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Serviced by River Rock Lawn and Landscaping LLC

I don’t normally take the time to write reviews but I had to say something quick about the awesome and reliable service LawnStarter has given me.

Paul H. in Round Rock, TX

Serviced by Strike Force Lawn Care Of Round Rock

I think you guys are an affordable lawn care service in Round Rock. I wish you were in Houston so you could take care of my mom's place.

John C. in Round Rock, TX

Serviced by US Lawns of Round Rock

LawnStarter does the best lawn mowing in Round Rock. Their edging is very detailed and they offer all lawn care services. I'm a fan.

Brad N. in Round Rock, TX

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The Round Rock Way of Life

Round Rock is a charming “super suburb” residing directly North of Austin, TX. With the economic help of giants like Dell and other big employers, the city has grown up from a sleepy bedroom community to being a beautiful and bustling independent community. With rolling greens and pretty landscapes, Round Rock is an idyllic staple of Texas’ Hill Country. As such, the folks that live in Round Rock are a rare breed - consistently cheerful, refreshingly friendly, and productively engaged. It’s no surprise that over 100 Round Rock residents are choosing a simpler way of getting their lawn mowing, aeration, and other lawn services done. After all, that means more time to be spent enjoying the area!

Austin ranked #23 for overallquality of life

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Meet some of our Round Rock lawn service pros

Brant Dickerson

Being outdoors is something that has always been a priority for me so starting up a lawn care company has been on the forefront of my mind. Working with LawnStarter has made my endure a lot easier because they do a great job handling my back office operations.

River Rock Lawn and Landscaping LLC
3077 Portulaca Dr
Round Rock, TX 78681

Omar Espinoza

I love having the ability to add households in areas our crews are already working so that we can make our routes more efficient. The ability to provide our crews with loaded schedules every day is one of the main advantages of partnering with LawnStarter.

Strike Force Lawn Care Of Round Rock
16450 Ranch Rd
Round Rock, TX 78681

Maynard Melzer

Being customer focused has been my number one priority since I got into this line of work. LawnStarter allows me to put most of my focus on doing my best job cutting and landscaping lawns whil they take care of the scheduling/following up/etc.

US Lawns of Round Rock
275 Big Valley Spur
Georgetown, TX 78633

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Here’s what our customers are saying about LawnStarter!
We encourage feedback from our customers to ensure we’re delivering the best service possible.

I really appreciate your hard work, but the grass was a little short this time. It is not growing much since it is winter. Thank you Laura
— Laura R. , Round Rock, TX, 01/15/2017
Serviced by Langston Landscape Services

The guys who manage my lawn are just awesome. I love this team! They always do a great job, and when I get home after a long day at work to see such a pretty lawn (even though it needs better grass), I am just so pleased. My lawn team rocks!
— Julie L. , Round Rock, TX, 01/07/2017
Serviced by JC's Lawn Care Service

Great work !
— Mihir P. , Round Rock, TX, 01/06/2017
Serviced by Langston Landscape Services

Lawn looks great!
— Janet H. , Round Rock, TX, 01/05/2017
Serviced by Good Neighbor Lawn Care

Looks great! Can you please not submit payment until the first?
— Akil C. , Round Rock, TX, 12/27/2016
Serviced by Earthly Lawn Care and Landscaping Service

Please stop the mowing for 3 months
— Grace S. , Round Rock, TX, 12/15/2016
Serviced by JC's Lawn Care Service

Round Rock Lawn Care Fact Sheet

Lawn tip of the week

Start prepping for spring time! Not as much to physically do but it's a good idea to start reading up on some spring time services you are considering!

Customer Service Hours

Sunday 7:00a—10:00p
Monday 7:00a—10:00p
Tuesday 7:00a—10:00p
Wednesday 7:00a—10:00p
Thursday 7:00a—10:00p
Friday 7:00a—10:00p
Saturday 7:00a—10:00p

General Facts

Percent of Weekly Cuts 3%
Percent of Biweekly Cuts 44%
Percent of Monthly Cuts 53%
Percent of Lawns Fertilized 7%
Percent of Lawns with Leaf Removal 11%
Percent of Aerated Lawns 9%
Percent of Yards with Cleanups 9%
Percentage of Days That Are Sunny 71%

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Should I water my lawn today?

The expected precipitation in Round Rock, TX today is 0 inches. You will most likely have to water your lawn today. The best time to water is at dusk or dawn.

Sunrise Sunset
7:04 am 6:24 pm

Round Rock lawn care facts

Average Yard Size 7,452 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $38.43

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