LawnStarter Reviews

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LawnStarter does the best lawn mowing in Round Rock. Their edging is very detailed and they offer all lawn care services. I'm a fan.
Brad N.
LawnStarter has been phenomenal with their communication the whole 8 months we've been using them. Love the notifications and the app in general. Our home looks beautiful and we don't have to worry about a thing!
Teri B.
Reliable, good job with mowing, and incredibly responsive via email. Best mowing in Deltona by a long shot.
George B.
The neighbor kid went to college, and LawnStarter took his place. No offense to the neighbor kid, but you guys are the best lawn service in Germantown.
Rob M.
Jose has done a great job since LawnStarter matched him with me. I've never had to worry about the quality of the service, and enjoy being able to rate it on my app
Omar R.
The professional website and app that LawnStarter uses truly makes my lawn care experience a pleasant one.
Sarah S.
I stumbled across LawnStarter's website and it was by far the most professional. I booked online and haven't looked back. Would definitely reccomend to others.
Ken L.
The LawnStarter crew showed up on time and did a great job on my lawn. I'm definitely satisfied.
Sharon A.
The LawnStarter crew ensures that my lawn looks perfect every time. I can definitely sense their attention to detail.
Anna D.
I don't have any complaints with LawnStarter. They complete their work as scheduled at a fair price. What more can you ask for?
Rachel K.
So convenient! It took less than ten minutes for me to schedule lawn mowing service online, and the work the lawn crew did was fantastic. Additionally, their customer service is very prompt and professional. I highly reccomend LawnStarter!
Andrew G
My yard is finally looking great again. After only a few lawn mowings, the edges are looking much more pronounced and the height is evening out. Thank you LawnStarter!
Cindy L.
I've already told all of my neighbors about this awesome service so now I have to tell everyone online, naturally right? But seriously, the app makes my life just that much easier. It's a relief after the last service was a no show after 4 years of servic
Jean P
You simply can't go wrong when a company lets you order lawn service with an app. I very much reccomend LawnStarter!
Chris L.
LawnStarter is so easy to use. And great customer attention too.
Sam O.
My favorite part about LawnStarter is that I have to talk to nobody. Everything is handled through the app, I don't even need to be there! Fantastic!
Adam J.
I was ready to mow my own lawn, but my neighbor told me about LawnStarter. It was a breeze to schedule online and they made my lawn look amazing.
Gary B.
LawnStarter is great not only on the lawn service but from the customer service perspective. Always responsive and they do good work.
Tam. G
I enjoy how LawnStarter vets all the lawn services in Tallahassee and matches me with the best one. My guy - Larry - has been incredible so far, but I also love the idea that I can switch my lawn pro at any time.
William H.
Their crews are top notch! Highly attentive to details like my hose and back fence
Julius L