LawnStarter Reviews

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I use LawnStarter to remotely manage the lawn for my vacation home. They make sure that I have one less thing to worry about.
Cleveland C.
As far as I'm concerned, this is the best lawn care in Poquoson. The edging is very detailed, and I thank you for taking care of those weeds at no extra charge. You guys are a great lawn mowing service.
Aimee H.
The customer support team just gave me a call to make sure that I was completely satisfied. Didn't expect a lawn care company to care so much about my experience!
Ben M.
I don't have any complaints with LawnStarter. They complete their work as scheduled at a fair price. What more can you ask for?
Rachel K.
Who would have thought that there would be an app for lawn care! What a great idea! And the quality is shockingly good. Mow and Blow! Thanks Lawnstarter!
Laura T
I called LawnStarter about an issue that I had with my service. They gave me a free cut and did everything they could to resolve the issue. I was thoroughly impressed.
Patrick K.
I dont want to imagine my lawn without Lawnstarter. They do great work and are simple to use. 10/10 would use again.
Mamie S
This service is such a relief! LawnStarter lets me take a breather from my chore list and spend more time with my kids.
Kevin S.
My neighbors on nextdoor kept recommending LawnStarter so I figured I'd give it a try. Now I'm the neighbor recommending on nextdoor haha! But seriously it's a good service at a good price. Keep it up!
Michael G
Just a couple weeks into lawnstarter and it's good service. James and Allen are nice folks and very helpful. They helped me move some furniture too. I wish them the best, thank you.
Jeffery C
My lawn looks great, I have much more free time, and they do it at a great price. I have no complaints.
Dylan W.
How has something like this never existed before? I thought hiring the local lawn company was easy until i tried LawnStarter. Set and forget, no hassle.
Kayla R
I just moved into my first home and man are there a lot of chores. But Lawnstarter ticked the "lawn" box for me. They even do leaf cleanup in the fall. Thrilled that I found LawnStarter!
Romeo H
Great service so far and it has been super simple to manage my account wherever I am. If you want the best lawn services in Jacksonville FL, just use LawnStarter!
Gregory P.
LawnStarter makes it ridiculously easy for me to stop worrying about my lawn. I just book online and they put my lawn on autopilot.
Matthew D.
The mowing and edging have been up to par with my previous guy, but at a lower price and automatic payment. Never another check under the doormat again!
Martha C
Thanks for the great service, guys. Love that you guys implement my requests and always pay attention to detail on the edging.
Kelsey R.
The lawn was cut great. Met with owner to refine cutting. Very good service - thanks for making feedback so easy.
Nieves A
I had always lived in the city and had never had a lawn. When I finally moved into a house I had a million other things going on and it was great that I found LawnStarter to take care of it all right away.
Ryan F.
They did an awesome job I really appreciated the way things were handled by Darrin and his Crew. The only thing I would like to add is that there were yard clipping in the pool the first time but he fixed it the second time - great to see someone take fe
Lonita A.