LawnStarter Reviews

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I initially joined LawnStarter using a coupon. Well, two months later I'm still here. It's way more convenient than doing it yourself. Trust these guys, they know their stuff!
Steve J.
Excellent service. I am so happy and relieved to have found your service. The lawn looks great and the Chem Service has made a huge difference in front and back yards. Don't ever leave me. Love the work done and love not having to fret about it.
Martha F
So convenient! It took less than ten minutes for me to schedule lawn mowing service online, and the work the lawn crew did was fantastic. Additionally, their customer service is very prompt and professional. I highly reccomend LawnStarter!
Andrew G
I'll admit it, you guys do a better job on my lawn than I ever could on my own, and you keep a darn fair price on it.
Willy C.
The online ordering was literally simpler than ordering Dominos. And my lawn looks great.
Jax M
To be honest, I don't care what my lawn looks like as long as it's mowed once a week. After trying various companies around the city I'm glad I found LawnStarter. The lawn is mowed on time every week, and if it rains I'm quickly notified of a reschedule d
Taylor S
I was ready to mow my own lawn, but my neighbor told me about LawnStarter. It was a breeze to schedule online and they made my lawn look amazing.
Gary B.
I stumbled across LawnStarter's website and it was by far the most professional. I booked online and haven't looked back. Would definitely reccomend to others.
Ken L.
LawnStarter's great...I set it, forget it, and get to enjoy a great lawn. Don't usually even notice their presence, work just gets done
Todd F.
Mowing the yard is one less thing I have to think about these days. More time to actually enjoy my lawn. It's a win-win.
Veronica M
“Thank goodness I finally have a company that shows up on time and consistently! On top of that every job is just as impressive as their first was!”
Deborah M.
I originally signed up with LawnStarter because of the competitive price, but I have remained a loyal customer because of the customer support. You won't regret going with them.
Tara G.
Monday morning is now my favorite time of the week, because that's when lawnstarter comes and makes my lawn BEAUTIFUL. Thank you lawnstarter, highly recommend!
Mark F
Absolutely great work on the landcaping! The bushes were neatly trimmed, grass cut evenly, and I look forward to seeing the fertilizer work. All through a nice easy app!
Terry R.
“After coming off 3 different terrible lawn care providers I could not be more relieved with the spectacular service from LawnStarter!
Allison R
They did a great job with a challenging job. the grass was long and they had to cut on a hill. they saved my dandelions and were very careful to not cut any flowers. they cleaned up well after the cutting.
Miki D
They do all the lawn mowing for my Fairfax rental home. They even send me pictures of my lawn when I'm away.
John J.
I had always lived in the city and had never had a lawn. When I finally moved into a house I had a million other things going on and it was great that I found LawnStarter to take care of it all right away.
Ryan F.
My lawn looks fantastic and my provider has even reccomended several services at affordable pricing
Ruth T
Best lawn mowing service in Orlando I've also reccomended LawnStarter's lawn services to my mother in Leesburg. Thanks for the hard work guys!
Vick L.