LawnStarter Reviews

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Jose has done a great job since LawnStarter matched him with me. I've never had to worry about the quality of the service, and enjoy being able to rate it on my app
Omar R.
Not the cheapest option around, but certainly reasonably and I can trust you better than other Centreville lawn care companies. The work has always been reliable and high quality.
Brad N.
I plan on reccomending all my neighbors switch to LawnStarter. It's far better than dealing with the old school lawn services I'm used to. Great work!
James R.
LawnStarter is a great, honest company that truly cares that my lawn looks exactly the way I hope that it would.
Ben B.
It's crazy that I haven't heard of this company earlier. Hands-down best lawn services I've used (and I've burned through quite a few).
Gus M.
I was ready to mow my own lawn, but my neighbor told me about LawnStarter. It was a breeze to schedule online and they made my lawn look amazing.
Gary B.
As a retired couple, we have found LawnStarter to be quite useful. We travel often so the notifications of the lawn being done are a very nice touch. Keep it up!
Lucy C
LawnStarter has relieved more headache than I can imagine. The lawn care crew is professional and always polite. They even fold up my hose when I forget to roll it up. Highly reccomend!
Kam J.
Wouldn't dream of using a regular lawn care company after making the switch to LawnStarter
Erik L
None of the Circle C lawn care services have the customer friendliness that you do. I'm so happy I decided to go with your company.
Rosalind F.
It's tough finding a reliable lawn mowing service these days. I've had companies take my money and disappear before, and finding another lawn service after that made me skeptical of every service. But I've been using LawnStarter for a year now because of
Christine B
I would recommend ordering lawn service through LawnStarter any day of the week. The online interface is awesome, and so is the customer service. I can't say enough good things about LawnStarter.
Yolanda M.
Thank you so much Rob!!! You did an excellent job on the yard and I am so pleased this month. Please continue the great work!!!
Vincent M.
The lawn service by LawnStarter is fantastic. They are super responsive and really care about the customer. Highly recommend. No wonder everyone in my neighborhood uses them.
Jessica K.
My lawn looks great, I have much more free time, and they do it at a great price. I have no complaints.
Dylan W.
My lawn looks absolutely phenomenal. I used to mow it myself, but the crew at LawnStarter does such a great job.
Jim H.
I stumbled across LawnStarter's website and it was by far the most professional. I booked online and haven't looked back. Would definitely reccomend to others.
Ken L.
Jose has been doing an absolutely bang up job on my lawn to date. I can't reccomend him and the LawnStarter app enough!
Kam B.
Best Woodbridge lawn care service, period.
Samir P.
My old lawn care guy finally retired, and I had forgotten how difficult it was to get somebody out to do my lawn. Fortunately LawnStarter had availability and now my lawn looks better than ever.
Michael J.