LawnStarter Reviews

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I wish there were LawnStarter for everything - the process is convenient. No hassle, no quotes, none of the headache I have to put up with when hiring contractors. Two thumbs up!
Dave S.
My lawn looks better than it has ever looked, thanks to LawnStarter. Would definitely recommend everyone to try it out!
Tom R.
“The second I got onto their website I knew I was dealing with a new experience. Everything with LawnStarter has been easier and more convenient than my last provider.”
Emily T.
My neighbors on nextdoor kept recommending LawnStarter so I figured I'd give it a try. Now I'm the neighbor recommending on nextdoor haha! But seriously it's a good service at a good price. Keep it up!
Michael G
Super Fantastic Job!! Woke up to a beautiful day with a whole new looking yard. Very pleased
Angele A
When I googled 'lawn care app' this was exactly what I was looking for. No talking to anyone, straightforward pricing, and good quality work. Love it!
Mark M
I initially joined LawnStarter using a coupon. Well, two months later I'm still here. It's way more convenient than doing it yourself. Trust these guys, they know their stuff!
Steve J.
No complaints. Punctual and professional. Plus their customer support really goes the extra yard (no pun intended)!
Kumar S.
I originally signed up with LawnStarter because of the competitive price, but I have remained a loyal customer because of the customer support. You won't regret going with them.
Tara G.
I'm so so happy i found LawnStarter. They make hiring a lawn guy so much easier. Plus Manuel's work has been fantastic!
Jonah B.
Have been using LawnStarter for about a year now and I'm thrilled to have at least one of my home services taken care of. Now if they could just expand to pool cleaning, car washing home cleaning...well you get it. I'd highly reccomend!
Mauricio A
The best lawn mowing Cleveland, OH has to offer! Absoutely love being able to manage my lawn mowing online!
Paul L
Reliable, good job with mowing, and incredibly responsive via email. Best mowing in Deltona by a long shot.
George B.
If you're in need of lawn mowing service, you won't regret using LawnStarter. They have an app and everything!
Wonjoo L
The crew at LawnStarter always takes the time to make sure my lawn looks great. It’s clear that they put 100% into every single job that they do.
Tom H.
The mowing and edging have been up to par with my previous guy, but at a lower price and automatic payment. Never another check under the doormat again!
Martha C
The website and app made it extremely easy to manage my lawn. Definitely beats mowing my own lawn.
Neil P.
Best Springfield lawn mowing service ever! The new flowerbed looks fantastic!
Molly M.
Such an incredibly easy service to use! My lawn is basically on autopilot, with me logging in to request extras from time to time. The crew that services me always puts their best foot forward.
Wendy F.
I've lived in Northwest DC for 15 years and always hated my lawn guy. Lawnstarter gets it. They make the lawn look good and are very affordable.
Ruben J.