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Happy customers all over Chicago

Michael did a great job. The lawn looks great, and I can tell he paid attention to detail. It was exactly what we needed.

-Brian E. in Chicago, IL

Looks perfect! Thanks very much. They even took away a fallen branch I was planning to cut up myself.

-Paul F. in Chicago, IL

Spenser's team went about mowing and trimming quickly efficiently. They did an excellent job! I am impressed with the quality of work.

-Marcia k. in Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL - Nov 19, 2018
Chicago Lawn Care Recommendations

Should I water my lawn today?

We currently have no rainfall data available for Chicago, IL.

Sunrise   6:40 am Sunset   4:31 pm

Lawn tip of the week

Did you know? There are approximately 50 million acres of grass in the United States. Approximately 21 million of those acres are in our front and back yards.

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 985 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $35.36
Average Customer Review 5 / 5.0

Weekly Cuts 52.0%
Biweekly Cuts 7.0%
Monthly Cuts 41.0%
Lawns Fertilized 11.0%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 11.0%
Aerated Lawns 13.0%
Yards with Cleanups 11.0%
Days That Are Sunny 54%

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Chicago’s finest lawn care tech company

On the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago, IL is one of the largest cities in the United States, as well as one of the finest places to live. This city is filled with stunning architecture, dazzling exhibits, and multiple museums. Make time for everything Chicago has to offer this weekend.

The city’s skyline is punctuated by multiple must-visit skyscrapers, including the John Hancock Center and the Willis Tower. For another historic, artistic perspective on the city, make sure you visit the Art Institute of Chicago and the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower.

Chicago is also a great place for naturalists to explore. The city is home to the Field Museum, one of the country’s premier natural history museums. Millenium Park is a great place to toss a Frisbee with the dog or take a relaxing walk. This park is also home to the impressive Cloud Gate sculpture. The Gold Coast district is another great spot for hiking, biking, and enjoying the lakeside scenery.

Sports fans will have to put a visit to Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs, on their lists of must-see attractions. For shop-a-holics, North Michigan Avenue, featuring the Magnificent Mile, may be a better spot to visit.

Chicago may be known as the windy city, and your lawn care should be a breeze, too. However you choose to spend your weekend hours, you should spend most of them enjoying this tremendous city. You work hard, and deserve to play hard, too.

Entrust your pesky lawn care chores to LawnStarter, the premier lawn care service in the Chicagoland area. We offer everything from tree trimming to flower care, and we’ll even help yo u trim your trees! We can even accommodate unique special requests. To get started, simply install the convenient LawnStarter mobile app. This free app works on any Apple or Android device.

Once you’ve installed the app–or logged onto the handy desktop website, if that’s more your style–you can enter your specific zip code and we’ll send you customized prices and services in your area. You pick the items that work best for you, your schedule, and budget, and once you confirm, we’ll be on our way over to start making your Chicago lawn and landscape dreams a complete reality.

Don’t keep putting off your lawn chores this weekend. Instead, contact LawnStarter, and get back to enjoying all that Chicago has to offer.

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

Great work as always.
David A. - Nov 10, 2018 - Chicago, IL,
Lawn Maintenance by ,
Graise Lawn Svc
Great job again! Thank you!
Teresa H. - Nov 03, 2018 - Chicago, IL,
Lawn Care by Thaddeus Sroka,
Sroka lawn service
Nice job! Very professional.
Vikas S. - Oct 02, 2018 - Chicago, IL,
Lawn Mowing Service by Bob Mickow,
C'n Green Land Care
The yard was cut and clippings were bagged perfectly. Edging was neat and clean. They showed up, got to work and were efficient.
Chris C. - Sep 04, 2018 - Chicago, IL,
Lawn Service by Mod Nfjfn,
Jonny took the time to read my instructions for this week's service and took care of everything perfectly. I highly recommend doing business with this company. Best price for the best service you could imagine.
Ryan B. - Aug 24, 2018 - Chicago, IL,
Lawn Maintenance by Dan Mcenery,
Mcenery Lawn Care
Great job
Chris R. - Aug 17, 2018 - Chicago, IL,
Lawn Mowing Service by Larry Daniels,
Daniels & Sons Complete Lndscp
Awesome yet again love these guys my lawn always looks great even though it is mostly weeds these guys help it looking like a lawn thanks again for another great mow
Matt K. - Aug 01, 2018 - Chicago, IL,
Lawn Care by Mike Lewis,
M&M Services
Thank you for your help today.
Nikki C. - Jul 24, 2018 - Chicago, IL,
Grass Cutting by Alonzo Vaca,
Vaca Landscaping
Looks great!
Crystal M. - Jun 19, 2018 - Chicago, IL,
Yard Cutting by ,
Turfmaster Lawn Care
Lawn looks great. Thanks again for your work.
Faith M. - Jun 09, 2018 - Chicago, IL,
Lawn Service by John Bollam,
All Trucking
Michael did a great job. The lawn looks great, and I can tell he paid attention to detail. It was exactly what we needed.
Brian E. - Jun 02, 2018 - Chicago, IL,
Lawn Maintenance by Bob Mickow,
C'n Green Land Care
Good work as usual.
Chris B. - May 09, 2018 - Chicago, IL,
Lawn Mowing Service by Robert Adelizzi,
Countryside Industries Inc

Overall Rating: 4.76 / 5 stars (95 reviews)

Service Recommendations in Chicago

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for extra lawn services in Chicago, IL.

Tree Trimming

Recommended by Bob Mickow


Location: Chicago, IL 60678

Yard Size: 10,285 square feet

Price: $206

Description: Front-yard Tree up the canopy of both trees in the front yard, allowing more eye view of the house and letting more sun in for the thin grass underneath the trees, also thinning out both trees heavy as they are mature and recommended, price includes labor, clean up and haul off, thank you

General Landscaping / Maintenance

Recommended by Noel Phillips


Location: Chicago, IL 60634

Yard Size: 5,478 square feet

Price: $55

Description: Backyard Bring stump in the back with chainsaw. This includes the dirt required to backfill

General Landscape Improvements


Location: Chicago, IL 60653

Yard Size: 4,424 square feet

Price: $47

Description: Full yard Spread weed & feed to entire yard

Leaf Raking And Cleanup

Recommended by Robert Bruce


Location: Chicago, IL 60629

Yard Size: 5,164 square feet

Price: $85

Description: Backyard Clear out overgrown backyard. Grass is 18"-24" long.

Leaf Cleanup

Recommended by Alexis Guerrero


Location: Chicago, IL 60630

Yard Size: 10,122 square feet

Price: $12

Description: Lots of leaves front and back yard

Leaf Collection

Recommended by Mike Lewis


Location: Chicago, IL

Yard Size: 9,978 square feet

Price: $71

Description: You have a lot of leaves in the backyard and and spread throughout the yard. I can blow, bag and remove them for you.

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Chicago

Other Lawn Care,

Requested by William G.


Location: Chicago, IL

Yard Size: 12,543 square feet

Items Needing Service: I need to discontinue my service as I have sold the property. New owners take possession on August 11th/2017. Please contact me about this.

Location on Property: n/a

Work to be Done: discontinue service.

Price: $86

Serviced by: Cohen's Lawn Maintenance

Hedge Trimming

Requested by Ferdy D.


Location: Chicago, IL

Yard Size: 7,886 square feet

Items Needing Service: There is a small bush that needs a small trimming

Location on Property: near front door

Work to be Done: Trim the bush

Price: $24

Serviced by: Swank Landscapeing

General Lawn Maintenance

Requested by Sonya K.


Location: Chicago, IL

Yard Size: 12,323 square feet

Items Needing Service: Would like to get a quote for how much to add my backyard to my services.

Location on Property: Rear

Work to be Done: Mowing

Price: $18

Serviced by: Mow It Down

Yard And Flowerbed Cleanup

Requested by Shelby L.


Location: Chicago, IL

Yard Size: 5,793 square feet

Items Needing Service: Flower beds

Location on Property: Sides of driveway and backyard

Work to be Done: Weed maintenance

Price: $177

Serviced by: Sroka lawn service


Requested by Darlene B.


Location: Chicago, IL

Yard Size: 1,475 square feet

Items Needing Service: tree

Location on Property: front yard

Work to be Done: resolve erosion with the tree to help. recommendations for tree in the front yard

Price: $38



Requested by Jeffrey B.


Location: Chicago, IL

Yard Size: 11,851 square feet

Items Needing Service: Weeds

Location on Property: All over.

Work to be Done: Weeding

Price: $64

Serviced by: Sternberg Mechanical

Questions and Answers


Are there watering restrictions in Chicago, IL?

Despite restrictions across Chicago area, water use is taxing suburban systems



Does Chicago, IL have long / overgrown grass ordinances?

Any person who owns or controls property within the city must cut or otherwise control all weeds on such property so that the average height of such weeds does not exceed ten inches. Any person who violates this subsection shall be subject to a fine of not less than $600 nor more than $1,200. Each day that such violation continues shall be considered a separate offense to which a separate fine shall apply



"What's your number one tip for improving the quality of your grass?"

Applying water too rapidly causes runoff, as grass can absorb only so much water at a time. When runoff happens, soil, fertilizers and pesticides can wind up in nearby waterways. Also, over-irrigation can push nutrients deep into the soil and away from plant roots. Watering deeply and infrequently – about twice a week and 4 to 6 inches deep can help prevent under-watering or overwatering.

-John Egan, Lawn Care Industry Expert

The Lawntrepreneur Scholarship

The Lawntrepreneur Scholarship is our way of giving back to the up and coming young entrepreneurs in the Chicago, IL area.

Top Chicago, IL Lawn Services of November 2018

#1-Boyd's Lawns

Chicago, IL
6 Ratings
Boyd's Lawns started with a couple young men mowing lawns and has grown into the premiere lawn care company in Lake Villa. it's been great to grow our small business through the word-of-mouth of pleased customers. These are people just like you! We continue to grow in the lawn care industry because we earn your trust and support.
#2-Carroll's Lawn Solutions

Chicago, IL
15 Ratings
Looks great! Thank you
#3-Chaney's Lawn Service

Chicago, IL
14 Ratings
12245 South Princeton Avenue
Chicago, IL 60628
33 ratings
Services Offered: grass cutting , grass mowing, leaf removal
#5-Landau Real Estate Services, LLC
Kenneth Gray
9919 South Green Street
Chicago, IL 60643
15 ratings
Services Offered: aeration , lawn mowing service, lawn fertilization
#6-Meeks Care
Valerie Meeks
6635 South Morgan Street
Chicago, IL 60621
110 ratings
Services Offered: grass mowing , lawn fertilization, grass cutting
Terrance Moten
717 South State Street
Chicago, IL 40211
22 ratings
Services Offered: spring cleanups , edging, aeration
Mod Nfjfn
435 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611
31 ratings
The yard was cut and clippings were bagged perfectly. Edging was neat and clean. They showed up, got to work and were efficient.
#9-R. Verner & Co.
Lawrence Powell
8111 South Marshfield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60620
89 ratings
Lawrence Powell and his 5 employees have been providing quality lawn service in Chicago, IL for over 11 years. He has a 4.5/5 rating. In addition to lawn maintenance, R. Verner & Co. does basic tree care, spring cleanups, and more.
#10-Berg Design
Joshua Berg
6214 West Patterson Avenue
Chicago, IL 60634
22 ratings
Services Offered: edging , aeration, lawn care
#11-JacksonLawnCare & Snow Removal LLC
Timothy Jackson
13841 South Wentworth Avenue
Chicago, IL 60827
10 ratings
Hi there, I'm Timothy. I run JacksonLawnCare & Snow Removal LLC and enjoy this line of work. My service is both neighborly and reliable.
#12-Anderson Lawn Care
Jonathan Anderson
10948 S. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60655
12 ratings
Services Offered: lawn fertilization , grass cutting, fall cleanups
#13-Truck 54 Chicago
Christopher Reynolds
9101 South Marshfield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60620
55 ratings
Services Offered: lawn treatment , edging, regular lawn care
#14-Verjestice Shotwells Unique
Verjestice Shotwell
7253 South Campbell Avenue
Chicago, IL 60629
70 ratings
Services Offered: lawn fertilization , fall cleanups, regular lawn care
Michaelangelo Macias
3156 South Wallace Street
Chicago, IL 60616
25 ratings
Services Offered: spring cleanups , aeration, grass mowing
#16-Vaca Landscaping
Alonzo Vaca
3855 West 70th Place
Chicago, IL 60629
29 ratings
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