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Happy customers all over Riverview

Ted T.'s lawn in Riverview, FL

You guys did a fantastic job. !!!!!! Corey saved me from paying a ton of fines from HOA.

-Ted T. in Riverview, FL

Beth S.'s lawn in Riverview, FL

My hard is looking much nicer after the mowing Corey did a wonderful job thank you

-Beth S. in Riverview, FL

Randy G.'s lawn in Riverview, FL

Corey did an amazing job! Our yard looks great! Thanks Corey!

-Randy G. in Riverview, FL

Riverview, FL - Jun 3, 2023
Local Lawn Care Facts & Resources

Should I water my lawn today?

We currently have no rainfall data available for Riverview, FL.

Sunrise   7:09 am Sunset   5:34 pm

Lawn tip of the week

Feeling bold? Ask us about installing Bermudagrass. It's a pain to maintain, but incredibly sexy.

Grass Cutting Height Preferences

Long (6-7 inches) 8%
Medium (4-5 inches) 32%
Short (2-3 inches) 60%

Popular Grass Types in Riverview

Bermudagrass 62%
Centipedegrass 15%
Zoysiagrass 8%
Buffalograss 6%
Perennial Ryegrass 4%
Tall Fescue 3%
Kentucky Bluegrass 2%

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 7,384 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $50.91
Average Customer Review 4.86 / 5.0

Weekly Cuts 23%
Biweekly Cuts 22%
Monthly Cuts 55%
Lawns Fertilized 4%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 8%
Aerated Lawns 3%
Yards with Cleanups 2%
Days That Are Sunny 4%

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Easy, Affordable Lawn Care Services in Riverview

Riverview has many places to go fishing, swimming, and kayaking, so you should play in the water rather than play with the lawnmower. LawnStarter will take care of your lawn-related chores for you.

The Most Common Grass Types in Riverview: Bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, perennial ryegrass, centipedegrass, and buffalograss.

Winter Lawn Care Tips for Riverview: Mow lower than usual to get a better cut. You don’t need to mow your lawn as often during the winter months. Aerate and fertilize your lawn, and overseed to keep your lawn lush during the winter months.

Spring Lawn Care Prep for Riverview: Understand what type of grass you have so you can cut it to the proper length, usually between two and four inches. Leave clippings on your lawn to give it a natural mulch to feed off of. Aerate your lawn to let it breathe. Water your lawn early in the morning or near the end of the day when the temperatures are coolest. Use a fertilizer with iron sulfate in it to kill chinch bugs.

Common Lawn Pests: Mole crickets, sod webworms, chinch bugs, and armyworms.

Common Lawn Diseases: Brown patch, fairy ring, dollar spot, rust fungus, and grey leaf spot.

What Services Do We Offer?: LawnStarter’s pros offer every lawn care service imaginable, but we also install and repair outdoor lights, seed lawns, and plant trees.

To get started, call or click on us or download our app to receive an instant quote. We’ll make your yard happy and healthy while you enjoy Riverview.

Meet some of our Riverview pros

Joshua Bynum Profile Photo
Joshua Bynum
With Lawn Therapy Sites, there's no job too big or small. We take unique care of each property we work on and will ensure it's properly managed by us and that the customers' expectations will always be met or exceeded.

11326 Bridge Pine Drive
Riverview, FL 33569

Stanley Foster Profile Photo
Stanley Foster
Hello, my name is Stanley, and I have been in the lawn care business for over 10 years. I have recently decided to start my own business, Stanley and Sons Lawn Care LLC. I look forward to providing each customer with professional and quality services.

1627 Climbing Dayflower Drive
Ruskin, FL 33570

Christopher  Smart  Profile Photo
Christopher Smart
As an entrepreneur, I have a great personality and am always driven and motivated to rise to the top. My goal was always to own my own business and be successful. I also enjoy helping others and uplifting people in times of need. I have three years of experience with automotive sales and customer service, two years of electrical engineering schooling with academic honors, and six years of experience with electroplating and management.

100 Ashley Drive South
Tampa, FL 33602

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

George B.'s Yard Cutting service in Sharp Cutz LLC
Nicely done Alphonso!
George B. - Jun 02, 2023 - Riverview, FL
Yard Cutting by Alphonso Sharp,
Sharp Cutz LLC
Brenda C.'s Lawn Service service in Zamudio & Sons
Excellent! And welcome.back !
Brenda C. - Jun 01, 2023 - Riverview, FL
Lawn Service by Octaviano Zamudio,
Zamudio & Sons
Laura K.'s Yard Cutting service in Maldonado's Lawns Care Service LLC
Took down a mini jungle (jk but kinda) definitely appreciate the clean up. They followed instructions perfectly and only did what I asked. Look forward to adding more services next time
Laura K. - May 24, 2023 - Riverview, FL
Yard Cutting by Adam Maldonado,
Maldonado's Lawns Care Service LLC
Deborah C.'s Lawn Care service in Redcedar Garden Services Inc
Brian and his associate did a good job!!
Deborah C. - May 18, 2023 - Riverview, FL
Lawn Care by Pirro Osorio,
Redcedar Garden Services Inc
Syed A.'s Grass Cutting service in B&F Services
Thanks Brandon Great job
Syed A. - Apr 24, 2023 - Riverview, FL
Grass Cutting by Brandon Mundy,
B&F Services
Ginger C.'s Yard Cutting service in Mjt
They did an amazing job and even went inside the dog run to trim which we did not expect. Thank you so much!
Ginger C. - Mar 29, 2023 - Riverview, FL
Yard Cutting by Tony Wallace,
Sally B.'s Lawn Mowing Service service in ValueBase Lawn Care
Chester came out and did a wonderful job. He assessed our Saint Augustine lawn which had large patches of dry area, he had us turn on the sprinkler system to see and suggest the amount of water lawn was getting and gave suggestions. Very professional, and very efficient.
Sally B. - Mar 12, 2023 - Riverview, FL
Lawn Mowing Service by Chester Butler,
ValueBase Lawn Care
cassandra b.'s Lawn Mowing service in Plm
Im very pleased that i found you guys online, im loving my yard each and every time it gets cut, haven't met George yet but he is and angel with my yard. Thanks to him and his crew.
cassandra b. - Feb 09, 2023 - Riverview, FL
Lawn Mowing by George Shuler,
Mark K.'s Lawn Mowing service in Deal's Lawn Maintenance
Hi Shawn, sorry I missed you! The lawn looks great. I wish you and your loved ones a very safe and happy new year! See you next year!
Mark K. - Dec 28, 2022 - Riverview, FL
Lawn Mowing by Shawn Deal,
Deal's Lawn Maintenance
Daniel W.'s Lawn Maintenance service in CamScape L.L.C.
Looks good
Daniel W. - Dec 22, 2022 - Riverview, FL
Lawn Maintenance by Cameron Daniel,
CamScape L.L.C.
Mark K.'s Lawn Mowing Service service in Deal's Lawn Maintenance
Thank you Shawn the lawn looks great! If I don't see you before Christmas I hope you and yours have a safe and merry one!
Mark K. - Dec 15, 2022 - Riverview, FL
Lawn Mowing Service by Shawn Deal,
Deal's Lawn Maintenance
Ty R.'s Lawn Mowing service in Terry and Family management llc
Could not be happier with the job, service, and friendliness that I receive from Leeandra and her family. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable service.
Ty R. - Dec 05, 2022 - Riverview, FL
Lawn Mowing by Leeandra Terry,
Terry and Family management llc

Overall Rating: 4.89 / 5 stars (189 reviews)

Service Recommendations in Riverview

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for lawn care services in Riverview, FL.

Other Lawn Maintenance

Recommended by Simon Thomas

Service Location: Riverview,FL
Service Yard Size: 4,568 square feet
Service Price: $42.68
Location (from the street): Full yard, Front yard Leaf mulching in front yard area and weed removal in all cracks of walk ways and deep edge setting for the year ( makes edging much easier and faster during the year)


Recommended by Ryan Matthews

Service Location: Riverview,FL
Service Yard Size: 6,950 square feet
Service Price: $67.07
Location (from the street): Full yard Clean up and pick up leaves from fall and wi yet season drop

Trimming of Bushes

Recommended by Jason Brulfer

Service Location: Riverview,FL
Service Yard Size: 14,080 square feet
Service Price: $189.02
Location (from the street): Front yard, Left side, Right side Bush trimming will be done as customer requested same day as mowing

Shrub Prunning

Recommended by Stephen Morris

Service Location: Riverview,FL
Service Yard Size: 7,587 square feet
Service Price: $60.98
Location (from the street): Front yard Trim the bush to a rounded shape and cut bush down to the ground. Remove debris off property.


Recommended by Abram Gill

Service Location: Riverview,FL
Service Yard Size: 14,890 square feet
Service Price: $280
Front yard, Back yard, Right side The yard has weeds and grass up to 20 feet high. Me and my crew will clean up the backyard. Also the front yard needs pressure washing

Flowerbed Mulching

Recommended by Henry Leonard

Service Location: Riverview,FL
Service Yard Size: 36,733 square feet
Service Price: $182.92
Location (from the street): Full yard Mulch all beds around the house. Spread evenly and make sure all beds are properly done

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Riverview

Lawn Care

Requested by Eric T.


Service Location: Riverview, FL 46052
Service Yard Size: 41,854 square feet
Service Price: $73170
Items Needing Service: Remove unwanted saplings around shop

Location on Property: Left side

Work to be Done: Whenever

Serviced by: Basswood Lawn Treatment And Landscape


Requested by Shelley B.


Service Location: Riverview, FL
Service Yard Size: 5,736 square feet
Service Price: $313
Items Needing Service: front flower bed needing deweeding for mulching and back flower bed along pool needing deweeding

Location on Property: front and back

Work to be Done: deweeding beds for mulch

General Lawn Maintenance

Requested by Nicole N.


Service Location: Riverview, FL
Service Yard Size: 4,997 square feet
Service Price: $100
Items Needing Service: Weeds pulled from front yard, back yard, and both sides of house. Trees, shrubs, and bushes trimmed from front yard, back yard, and both sides of house.

Location on Property: Weeds in front yard, back yard, and both sides of house. Trees, shrubs, and bushes in front yard (also on left side of driveway), along both sides of house,...
Show More

Yard And Flowerbed Cleanup

Requested by Shannon G.


Service Location: Riverview, FL
Service Yard Size: 16,982 square feet
Service Price: $176
Items Needing Service: 2 Flower beds

Location on Property: both in the front.

Work to be Done: pulling the weeds.

Shrub Trimming

Requested by Kevin M.


Service Location: Riverview, FL
Service Yard Size: 663 square feet
Service Price: $0
Items Needing Service: Hedges

Location on Property: Front

Work to be Done: They want them trimmed up.

Flowerbed Mulching

Requested by Keion H.


Service Location: Riverview, FL
Service Yard Size: 6,384 square feet
Service Price: $44
Items Needing Service: Replace and refill all mulch on the property

Location on Property: Front and back

Work to be Done: Replace and refill mulch

Top Riverview, FL Lawn Services of June 2023

#1-Wells' Garden Service
Kevin Wells
Riverview, FL
9 Ratings
Thank you! My yard looks amazing! Like a yard, finally! It was worth the wait! I'm very happy with this first job. It was a hard job, I know. This was a mess and now looks very clean and nice.
#2-Basswood Lawn Treatment And Landscape
Eddy Anderson
Riverview, FL
8 Ratings
Pablo did a fantastic job!! Our yard looks beautiful!! Thank you so much, Pablo!! You're a rock star lawn expert!
#3-Brighter Green Lawn Care LLC
Lena Finch
12104 Colonial Estates Lane
Riverview, FL 33579
58 Ratings
We offer full-service residential and commercial lawn maintenance, tree trimming and stump grinding. We care about your lawn and want to make it look beautiful. We guarantee that you will like the end results of our services. Use your weekends to spend more time with your family and doing the things that you love. We'll take care of your yard. Call us today for a free quote.
#4-L Henry Landscape Mainten
Henry Leonard
13306 Waterford Run Dr
Riverview, FL 33569
46 Ratings
Looks great! Thank you!
#5-R. Rutledge's Lawns Solutions
Richard Rutledge
Riverview, FL
40 Ratings
Great work. Very attentive to customer concerns! Thank You!
#6-CamScape L.L.C.
Cameron Daniel
11106 Cherrywood Lane
Riverview, FL 33579
39 Ratings
Doing a great job. Thanks
#7-Redcedar Garden Services Inc
Pirro Osorio
Riverview, FL
39 Ratings
The lawn looks great and the service was super quick. I love this service.
#8-Arrown Orta's Garden Service
Arron Orta
Riverview, FL
36 Ratings
Great service as usual by Walter. He is always on time and communicates well with you. He keeps you updated if he can not make it out do to weather. I've recommended him to friends that stay in the surrounding neighborhoods.
#9-Stanley and Sons Lawn Care LLC
Stanley Foster
Riverview, FL
346 Ratings
Timely, efficient and does an excellent job!! I pay less to have their service than if I owned a rider. They cut, edge and blow which saves me an hour and a half. No maintenance and no monthly payment s to the big box stores.
#10-Alder Inc
Rufino Benavides
Riverview, FL
34 Ratings
Cleanest job yet. None of the previous jobs looked much different from the "before-after" point of view, but once I came home to the most recent job I could immidiately see a difference. Good job guys.
#11-Florida Boy Property Management
Simon Thomas
9305 Riverview Drive
Riverview, FL 33578
32 Ratings
Simon did an amazing job! Took his time and made sure to leave the yard looking better than ever! Thank you Simon! You make our yard look great!
#12-Simbas Lawn care service
simba Ngindi
10412 Soaring Eagle Drive
Riverview, FL 33578
32 Ratings
#13-Mgm Landscaping
Michele Meck
11322 Maybrook Ave
Riverview, FL 33569
30 Ratings
Navin does a great job. Very happy with LawnStarter
#14-Madrone Lawn Care Service
Ryan Matthews
Riverview, FL
3 Ratings
Willam and his team did a great job my only complaint is we have a lot of grass clippings everywhere
#15-Leonel's Lawns Care Service
Leonel Finley
Riverview, FL
22 Ratings
Patrick and his crew did a great job cutting my lawn. It was such a joy for me to arrive home from work and see my freshly cut and trimmed lawn. Very happy! We will be using LawnStarter as my lawn maintenance company again and again. A big thank you to Patrick and his team. Dom R. Riverview
#16-B and T Landscape Service
Brandon Trew
11155 Golden Silence Drive
Riverview, FL 33579
2 Ratings
Cameron always has great communication, does a great job with mowing/edging and even trimming all the bushes in my front yard, highly recommend!
#17-All Seasons Pro service
Kaleigh Beaton
8816 Dyer Road
Riverview, FL 33578
2 Ratings
All Seasons Pro Service is a Florida-based lawn care, landscaping and exterior property maintenance company. We specialize in maintaining residential and comercial properties. We do all the dirty work so our clients can enjoy their outdoor living spaces to the fullest!

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