Florida Lawn Care - Facts and Figures

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Average Price of Lawn Mowing in Florida

Frequency 1/8 Acre 1/4 Acre 1/3 Acre 1/2 Acre 1 Acre
Weekly $27.44 $37.61 $48.79 $62 $88.43
Bieekly $31.51 $41.16 $52.35 $69.12 $104.18
Monthly $32.02 $45.74 $53.36 $76.23 $111.3

The overall overage price for lawn mowing in Florida is $50.82.

Most Common Lawn Mowing Frequencies in Florida

Lawn Mowing Frequency Percentage
Weekly Mowing 27.7%
Bieekly Mowing 45.2%
Monthly Mowing 27.1%

Other Common Lawn Services in Florida

Service Percentage
Fertilization Treatment 9.1%
Core Aeration 7.7%
Leaf Removal 8.2%
Lawn Cleanup 8.1%

How do prices, yard sizes and frequencies differ by city in Florida?

City Average Mowing Price Average Yard Size % Weekly % Biweekly % Monthly
Orlando $46.16 7,781 sq feet 30.666666666667% 57.666666666667% 11.666666666667%
Jacksonville $50.33 8,156 sq feet 24.5% 69% 6.5%
Tampa $47.39 6,723 sq feet 7% 92% 1%
Kissimmee $48.61 8,637 sq feet 22.5% 64% 13.5%
Winter Park $47.17 9,093 sq feet 18.5% 65% 16.5%
Tallahassee $51.27 8,702 sq feet 24.5% 70% 5.5%
Winter Garden $48.62 6,499 sq feet 24% 57% 19%
Orange Park $47.45 7,658 sq feet 23% 64.5% 12.5%
Saint Petersburg $50.92 0 sq feet % % %
Apopka $47.45 7,705 sq feet 17.5% 52.5% 30%

Seasonality of Lawn Care in Florida

Plants Native to Florida

Purple coneflower

Echinacea purpurea

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full - Partial

height: 2-5'

coloring: Pink-purple petals, orange-brown center

wildlife attraction: Butterflies and hummingbirds

health benefits: Antibiotic, used to treat inflammation; beleived to strengthen the immune system and white blood cell count.

The purple coneflower is a showy plant that is well known for it's easy growth and care within a garden. In addition to that, this plant has a few health benefits including acting as a mild antibiotic.


Callicarpa americana

moisture level: Moist

sunlight: Partial

height: 3-6'

width: 4-6'

coloring: Purple fruit, white flowers

wildlife attraction: Butterflies and birds

health benefits: Used as a remedy to aid with chronic joint inflammation and pain; pain relief for fevers and stomach aches.

edible: Root and leaf often used as a medicinal tea.

leaf color: Green

Well known for its bright purple berries, the beautyberry's fruits and seeds are used as a food source for many creatures including birds and deer. The berries are displayed in showy clusters.


Hamelia patens

moisture level: Moist

sunlight: Full

height: 6-12'

width: 5-8'

coloring: Bright red

wildlife attraction: Butterflies and birds

health benefits: Topical anti-inflammatory and antifungal; typically used to help with skin irritations such as bites, rashes, fungi, etc.

edible: Small black berries are edible; bitter in taste.

leaf type: Evergreen

The firebush plant is a vibrant plant with red and orange colored tubular flowers and small black edible berries.

Spanish moss

Tillandsia usneoides

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Shade

height: 20-25'

coloring: Pale green-grey

Spanish moss is technically its own plant that grows off of a host tree, such as Live Oak trees or trees in a tropical or swamp environment. It is however, not considered a parasite (from using a tree as its host) beause it gets its own energy from the sun.

Common yarrow

Achillea millefolium

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full - Partial

height: 1-3'

coloring: White

wildlife attraction: Bees

health benefits: Leaves can be used as a tea to help subside stomach disorders; can be spread to help skin rashes, and break fevers.

edible: Leaves can be used as a tea.

The yarrow plant contains clusters of flower heards at the top of each stem, container approx. 25 flowers in each cluster. Is commonly used as a garden plant for it's arrangment and frangrance.

Powder puff tree

Calliandra haematocephala

moisture level: Moist

sunlight: Full

height: 3-6'

width: 2-3'

coloring: Magenta

health benefits: Has various medicinal properties including, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxident, and anti-convulsant.

The powder puff tree is a showy shrub with it's bright and fluffy colored flowers and evergreen leaflets. It is a tropical plant that grows rather quickly and is suggested to be planted in the ground versus potting.

Areca Palm / Golden Cane Palm

Dypsis lutescens

watering: Low

height: 2-8'

width: 1-3'

coloring: Green

health benefits: One of the best plants for purifying air

Known as the Areca Palm, Butterfly Palm, and Golden Cane Palm, this tree grows well in Florida both indoors and out. It's stems tend to resemble bamboo chutes.

All data on this page was last updated on 06-17-2024

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