LawnStarter Reviews

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“After coming off 3 different terrible lawn care providers I could not be more relieved with the spectacular service from LawnStarter!
Allison R
It's a beautiful thing when you stop having to worry about your lawn. LawnStarter takes care of everything for me so I have more time doing important things.
Karl H.
The customer service is what kept me with LawnStarter for these past few months. They always reach out to make sure I’m satisfied with their service.
Bryan P.
Lawnstarter is clutch. My roomates and I share a lawn mower and Jeremy always let the grass grow too long before trimming the grass. Turns out this is terrible for the mower and it broke. We called lawnstarter thinking it'd just be a one-time thing, but e
Pearl C
My previous lawn service did a great job but it always frustrated me that they came on random days. Sometimes they would skip a week and bill me. With LawnStarter they always come within the same two day window and if it does get rescheduled
Michael F
Good thing I found this service online. My shoulder went out about a year ago and I've been struggling to keep up with all of the yard maintenance. Now if I need things done around the property I just order it through the app. I've had a great experience
Allen H
When I googled 'lawn care app' this was exactly what I was looking for. No talking to anyone, straightforward pricing, and good quality work. Love it!
Mark M
LawnStarter has been doing my lawn all year and it's been fantastic. They really go the extra mile.
Trevor D.
Yet another 5 star lawn service. Very pleased.
Johnston L.
My lawn looks absolutely phenomenal. I used to mow it myself, but the crew at LawnStarter does such a great job.
Jim H.
Ordering lawn care was super easy. They are always on time and they are very responsive. I would reccomend LawnStarter to anyone looking for lawn service.
Julian R.
LawnStarter came through for me in a pinch. I needed my lawn done before my son's graduation, and they got it done within 48 hours.
Juan L.
You simply can't go wrong when a company lets you order lawn service with an app. I very much reccomend LawnStarter!
Chris L.
These guys are professional, quick and prompt. Can't go wrong!
Brent C
Wouldn't dream of using a regular lawn care company after making the switch to LawnStarter
Erik L
LawnStarter mows my lawn at a fair price. And it's definitely worth it. They make my lawn look great.
Lucy D.
I love LawnStarter, they seem to aggregate the best lawn services Columbus, OH has and bring them straight to you!
Tom R
Great work on my yard. Didn't miss any spots and made sure everything looked perfect.
Augusta T.
I'm so so happy i found LawnStarter. They make hiring a lawn guy so much easier. Plus Manuel's work has been fantastic!
Jonah B.
Love that I could do everything online. Also if I request something, you actually implement it. Definitely better customer service than I'm used to!
Anna F.