LawnStarter Reviews

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Lawnstarter is awesome! They do the work on the day they say they will, I can always reach them over the phone if I need something, and the electronic payment through the app is pretty neat - would recommend!
Gina Wilson
I enjoy how LawnStarter vets all the lawn services in Tallahassee and matches me with the best one. My guy - Larry - has been incredible so far, but I also love the idea that I can switch my lawn pro at any time.
William H.
My lawn has never looked as good as it did this summer. I think you provide the best lawn care in West Lake hills.
Ron. C
I would recommend ordering lawn service through LawnStarter any day of the week. The online interface is awesome, and so is the customer service. I can't say enough good things about LawnStarter.
Yolanda M.
In my opinion, LawnStarter is the best company doing lawn mowing in West Lake Hills. Too many guys with a mower knock on your door and do a lousy job. LawnStarter sends good guys that do great work.
Mike. M
I've gotten mowing, aeration and bush trimming through this company and have had no problems thus far. The app is a very nice touch, and the customer success team is quite helpful!
Wayne H
Such a better way to manage my home contractors. Grass cutting is something I dont want to do, but also never trusted anybody to do. LawnStarter makes it so I can switch out my pro any time so I can find the best one for me!
Laurin C.
I love the work that LawnStarter does. They've made my life a lot easier by helping manage my lawn service. Can't be happier.
Heather T.
I had always lived in the city and had never had a lawn. When I finally moved into a house I had a million other things going on and it was great that I found LawnStarter to take care of it all right away.
Ryan F.
The lawn service by LawnStarter is fantastic. They are super responsive and really care about the customer. Highly recommend. No wonder everyone in my neighborhood uses them.
Jessica K.
I dont want to imagine my lawn without Lawnstarter. They do great work and are simple to use. 10/10 would use again.
Mamie S
My previous lawn service did a great job but it always frustrated me that they came on random days. Sometimes they would skip a week and bill me. With LawnStarter they always come within the same two day window and if it does get rescheduled
Michael F
LawnStarter came through for me in a pinch. I needed my lawn done before my son's graduation, and they got it done within 48 hours.
Juan L.
Great work and super passionate customer service reps. Thanks for returning my calls so promptly, although next time when I call at midnight, you really don't need to answer, haha. But seriously, great lawn service and customer service.
Debbie R.
The crew at LawnStarter truly made my lawn look great. Awesome job!
Shantell T.
The mowing and edging have been up to par with my previous guy, but at a lower price and automatic payment. Never another check under the doormat again!
Martha C
We're in the Uber economy now, and Lawnstarter epitomizes it. When I heard I could order lawn mowing in Washington DC automatically, I immediately signed up. The experience is basically seamless.
Tony F.
The crew was fantastic. They've never been late and always do a great job. Wouldn't have any one else servicing my lawn. Also, the mobile app makes life sooo much easier. I reccomend to all friends.
Tim S.
I've lived in Northwest DC for 15 years and always hated my lawn guy. Lawnstarter gets it. They make the lawn look good and are very affordable.
Ruben J.
LawnStarter is a high-class operation. They sent awesome lawn service providers out that did great work on my lawn. I recommend them to everyone.
Juanita R.