Dog scratching flea
Pest control

Controlling Fleas in Your Yard

Anyone who has lived through a flea infestation knows how miserable it can become. When they invade, your pets won’t be the only ones scratching. You will be itching too, as the tiny pests find you just as tasty as Fluffy and Mr. Bones. Flea Facts The best flea defense […]

charging lawn mower battery
General Lawn Care

How to Charge, Maintain Lawn Mower Batteries

A new generation of electric lawn mowers is drawing Americans with the promise of tackling their mowing chores without having to go buy oil and gas, spending the afternoon with ear protection on, swimming in your lawn mower’s exhaust. Environmental consciousness and advances in electric mower performance are convincing more […]

Tree stump grinder in use
Tree care

5 Ways to Remove a Tree Stump

You eliminated the tree that just didn’t work in your yard, but now you have the stump to contend with. Surprisingly, removing it is no easy task.  In fact, it’s left you, well — stumped. But never fear, if you need to know how to remove a tree stump, we’ve got you […]