LawnStarter Reviews

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LawnStarter takes care of all my lawn maintenance and fertilization. The yard's never looked greener, so thanks guys!
Andy A.
Fantastic concept! You just signup through the app and a lawn mower comes a couple days later. The same guy has been doing my lawn and I think it's been looking better and better over time.
Fernando M
Lawnstarter is awesome! They do the work on the day they say they will, I can always reach them over the phone if I need something, and the electronic payment through the app is pretty neat - would recommend!
Gina Wilson
Professional service! Very happy, thank you Paul!!
Kylie S
Very nice job. Lawn looks great!
Shyrese M
Excellent job on the lawn mowing. Very pleased indeed. Looks great! Thanks.
Maria B
I'm so glad that I get to stop worrying about my lawn. I get to spend time doing more important things.
Jenn A.
LawnStarter provided incredible, efficient, and detail oriented work combined with competitive pricing.”
Samantha A.
Thanks so much for trimming around the dogwood and ivy!! It's above and beyond the call and makes you stand out even more!!
Michael R
Excellent job. Prompt and quick service.
Great work on my yard. Didn't miss any spots and made sure everything looked perfect.
Augusta T.
An exceptional job, as usual! However, he went beyond the call of duty and -- after he finished mowing -- played basketball with my grandsons for a few minutes. Very nice touch!!
Michael B
Best lawn mowing service in Orlando I've also reccomended LawnStarter's lawn services to my mother in Leesburg. Thanks for the hard work guys!
Vick L.
Everyone knows how hard it is to find a good lawn care service in Leesburg. Not everyone knows about LawnStarter yet, but they should. You guys are awesome!
Donna S.
With two kids at Kingsview and one at Northwest, I'm busy. LawnStarter is a lifesaver. Thanks for making this so convenient!
Brian B
The service is getting better and better. Much better than the neighborhood kid mowing lawns, and well worth the premium.
Lynn L.
Great work! Please don't ever change. On behalf of me and my family, thank you for all you've done. Best lawn care in all of Potomac.
Johnston S.
Sometimes I forget that grass is a living, breathing thing that requires maintenance to look nice. But now I don't have to worry about forgetting that. My yard is in goods.
Steven K
I grew up mowing my parent's lawn and have had nightmares about it ever since. I was thrilled to find Lawnstarter once I moved into my own place. If only they'd been around in the 90's! LOL!
Jason M
I wish you guys could handle all of my home services because you have done a great job. Ordering lawn mowing through you was a great choice. I've finally sold my lawn mower and it feels amazing!
Kunal S.