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The Top Lawn Care Services in Kansas City in 2017

JJ's Lawn Care
Jackson James / Owner
Kansas City, MO
6 Years of Lawn Care Experience

4.67 /5 12 Verified Reviews

Services Offered

Lawn Maintenance



Manual Quote


Let me just say that JJ is an awesome person and knows a lot about Kansas City's plant needs. He's always prompt and makes sure that the communication between us, him, and his crew is always good. I'd definitely recommend him and his business to anyone that needs a new landscaper because I think JJ is the best in Kansas City.

Claire Mckinney
Kansas City, MO 9/01/2016

This company is one of the best lawn care companies in Kansas City (personal experience). They're always quick to get back to me and their suggestions for improving my landscape are always useful. I can count on JJ to answer the phone if I need advice installing new plant.

Lucille Lindsey
Kansas City, MO 8/16/2016

It's a reliable business that focuses on customers by listening to their needs. The owner, JJ, is very invested in his company. He checks up on all of his work. I actually hired him twice for installing our spring flower beds before just hiring him to mow on a regular basis.

Eileen Robertson
Kansas City, MO 11/20/2016

Before I hired JJ's Lawn Care I had all sorts of problems with weeds taking over my yard. Thankfully JJ knows his stuff and was able to solve the problem in just one season. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get rid of their weeds!

Shane Woods
Kansas City, MO 6/11/2016

This is a very hard-working Kansas City company. Always going the extra mile to help out anyway they can! I'd give them 6 stars if I could! Best provider in Kansas City.

Jennie Sharp
Kansas City, MO 11/04/2016

Earthwise Landscaping
Preston Nichols / Owner
Liberty, MO
3 Years of Lawn Care Experience

4.58 /5 12 Verified Reviews

Services Offered

Lawn Service


Tree Care

Weed Control

Manual Quotes


Earthwise Landscaping is my solution for a husband that doesn't know what he's doing with our lawn. It's looked dead for years. After about 7 months of Earthwise Landscaping's fertilization program it's finally green. Highly recommend!!

Blanche Horton
Kansas City, MO 3/26/2016

Very personable service. They always make sure to greet me with a smile, which makes me feel comfortable having them on my property.

Marguerite Hubbard
Kansas City, MO 12/12/2016

For a relatively young company these guys are doing a good job. Knowledgeable, curteous, good work ethic. I enjoy giving them my money. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking for landscaping in Kansas City.

Sandy Sandoval
Kansas City, MO 1/13/2016

I would definitely recommend Earthwise Landscaping to my whole family if they lived in their service area. However, if you do need lawn care in Kansas City pick Earthwise!!

Naomi Hopkins
Kansas City, MO 9/12/2016

Great customer experience. They always answer the phone and know the answers to all of my questions. Very tentative to their customers.

Kelly Montgomery
Kansas City, MO 7/30/2016

The Best Lawn Mowing Co.
Chris Morales / Owner
Weston, MO
9 Years of Lawn Care Experience

4.58 /5 12 Verified Reviews

Services Offered

Lawn Upkeep

Shrub Trimming

Gutter Cleaning

Lawn Service

Manual Quotes

Tree Care

They've been servicing our yard for over four years now. I can always count on them to get the job done right the first time. It's been a pleasure being their customer. Highly recommend them!

Christy Robbins
Kansas City, MO 7/12/2016

Excellent service! The owner of the company, Chris, actually visits the job site to ensure quality work. It's things like that make me enjoy giving small business my money.

Rose Greer
Kansas City, MO 7/19/2016

These guys know their stuff. I'll point at a bush and butcher the name and they always educate me about what's on my property without making me feel ignorant. Plus, all of their installs always look great!

Neil Christensen
Kansas City, MO 9/22/2016

This is the only company that I trust to take care of my trees and garden/landscape needs. Always make clean cuts and very thorough with their cleanup when the job is done. They got my seal of approval!

Ernesto Gardner
Kansas City, MO 4/23/2016

I called on a Monday night for a leaf cleanup that I needed done badly. They came out the next morning and knocked the whole job out in an hour and a half. An hour quicker than the last company and I didn't have to wait a week for it to happen. Awesome service!

Estelle Thompson
Kansas City, MO 10/08/2016

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Kansas City lawn care facts

Average Yard Size 6,429 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $41.14

Popular services in Kansas City

Percent of Weekly Cuts 73%
Percent of Biweekly Cuts 12%
Percent of Monthly Cuts 15%
Percent of Lawns Fertilized 15%
Percent of Lawns with Leaf Removal 10%
Percent of Aerated Lawns 13%
Percent of Yards with Cleanups 12%
Percentage of Days That Are Sunny 69%

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