LawnStarter Reviews

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Excellent job. Prompt and quick service.
“The second I got onto their website I knew I was dealing with a new experience. Everything with LawnStarter has been easier and more convenient than my last provider.”
Emily T.
I wasn't there to physically see the cut but the ladies in the house said it looks great. Just wanted to mention if you could get quotes for cleaning up the garden. Thanks again for the timely and convenient service.
James S
I was really impressed with quality, timing and price of the service! Kevin was friendly and helpful; he explained the LawnStarter service thoroughly and scheduled me right away. When the crew came out, they were quick and did an excellent job.
Kathy R.
LawnStarter has relieved more headache than I can imagine. The lawn care crew is professional and always polite. They even fold up my hose when I forget to roll it up. Highly reccomend!
Kam J.
Who would have thought that there would be an app for lawn care! What a great idea! And the quality is shockingly good. Mow and Blow! Thanks Lawnstarter!
Laura T
The lawn service by LawnStarter is fantastic. They are super responsive and really care about the customer. Highly recommend. No wonder everyone in my neighborhood uses them.
Jessica K.
I'm really impressed by the quality of LawnStarter. I've never ordered lawn care online before now, but I've got to say it has been a great experience!
Tamra H.
Thank goodness my neighbor in Raleigh told me about LawnStarter. My lawn has never looked greener and I don't have to do anything. No phone calls, no in person talks - just set and forget.
Jeff R
Point and click, it's that simple! I love being able to keep tabs on my lawn without being there, since I travel so much.
Steve C
Great cut. Foreman of the crew discussed with me the proper height to cut the grass which I appreciated. They cut the same length as last time which turned out to be the right height
Nicholas D
“They did everything you could really ask of a lawn care business. The few times I felt something could have been done better, I let them know and they quickly responded.”
Michael S.
Basically Uber for lawn care but with better service. I don't hesitate to tell all my friends about LawnStarter when they ask!
Amy D.
Cameron H.
My lawn has never looked as good as it did this summer. I think you provide the best lawn care in West Lake hills.
Ron. C
“I loved how easy it was to begin my service and also just stop it when my son got home to mow the lawn in the summer. Looking forward to using them again when he goes back off to college in the fall.”
Donna M.
I dont want to imagine my lawn without Lawnstarter. They do great work and are simple to use. 10/10 would use again.
Mamie S
Having a rental property is tough, but LawnStarter makes it a little bit easier. They do all the lawn care in Poquoson for the properties I have there. It's a great arrangement and they always respond to my calls.
Joseph N.
My lawn looks great, I have much more free time, and they do it at a great price. I have no complaints.
Dylan W.
He was very accommodating to my schedule. The jungle that was once behind my home is now a proper backyard. Thanks!
Kristin B.