LawnStarter Reviews

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“It seems so simple- just mow my lawn how and when you say you’ll do it. Yet out of trying several companies, LawnStarter is the only one that’s get it!”
Tom W.
The service is always on time and the edges are done just how I like them. Can't ask for much more than that.
Onur K.
As far as I'm concerned, this is the best lawn care in Poquoson. The edging is very detailed, and I thank you for taking care of those weeds at no extra charge. You guys are a great lawn mowing service.
Aimee H.
The crew that works on my yard has been great. Promt and quality work everytime, not to mention the sub-5 minute response time on any email I send. LawnStarter is on top of their game.
Sarah T.
I use LawnStarter to remotely manage the lawn for my vacation home. They make sure that I have one less thing to worry about.
Cleveland C.
Wouldn't dream of using a regular lawn care company after making the switch to LawnStarter
Erik L
A coworker of mine told me about LawnStarter, so I decided to sign up. Their website made it a breeze to order lawn service. They were out on my lawn the following day!
Sam R.
I love LawnStarter, they seem to aggregate the best lawn services Columbus, OH has and bring them straight to you!
Tom R
They did a great job on my lawn. Definitely paid attention to detail and made sure I would be satisfied.
Santina M.
I'll gladly review you guys, the service has been great! Scott and I wanted to thank you for being reliable for us this last year. So, thanks!
Mallory B.
LawnStarter is great not only on the lawn service but from the customer service perspective. Always responsive and they do good work.
Tam. G
Coming home to a freshly cut yard every week is amazing. Having some extra time during the week definitely helps too!
Ralph D.
LawnStarter is the best Austin lawn mowing as far as I'm concerned. In Circle C, there are a ton of guys that knock on my door and offer to do it for cheaper, but LawnStarter is the only one that is consistent and lets me pay with credit cards.
Lon S.
I'm grateful that I found a company that can take good care of my lawn for me. Definitely frees up my Saturday mornings to spend with the family.
James V.
I plan on reccomending all my neighbors switch to LawnStarter. It's far better than dealing with the old school lawn services I'm used to. Great work!
Sarah H
I love the work that LawnStarter does. They've made my life a lot easier by helping manage my lawn service. Can't be happier.
Heather T.
The service is getting better and better. Much better than the neighborhood kid mowing lawns, and well worth the premium.
Lynn L.
The mowing and edging have been up to par with my previous guy, but at a lower price and automatic payment. Never another check under the doormat again!
Martha C
I signed up for the service and was very pleased at the online experience. No more looking through directories to find a decent service provider.
Alan T.
They did a great job with a challenging job. the grass was long and they had to cut on a hill. they saved my dandelions and were very careful to not cut any flowers. they cleaned up well after the cutting.
Miki D