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Happy customers all over Rochester

Showed him about edging around the sprinkler system access relays. Discussed the tree and shrub trimming to be off the house, fence and shed for quote. Very personable and professional.

-Stephen M. in Rochester, NY

Thank you so much! You kept in touch and promise :) Now my house looks so sharp! I really appreciated. You are so efficient!!! Tanks again!

-Junko H. in Rochester, NY

Mr Pablo, continues to give great service from past to present! I hope to continue to have him as my landscaper!! Thanks

-Sheldon H. in Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY - Mar 22, 2019
Rochester Lawn Care Recommendations

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We currently have no rainfall data available for Rochester, NY.

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Lawn tip of the week

Did you know? There are approximately 50 million acres of grass in the United States. Approximately 21 million of those acres are in our front and back yards.


Popular Grass Types in Rochester

Tall Fescue 40%
Bermudagrass 24%
Buffalograss 13%
Centipedegrass 12%
Perennial Ryegrass 6%
Kentucky Bluegrass 2%
Zoysiagrass 2%

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 8,006 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $51.57
Average Customer Review 4.75 / 5.0

Weekly Cuts 43%
Biweekly Cuts 29%
Monthly Cuts 28%
Lawns Fertilized 2%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 13%
Aerated Lawns 2%
Yards with Cleanups 13%
Days That Are Sunny 1%

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A solution for lawn care in Rochester

Nestled on Lake Ontario in western New York, Rochester is an industrial powerhouse that is a great place to both live and work. This sprawling city is packed to the brim with restaurants, galleries, parks, and other attractions to suit a wide variety of interests. If you’re lucky enough to live in Rochester, you have access to these options year round. Just make sure you free up space in your schedule.

Rochester is a great place to raise a family, with tons of kid-friendly activities offered throughout the year. The Strong National Museum of Play provides a historic and interactive look at toys and games, allowing children to explore video-game exhibits and even a hands-on “Sesame Street” display. The Seneca Park Zoo is another must-see stop for the little ones, featuring both native and exositc animals as well as an exciting African safari tour.

Older kids and kids at heart will love the Seabreeze Amusement Park. This is the fourth-oldest amusement park in the United States. It offers a range of high-speed attractions, including roller coasters, water rides, and rides for younger adventurers.

Rochester natives looking for an experience that isn’t so blood-pumping will appreciate the range of natural spaces offered within the city limits. Genesee Valley Park is a large, verdant oasis for city dwellers, offering multi-use athletic fields, canoe areas, hiking trails, and more. Highland Park is another must-visit spot, offering a serene and laidback area to enjoy manicured paths lined with flowers and trees.

If you’re in the market for an easier way to enjoy your valuable weekend time in Rochester, consider outsourcing some of your most dreaded tasks. LawnStarter is the go-to service for all things lawn care in Rochester, and we’re looking forward to making your lawn care dreams a reality.

Pressed for time? No worries! LawnStarter is here to save the day. We offer a range of customizable services, including lawn mowing, tree trimming, and flower care. We even take special requests! To get started, all you need to do is log on to the LawnStarter mobile app. Don’t worry if mobile browsing isn’t exactly your style. We also offer an easily accessible desktop website.

Once you’ve logged on, provide us with your zip code. From there, we will send you a list of the services available in your area, as well as prices to suit any budget and a compilation of potential start dates. You pick the dates and services that work best for you, and then we head on over to get right to work. There’s a reason we’re referred to as the best Rochester lawn care service.

If you’re looking for a new way to maximize your precious time in Rochester, consider hiring LawnStarter for all of your landscaping needs—you’ll be glad you did

Meet some of our Rochester lawn service pros

Mindy Alison
Mindy Alison of Landscaping adds the personal touch to lawn care that we’ve been looking for! She handles custom landscape installations as well as your weekly grass mowing needs. If you’re looking with a lawn care provider you can talk to that truly listens, give Mindy a call!

52 Mill Road
Rochester, NY 14626

Christopher Cotto
Nothing says precision mowing like Cotto’s Lawn Care Service! Try them out once or make them your weekly provider, you won’t be sorry. Cotto strives on quality and consistency with each new lawn he books. It’s rare to find work this good, don’t let him slip away!

50 Chestnut Street
Rochester, NY 14604

Joshua Louis
If you need someone that will show up rain or shine, call Louis Property Services! Rochester’s reliable lawn guy, Joshua Louis will be there when you need! For years, he’s put in the extra time to make sure his customers are treated the absolute best!

15 Culver Parkway
Rochester, NY 14609

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

Charles did a great job, mowed the yard neatly, and blown out the dried leaves in my driveway and porch! Great job!
Leila G. - Mar 13, 2019 - Rochester, NY,
Lawn Care by Drew Shuler,
Drew's Lawn Treatement
Great service.
Charlotte S. - Feb 21, 2019 - Rochester, NY,
Lawn Mowing by stuart Westcott,
Westcott Landscaping
My lawn looks Awesome! Since Charles has been doing my lawn the cut is even and my yard is improved tremendously,
Sandra P. - Feb 10, 2019 - Rochester, NY,
Lawn Service by Allen flowers,
A to B
Lawn looks wonderful!!
Christie G. - Nov 29, 2018 - Rochester, NY,
Lawn Service by Allen flowers,
A to B
Lawn looked great! Very satisfied with the service.
Sandra M. - Oct 23, 2018 - Rochester, NY,
Lawn Maintenance by Mindy Alison,
Thanks for getting to my yard and looks great!
Tomas A. - Oct 04, 2018 - Rochester, NY,
Lawn Mowing by Kelvin Doyle,
K. Doyle's Lawns
Great job! The edging is nicely done and our yard looks beautiful.
Mary M. - Sep 26, 2018 - Rochester, NY,
Lawn Mowing by Arnold Giles,
Property Services Lawn And Landscape
Good work
Matt B. - Sep 07, 2018 - Rochester, NY,
Lawn Service by Arnold Giles,
Property Services Lawn And Landscape
Excellent job!!! Exactly what I was hoping for!!!!!
Matthew G. - Aug 30, 2018 - Rochester, NY,
Lawn Maintenance by Kelvin Doyle,
K. Doyle's Lawns
Thanks, Nick. Can you be sure to send me pics whenever you do my lawn?
Fatema B. - Aug 21, 2018 - Rochester, NY,
Grass Cutting by Mike Hale,
Mike's Lawn & Garden Inc.
Yard looks great and I spoke with Garnett about my issue and he explained what happened.
Justin S. - Aug 13, 2018 - Rochester, NY,
Lawn Care by Kelvin Doyle,
K. Doyle's Lawns
Thank you!
Hannah B. - Jul 27, 2018 - Rochester, NY,
Lawn Mowing by Mindy Alison,

Overall Rating: 4.75 / 5 stars (118 reviews)

Service Recommendations in Rochester

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for extra lawn services in Rochester, NY.

Other Landscaping Service

Recommended by Sherron Sawyer


Location: Rochester, NY 14622

Yard Size: 6,505 square feet

Price: $37

Description: Full yard There lot is full of dollar weed, clover and dandy lion. Recommend weed and feed treatment ASAP I can get it done today

Leaf Raking

Recommended by Zach Wallace


Location: Rochester, NY 14644

Yard Size: 8,641 square feet

Price: $129

Description: Full yard Property is much larger and clean up is 35 bags and 4 hours at property

Yard And Flowerbed Cleanup

Recommended by Lance Mitchel


Location: Rochester, NY 14644

Yard Size: 11,423 square feet

Price: $59

Description: Front yard Pick up pile of debris and remove excessive dirt and leaves

Tree Pruning / Care

Recommended by Christine Boyce


Location: Rochester, NY 14625

Yard Size: 4,032 square feet

Price: $35

Description: Front yard Trim bush between houses and trim palm front yard.

Tree Care

Recommended by Arnold Giles


Location: Rochester, NY 14651

Yard Size: 5,982 square feet

Price: $88

Description: Backyard, Right side Prune and trim tree branches to open up more.

General Landscaping / Maintenance

Recommended by Kelvin Doyle


Location: Rochester, NY 14610

Yard Size: 13,399 square feet

Price: $271

Description: Full yard This recommendation is for Aeration Overseeding your full property

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Rochester

General Landscape Improvements

Requested by Chris G.


Location: Rochester, NY

Yard Size: 5,105 square feet

Items Needing Service: Weed removal from lawn

Location on Property: Throughout lawn

Work to be Done: Remove weeds or spray to kill (ie broadleaf weed killer)

Price: $88

Serviced by: Flexer Landscaping


Requested by David B.


Location: Rochester, NY

Yard Size: 5,296 square feet

Items Needing Service: Grass

Location on Property: Back and front yard

Price: $120

Serviced by: Landscaping

Shrub Trimming

Requested by Justin R.


Location: Rochester, NY

Yard Size: 4,816 square feet

Items Needing Service: bushes

Location on Property: front perimeter of the house

Work to be Done: bush trimming

Price: $101

Serviced by: Advantage Lawn Maintenance

Leaf Cleanup

Requested by Ann H.


Location: Rochester, NY

Items Needing Service: Leaves and debris blown out and removed from garden beds and hard surfaces.

Location on Property: Garden beds and walkways

Work to be Done: Blown and debris removed front and back yards

Price: $106

Serviced by: Mike's Lawn & Garden Inc.

Leaf and Debris Removal

Requested by Holden S.


Location: Rochester, NY

Yard Size: 5,292 square feet

Items Needing Service: leaf removal

Location on Property: front yard and back yard

Work to be Done: we would like the leaves to be bagged

Price: $57

Serviced by: Drew's Lawn Treatement

Other Landscaping Service

Requested by Amanda F.


Location: Rochester, NY

Yard Size: 10,901 square feet

Items Needing Service: Flower beds

Location on Property: the front yard

Work to be Done: Get the flower beds cleaned out and also get some plants planted.

Price: $118

Serviced by: Cotto Lawn Care Service

Questions and Answers


Are there watering restrictions in Rochester, NY?

We could not find any records of watering restrictions in Rochester, NY. Be sure to check your local government website for the most up-to-date information


Does Rochester, NY have long / overgrown grass ordinances?

What is the maximum height grass is allowed to be without being in violation? Section 302.4 of the Property Maintenance Code of New York State states as follows: §PM302.4 Weeds. All premises and immediate exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds or plant growth in excess of 10 inches (254 mm). All noxious weeds shall be prohibited. Weeds shall be defined as all grasses, annual plants and vegetation, other than trees or shrubs provided; however, this term shall not include cultivated flowers and gardens.



"What is your number one lawn care tip?"

Switching to organic methods for controlling pest related issues will be one of my big recommendations. For one it doesn't deteriorate soil quality and neither harm the plants and on the other, it also amplifies the growth of plants if utilized correctly.

-Harshit Jain, hobbiesphere

Top Rochester, NY Lawn Services of March 2019

#1-J. Mccormick's Lawn & Garden LLC
Jack McCormick
Rochester, NY
7 Ratings
Orlando takes really good care of my lawn and is always very professional. My lawn looks so much healthier since Orlando started servicing my lawn. Thank you so much for your service.
#2-Property Services Lawn And Landscape
Arnold Giles
Rochester, NY
32 Ratings
Thank you I'll be sure take a look when I get off from work. From what my wife tells me everything looks great as always.
#3-Mike's Lawn & Garden Inc.
Mike Hale
Rochester, NY
30 Ratings
Jessie, I paused my service yesterday morning. However, you still came today and cut my yard. I hope you lowered your blades this time if not I will be calling you to please come and recut. thanks!
#4-Drew's Lawn Treatement
Drew Shuler
Rochester, NY
28 Ratings
Charles did a great job, mowed the yard neatly, and blown out the dried leaves in my driveway and porch! Great job!
#5-Advantage Lawn Maintenance
Abel Carrillo
Rochester, NY
22 Ratings
The lawn looks great, and I appreciate that it was done on the day it was promised!
#6-K. Doyle's Lawns
Kelvin Doyle
Rochester, NY
14 Ratings
Great job! Thanks for making the scheduled appointment even with all the recent weather issues from Hurricane Harvey. Please keep up the great work. I really appreciate it.
#7-Talen Landscaping and Supply
Will Benson
840 Rumson Road
Rochester, NY 14616
115 ratings
Services Offered: aeration , edging, fall cleanups
#8-lamys lawncare
jeff lamy
25 Eileen Circle
Rochester, NY 14616
21 ratings
Services Offered: grass mowing , spring cleanups, lawn mowing service
#9-Grass Cuts & Clean Ups
Sherron Sawyer
153 Benton Street
Rochester, NY 14620
93 ratings
Services Offered: lawn mowing service , aeration, grass mowing
#10-Quells Lawn Care
Marquel Jones-McFadden
99 Ambrose Street
Rochester, NY 14608
59 ratings
Services Offered: lawn mowing , lawn treatment, aeration
#11-Mow Better Lawn Care
Darrick Adams
527 Magee Avenue
Rochester, NY 14613
93 ratings
Services Offered: lawn treatment , spring cleanups, fall cleanups
Mindy Alison
52 Mill Road
Rochester, NY 14626
51 ratings
Lawn looked great! Very satisfied with the service.
#13-M D landscaping
Michael deutsch
176 Lake Breeze Road
Rochester, NY 14616
120 ratings
Services Offered: lawn care , grass mowing, leaf removal

Neighborhoods we service in Rochester, NY

121 Brooks Ave Rochester NY 14619
Homestead Heights
Cobbs Hill
Highland Park
Most everywhere else…

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