!
Donna S.
LawnStarter is great not only on the lawn service but from the customer service perspective. Always responsive and they do good work.
Tam. G
“I don’t worry about my lawn mowing anymore… One less problem I have on my plate.
Matt C.
Thanks for all the good work you guys do for me. It is much appreciated. My lawn looks great.
Ronnie H.
The customer support team over at LawnStarter ensures that I have a great experience after every cut. It really makes them stand out from the other providers I've used in the past.
Orville G.
Great job. Loving it so far. Such a relief to have the notifications and great customer service!
Maria B
An exceptional job, as usual! However, he went beyond the call of duty and -- after he finished mowing -- played basketball with my grandsons for a few minutes. Very nice touch!!
Michael B
Thanks for the great service, guys. Love that you guys implement my requests and always pay attention to detail on the edging.
Kelsey R.
Great job with the lawn care guys. You've given me days of my life back with your service.
Sean F.
“If you want a company that has an absolute passion for what they do and how they do it, look no further.”
Evan C.
The mowing and edging have been up to par with my previous guy, but at a lower price and automatic payment. Never another check under the doormat again!
Martha C
My lawn looks better than it has ever looked, thanks to LawnStarter. Would definitely recommend everyone to try it out!
Tom R.
After trying several lawn services in Nova, I've finally found a solution that works. The ability to switch and rate services is key for me. Great work LawnStarters!
Ryan J.
LawnStarter is so easy to use. And great customer attention too.
Sam O.
LawnStarter is a high-class operation. They sent awesome lawn service providers out that did great work on my lawn. I recommend them to everyone.
Juanita R.