LawnStarter Reviews

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The crew at LawnStarter always takes the time to make sure my lawn looks great. It’s clear that they put 100% into every single job that they do.
Tom H.
Monday morning is now my favorite time of the week, because that's when lawnstarter comes and makes my lawn BEAUTIFUL. Thank you lawnstarter, highly recommend!
Mark F
This time around, the crew earned more than 5 stars. Great work!
Brenda L.
The service is getting better and better. Much better than the neighborhood kid mowing lawns, and well worth the premium.
Lynn L.
I used to mow my own lawn, but the summers here are just too hot. Thankfully, LawnStarter makes my lawn look even better than I could have mowed it.
Ladonna M.
I'm not really good at using an edger, so when mowing the lawn was my own responsibility the lawn usually looked worse than before. Now I have LawnStarter take care of my lawn, and I don't even have to think about my yard.
William D
The crew that works on my yard has been great. Promt and quality work everytime, not to mention the sub-5 minute response time on any email I send. LawnStarter is on top of their game.
Sarah T.
Thanks for all the good work you guys do for me. It is much appreciated. My lawn looks great.
Ronnie H.
I don’t normally take the time to write reviews but I had to say something quick about the awesome and reliable service LawnStarter has given me.
Paul H.
The service was very good, and the service members were very curteous. They knocked on my door before the service and made sure to wrap up the hose to avoid cutting with the mower blade. I look forward to my next service!
Yet another 5 star lawn service. Very pleased.
Johnston L.
I've already told all of my neighbors about this awesome service so now I have to tell everyone online, naturally right? But seriously, the app makes my life just that much easier. It's a relief after the last service was a no show after 4 years of servic
Jean P
Here's the thing about LawnStarter. They work with you no matter what it takes to ensure that your lawn looks good, AND they respond right away to any questions. One time I got an email response at 11pm.
Sophia D.
Not the cheapest option around, but certainly reasonably and I can trust you better than other Centreville lawn care companies. The work has always been reliable and high quality.
Brad N.
The mowing and edging have been up to par with my previous guy, but at a lower price and automatic payment. Never another check under the doormat again!
Martha C
Super I so much appreciate them closing the gate when the are finished too..the little things make a big difference..thank you
Daphne K
Everyone knows how hard it is to find a good lawn care service in Leesburg. Not everyone knows about LawnStarter yet, but they should. You guys are awesome!
Donna S.
There's a reason why I never think about my lawn care. You guys have always done a good job and responded to my requests. I know that Parker or Ryan will always answer when I call, and I could get used to that type of service!
Jackson R.
I was hestitant to sign up at first, but the raving reviews pushed me to join. And I'm so glad I did. My lawn has never looked better.
Tiffany L.
I stumbled across LawnStarter's website and it was by far the most professional. I booked online and haven't looked back. Would definitely reccomend to others.
Ken L.