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Happy customers all over Baltimore

As I have happily reported many times lo these past spring and summer months, I have no complaints to voice about the expertise and efficiency of the weekly grass cutting of my lawn. Great job, as usual.

-Phillip R. in Baltimore, MD

I was really impressed with quality, timing and price of the service! Kevin was friendly and helpful; he explained the LawnStarter service thoroughly and scheduled me right away. When the crew came out, they were quick and did an excellent job.

-Kathy R. in Baltimore, MD

They did an awesome job I really appreciated the way things were handled by Darrin and his Crew. The only thing I would like to add is that there were yard clipping in the pool the first time but he fixed it the second time - great to see someone take fe

-Lonita A. in Baltimore, MD

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

One man crew did a GREAT job! Thanks
jennifer c. - Jan 05, 2018 - Baltimore, MD,
Lawn Service by Brad Miller,
Brad Miller's Lawn Care Service
always do an excellent job.
Maryanne K. - Dec 25, 2017 - Baltimore, MD,
Lawn Service by Glen Pitts,
Glen Pitts's Lawn & Garden
Great job
Carolyn & Joseph K. - Dec 05, 2017 - Baltimore, MD,
Lawn Service by Chris Moore,
Chris's Lawn Treatement And Landscape LLC
Everything looks great, thanks so much
Peter m. - Nov 08, 2017 - Baltimore, MD,
Lawn Mowing by Chris Moore,
Chris's Lawn Treatement And Landscape LLC
Looks great!
Kim V. - Nov 06, 2017 - Baltimore, MD,
Lawn Care by Daniel Butler,
Aspen Inc.
Great hob
Sarah G. - Nov 06, 2017 - Baltimore, MD,
Lawn Mowing by Mark Perez,
Vision Lawn And Landscape
Outstanding -- everything looks super great! And I love how nicely it's edged. Thank you!
Monica P. - Nov 05, 2017 - Baltimore, MD,
Lawn Care by Adrian Shuler,
Top Cut Lawns
Great job! Very happy customer!
Joanna K. - Nov 04, 2017 - Baltimore, MD,
Lawn Service by Anthony Giles,
Anthony's Garden Services LLC
As I have happily reported many times lo these past spring and summer months, I have no complaints to voice about the expertise and efficiency of the weekly grass cutting of my lawn. Great job, as usual.
Philip R. - Nov 04, 2017 - Baltimore, MD,
Grass Cutting by Mark Perez,
Vision Lawn And Landscape
Chris P. - Nov 03, 2017 - Baltimore, MD,
Lawn Service by Glen Pitts,
Glen Pitts's Lawn & Garden
Tony's team did an outstanding job, and before the sky fell out.
Monique D. - Nov 03, 2017 - Baltimore, MD,
Grass Cutting by Anthony Giles,
Anthony's Garden Services LLC
Great job! Looks fantastic! A friend of mine saw it and was very impressed.
Hollis H. - Nov 01, 2017 - Baltimore, MD,
Lawn Maintenance by Hector Jones,
Hector's Landscaping

Overall Rating: 4.85 / 5 stars (85 reviews)

Baltimore, MD - Jan 18, 2018
Baltimore, MD Lawn Care Fact Sheet


How much does lawn mowing cost in Baltimore, MD?

Weekly Bi-weekly Monthly
1/8 Acre $34 $38 $0
1/4 Acre $40 $48.2 $0
1/3 Acre $0 $0 $0
1/2 Acre $48 $53 $0
2/3 Acre $0 $0 $0
1 Acre $0 $0 $0


How often do I need to cut my lawn?

Weekly Mowing 41.0%
Bi-weekly Mowing 1.0%
Monthly Mowing 58.0%


Grass Height Preferences

Long (6-7 inches) 0%
Medium (4-5 inches) 39%
Short (2-3 inches) 61%


Popular Grass Types in Baltimore, MD

Zoysiagrass 36%
Perennial Ryegrass 18%
Bermudagrass 16%
Centipedegrass 15%
Tall Fescue 14%


Other lawn services Baltimore, MD residents are getting

Lawn Fertilization 9.0%
Leaf Removal 10.0%
Lawn Aeration 15.0%
Yards Cleanups 12.0%


Should I water my lawn today?

The expected precipitation in Baltimore, MD today is 0 inches. You will most likely have to water your lawn today. The best time to water is at dusk or dawn.

Sunrise   7:23 am Sunset   5:10 pm


Native Plants to the Baltimore area

Further Reading

Best Lawn Care Services in Baltimore January 2018

With LawnStarter, you can rest assured that you're getting only the best. Here are the top lawn care services of 2017 as rated by the Baltimore community.


Chris's Lawn Treatement And Landscape LLC

Chris Moore / Operator
Baltimore, MD

3.5 /5 31 Verified Reviews

Looking to hire a experienced landscaping service? Chris's Lawn Treatement And Landscape LLC is a landscaping service that handles lawn service, grub treatment, and tree care. They also do organic pest treatment.


Vision Lawn And Landscape

Mark Perez / President
Baltimore, MD

5 /5 32 Verified Reviews

With over 17 years in business, the Vision Lawn And Landscape brand was built on being results focused and reliable. They provide lawn maintenance, leaf blowing and focuses on in Baltimore and surrounding areas.


Top Cut Lawns

Adrian Shuler / Owner
Baltimore, MD

4 /5 24 Verified Reviews

Top Cut Lawns is a cut above the rest in the Baltimore area. Their landscaping professionals are dependable and curteous.


Anthony's Garden Services LLC

Anthony Giles / Manager
Baltimore, MD

4 /5 5 Verified Reviews

Wanting to hire a gardening service? Anthony and his employees are some of the landscaping industry's foremost authorities. They can handle reliable sprinkler repair, lawn care, gutter cleaning and even sidewalk repair.


Brad Miller's Lawn Care Service

Brad Miller / Operator
Baltimore, MD

4.5 /5 28 Verified Reviews

Brad Miller's Lawn Care Service specializes in lawn maintenance, but also can handle irrigation maintenance and weeding. We are also one of the few gardening services in Baltimore that can handle gutter cleaning.


Aspen Inc.

Daniel Butler / Business Owner
Baltimore, MD

3.5 /5 8 Verified Reviews

Seeking a inexpensive lawn maintenance company? Aspen Inc. is a lawn maintenance company that accomodates requests for grass cutting, tree trimming, and flower bed cultivation throughout the Baltimore area.


Hector's Landscaping

Hector Jones / Proprietor
Baltimore, MD

4.5 /5 22 Verified Reviews

Hector founded Hector's Landscaping 4 years ago to provide detail oriented service to his neighbors. Now he services hundreds around Baltimore. He can do everything from grass mowing to organic pest treatment.


Abel's Lawn Care Service

Abel Flores / Manager
Baltimore, MD

5 /5 4 Verified Reviews

Abel's Lawn Care Service is a lawn mowing company offering top notch lawn care, lawn aeration and other services in Baltimore. They are reputable and thorough. The business also often does stump grinding.


Glen Pitts's Lawn & Garden

Glen Pitts / Business Owner
Baltimore, MD

5 /5 3 Verified Reviews

Glen Pitts's Lawn & Garden has been offering service for quality Baltimore, MD lawn care. We're the experienced outdoor maintenance company that truly cares about providing low cost service. Whether you need lawn care, tree trimming or flower bed ma


G. Doyle's Lawn Maintenance

Glen Doyle / Owner and Operator
Baltimore, MD

5 /5 5 Verified Reviews

G. Doyle's Lawn Maintenance is a grass cutting company that is known for grass cutting, irrigation repair and more in Baltimore, MD. They are known to be reputable and meticulous.

Questions and Answers


Are there watering restrictions in Baltimore, MD?

Water on an as needed basis, not on a regular schedule (this includes when using an irrigation system). Newly seeded, sodded, or lawns less than two years old, should be irrigated. Water if the grass blades begin to wilt, develop a blue-gray color, or show footprints after being walked upon (see photo above). Established tall-fescue lawns can go dormant during the summer. Dormancy is a survival mechanism. Lawns will typically recover quickly when rainfall returns, except if we experience a prolonged drought. Some reseeding may be necessary in the late summer/fall. Dormant lawns continue to protect water sources by holding soil in place and filtering potential pollutants. Do not fertilize dormant lawns and adjust mowing height accordingly. Water in the early morning, before 10 a.m. to minimize leaf wetness. Wet grass promotes disease problems. Water slowly to prevent runoff. Use a sprinkler to apply 1 inch of water to the lawn. Place a shallow can in the area being watered to monitor the amount being applied. After an inch of water collects in the can, check the soil moisture. Insert a screwdriver or other type of probe in the area. The soil should be moist 4 to 6 inches down. Frequent, shallow watering, as sometimes applied with an irrigation system, tends to keep the upper layers of soil near a point of saturation most of the time. This encourages shallow rooting, disease and insect problems. Automatic irrigation systems should be adjusted to the needs of grass plants.



Does Baltimore, MD have long / overgrown grass ordinances?

We have no records of city or county-mandated long grass ordinances in Baltimore, MD. However, 36% of customers in Baltimore report having overgrown grass restrictions mandated by their Homeowners association.


Neighborhoods we service in Baltimore, MD

1720 Fleet St Suite C Baltimore MD 21231
Wyman Park
Roland Park
Roland Park
Mount Washington
Locust Point
Lake Walker
Lake Evesham
Herring Run Park
Federal Hill
Cross Country
Chinquapin Park
Gay Street
Armistead Gardens
Preston Gardens
Most everywhere else…

Zip Codes in the Baltimore, MD service area