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Happy customers all over Plano

Muzammil M.'s lawn in Plano, TX

Lawn is looking excellent after the superb job by Carlos. Thank you for your professionalism.

-Muzammil M. in Plano, TX

David D.'s lawn in Plano, TX

Great job on the mowing! The lawn is in excellent condition!

-David D. in Plano, TX

Craig C.'s lawn in Plano, TX

Tim does a great job, always gets the job done and if there is an issue, he keeps us informed...highly recommend!!!

-Craig C. in Plano, TX

Plano, TX - Sep 21, 2023
Local Lawn Care Facts & Resources

Should I water my lawn today?

We currently have no rainfall data available for Plano, TX.

Sunrise   7:18 am Sunset   5:20 pm

Lawn tip of the week

If on the four times annual fertilizer schedule, late September or very early October should be your last fertilizer application.


Popular Grass Types in Plano

Bermudagrass 71%
Centipedegrass 10%
Zoysiagrass 6%
Buffalograss 5%
Tall Fescue 3%
Perennial Ryegrass 3%
Kentucky Bluegrass 1%

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 6,883 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $43.64
Average Customer Review 4.75 / 5.0

Weekly Cuts 11.0%
Biweekly Cuts 87.0%
Monthly Cuts 2.0%
Lawns Fertilized 10.0%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 8.0%
Aerated Lawns 7.0%
Yards with Cleanups 6.0%
Days That Are Sunny 61%

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Easy, Affordable Lawn Care Services in Plano

The often dry heat and bitter cold temperatures in Plano can be a lot for a lawn to handle. That's why LawnStarter offers all the services you need to keep your yard and lawn looking great and staying healthy all year.

Common Grass Types in Plano: The most common types of grass found in Plano are Bermudagrass, St. Augustine grass, and Zoysiagrass.

When is the Best Time to Plant Grass: The best time to plant grass in Plano is in the spring season, between March and April.

Spring Lawn Care Tips for Plano: In the spring, the best tip is to start with weekly mowing. Depending on the species of grass and the amount of rainfall, you may need to mow more often, but remember: never cut more than one-third of the grass's height at a time. This can damage the blades and stunt its growth. The next tip is to inspect the lawn for any diseases or unusual sightings. Finally, keep the yard healthy throughout the coming months with fertilization and regular watering.

Fall Lawn Care Tips for Plano: The fall months are a time of preparation for the coming winter months, as an improperly or under-prepared lawn could lead to it dying. The first tip would be to mow the lawn until it stays at a good height for the winter season –– usually around 2-inches. The netx tip is to air out any water from the sprinkler system before the temperatures drop to below freezing. This will protect the pipes from freezing and bursting, which could cause damage to the lawn in addition to the sprinkler system.

Common Lawn Pests: The most common lawn pests found in Plano are chinch bugs, fire ants, and white grubs.

Common Lawn Diseases: The common lawn diseases that can be found in Plano are brown patch, dollar spot, rust lawn, pythium, red thread, leaf spot, and gray leaf spot. Need help determining what you're looking at? Our pros will identify and treat any lawn diseases plaguing your turf.

How LawnStarter Can Take Care of Your Lawn: LawnStarter offers all the routine maintence your lawn needs, including mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing away debris. In addition to that, we seed, fertilize, aerate, trim trees and bushes, plant flowers, and lay mulch. Need more? We also offer power washing, hardscaping, weed control, and fence installation.

Lawn care is at your fingertips with LawnStarter. Just call, click, or download our app to get a quick and customized quote for whatever outdoor services you need. Our pros are ready to tackle your to-do list and turn your lawn from drab to fab!

Meet some of our Plano pros

roger fitch Profile Photo
roger fitch
We want our customers to know that we will treat their yards as if they were our own. We are happy to take an ugly duckling yard and transform it into the best one on the block. Whatever work we do, we give 100% at all times.

3312 Ridgelake Lane
Plano, TX 75074

Darren Edwards Profile Photo
Darren Edwards
I'm skilled in all aspects of property management, landscaping, and design. I love being outdoors. I'm looking to expand my operations to Dallas and surrounding cities soon. No job is too big. No job is too small. I want to cover all of Irving by the end of 2021.

2508 Lasalle Drive
Irving, TX 75062

Christopher Durr Profile Photo
Christopher Durr
Horticulturist. Interested in providing the best organic lawn care.

2111 Glen Forest Lane
Plano, TX 75023

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

Dana W.'s Lawn Care service in The lawn Guy
John did a beautiful job as always! So glad he came while company was here!
Dana W. - Sep 06, 2023 - Plano, TX
Lawn Care by John Brown,
The lawn Guy
Rajesh G.'s Lawn Mowing service in KEYSCAP
I am happy with Robert . He did a clean job.
Rajesh G. - Jul 31, 2023 - Plano, TX
Lawn Mowing by robert carreras,
Jonathan B.'s Grass Cutting service in Aquarius Commercial Cleanin
Great job Greg!
Jonathan B. - Jul 18, 2023 - Plano, TX
Grass Cutting by Greg Watson,
Aquarius Commercial Cleanin
Chris I.'s Lawn Maintenance service in Burnett Landscaping
Done well and fast.
Chris I. - Jun 23, 2023 - Plano, TX
Lawn Maintenance by Tim Burnett,
Burnett Landscaping
Jessica M.'s Lawn Service service in Clients First Landscape Solutions
Great job
Jessica M. - Jun 06, 2023 - Plano, TX
Lawn Service by Michael Williamson,
Clients First Landscape Solutions
John H.'s Yard Cutting service in Home Grown Mowing
Efficient, quick and extremely professional. These guys are great
John H. - Jun 02, 2023 - Plano, TX
Yard Cutting by Dustin Jones,
Home Grown Mowing
Lisa E.'s Lawn Mowing service in Allgor Inc
My lawn looks amazing! Great job.
Lisa E. - May 07, 2023 - Plano, TX
Lawn Mowing by Frank Gornick,
Allgor Inc
Andrew S.'s Grass Cutting service in The lawn Guy
John has done a wonderful job on our yard each time. You can tell he really cares about making the yard look nice. Anytime I have a question he is quick to reply and very accommodating. Definitely pleased with having him take care of our yard.
Andrew S. - May 06, 2023 - Plano, TX
Grass Cutting by John Brown,
The lawn Guy
Karen C.'s Lawn Mowing Service service in Lawn In Order
Roland does a great job. He is willing to go the extra mile for his customer.
Karen C. - Apr 20, 2023 - Plano, TX
Lawn Mowing Service by Roland Brent,
Lawn In Order
Luis v.'s Yard Cutting service in Aeroscape Landscaping, Llc
Thanks good work
Luis v. - Apr 06, 2023 - Plano, TX
Yard Cutting by Tommy Burnette,
Aeroscape Landscaping, Llc
CATHERINE C.'s Lawn Mowing Service service in Platinum Lawn Care
Alex was efficient and detailed! Left no mess behind and followed instructions exactly as requested during my initial account and service setup. What I appreciate most, is that Alex was on time. I'm impressed with Lawn Starter and wish I knew about them sooner. Thank you Alex!!
CATHERINE C. - Mar 30, 2023 - Plano, TX
Lawn Mowing Service by Alex Padron,
Platinum Lawn Care
Davud S.'s Lawn Service service in R&R Landscape Inc
Great job! They did an excellent job of cleaning , bagging, and setting the clippings so they could be picked up. Super happy with their work.
Davud S. - Feb 08, 2023 - Plano, TX
Lawn Service by Richard Barnor,
R&R Landscape Inc

Overall Rating: 4.85 / 5 stars (261 reviews)

Service Recommendations in Plano

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for lawn care services in Plano, TX.

General Landscape Improvements

Recommended by Tom Martin

Service Location: Plano,TX
Service Yard Size: 700 square feet
Service Price: $182.93
Location (from the street): Full yard This service is for Aeration and over-seeding.

Leaf Raking And Cleanup

Recommended by CHISANGA PUTA

Service Location: Plano,TX
Service Yard Size: 6,534 square feet
Service Price: $213.41
Location (from the street): Back yard Clean up the limb in back yard and make sure to cut up and haul it away.

Flowerbed Mulching

Recommended by ANTONIO MONTOYA

Service Location: Plano,TX
Service Yard Size: 10,498 square feet
Service Price: $48.78
Location (from the street): Front yard Clean up old mulch and lay down new mulch in the front yard

Yard And Flowerbed Cleanup

Recommended by Ryan Kennedy

Service Location: Plano,TX
Service Yard Size: 12,360 square feet
Service Price: $115.85
Location (from the street): Full yard Blow garage and rooftop off completely gutters .

Leaf Raking And Cleanup

Recommended by Tim Burnett

Service Location: Plano,TX
Service Yard Size: 5,833 square feet
Service Price: $170.73
Location (from the street): Full yard Leaf and branch clean up Will be hauled .........

Leaf Raking

Recommended by Andy Montelongo

Service Location: Plano,TX
Service Yard Size: 4,498 square feet
Service Price: $152.44
Location (from the street): Full yard We would love to leave your property completely clean :)

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Plano

Lawn Care

Requested by Charre F.


Service Location: Plano, TX 77407
Service Yard Size: 7,456 square feet
Service Price: $2000
Items Needing Service: Driveway

Location on Property: Front-yard

Work to be Done: Remove grass from cracks in driveway

Serviced by: TLC LAWN SERVIC

Lawn Care

Requested by Sierra J.


Service Location: Plano, TX 46226
Service Yard Size: 27,457 square feet
Service Price: $10366
Items Needing Service: Lawn

Location on Property: Lawn

Work to be Done: Check for flowerbed cleanup

Serviced by: Soto Lawn Mowing

Tree Maintenance

Requested by Latoya J.


Service Location: Plano, TX
Service Yard Size: 4,792 square feet
Service Price: $53
Items Needing Service: palm tree

Location on Property: front yard

Work to be Done: trim palm tree

Other Yard Maintenance

Requested by Jinnie G.


Service Location: Plano, TX
Service Yard Size: 4,738 square feet
Service Price: $107
Items Needing Service: Lawn

Location on Property: Front and back lawn

Work to be Done: Weeding. Please provide me with a quote

Serviced by: Silver Lawn Care

Yard And Flowerbed Cleanup

Requested by Katie T.


Service Location: Plano, TX
Service Yard Size: 0 square feet
Service Price: $206
Items Needing Service: One bush has a piece sticking up too high. Sticks and leaves in flower beds.

Location on Property: Flower beds.

Work to be Done: Sticks and leaves removed. Flower beds cleaned up.

Serviced by: Love Your Lawn

Leaf Removal

Requested by Kate D.


Service Location: Plano, TX
Service Yard Size: 5,727 square feet
Service Price: $71
Items Needing Service: Front and backyard

Location on Property: Front and backyard

Work to be Done: Rake leaves to front property line by sidewalk for vacuum removal. Must be completed by Dec 7 and or December 16..

Serviced by: Jcmowin

Questions and Answers


Are there watering restrictions in Plano, TX?

Beginning April 1, Plano residents and businesses are asked to only water a maximum of twice per week. 2017 Spring/Summer Recommended Water Guidelines Only water when needed. You may not need to water if rain is in the forecast. Subscribe to for weekly watering recommendations. It is best not to water with sprinklers between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. as these are the hottest hours of the day. Foundations and landscaping, including grass, shrubs and trees, may be watered for up to 2 hours any day by a hand-held hose or soaker hose. Low-flow drip irrigation systems may operate as needed. A variance may be requested to water new landscapes for up to 30 days. Instructions are available at Variances are not required for filling pools.



Does Plano, TX have long / overgrown grass ordinances?

A person, owner, tenant, agent or person responsible for any premises within the city, occupied or unoccupied, commits an offense if said person permits or allows weeds to grow on the premises to a greater height than twelve (12) inches. Said premises shall include, but not be limited to, the parkway between sidewalk and the curb; the right-of-way between any fence, wall or barrier and the curb or pavement if such exists or the center line of said right-of-way; or the area between a fence, wall or barrier and within any abutting drainage channel easement to the top of such channel closest to the property


The Lawntrepreneur Scholarship

The Lawntrepreneur Scholarship is our way of giving back to the up and coming young entrepreneurs in the Plano, TX area.

Top Plano, TX Lawn Services of September 2023

#1-Stephen Arnold Incdustr
omar kashu
8401 Memorial Lane
Plano, TX 75024
9 Ratings
My lawn was not mowed you have the wrong number
#2-Ryno Lawn Care, LLC
Ryan Kennedy
Plano, TX
9 Ratings
Great job! :) thanks for cutting it a little on the long side, I've heard it can damage st augustine grass to cut it too short. Also, I don't know if you've had any problems with this, but sometimes the dogs will take their toys outside and leave them in the yard. I do double check Tuesday mornings, but it would be handy to have an extra set of eyes on the lookout. Could be anything from nylabones to tennis balls and racquet balls
#3-Wilson landscape desig
john wilson
Plano, TX
8 Ratings
Lawn looks great and the clean up of the trimmings was done as expected ty
#4-Affordable Lawn Care
Plano, TX 75074
7 Ratings
Tim does a great job, always gets the job done and if there is an issue, he keeps us informed...highly recommend!!!
#5-A Plus Lawns of Dallas
Jesse Alonzo
Plano, TX
610 Ratings
Thanks Jesse! My little dog thought she was in a jungle. Went out this afternoon and couldn't hide in the tall weeds any more. The yard and the new water feature looks great!
#6-Neighborly Love Lawn Care
Chris Hinshaw
Plano, TX
60 Ratings
The grass looks great. Service was quick, thorough and on time. I have absolutely no complaints!
#7-Medina's maintenanc
Carlos Medina
4500 14th Street #11
Plano, tx 75074
599 Ratings
Carlos and his crew did their job well and in a timely manner leaving everything nicely trimmed edged without debris scattered everywhere. Our previous lawn maintenance person retired for health reasons and my wife was apprehensive in choosing another company. She was extremely pleased with the final result and appearance of the property. Thank you Carlos
#8-Home Grown Mowing
Dustin Jones
3110 Devonshire Drive
Plano, TX 75075
519 Ratings
Dustin did a good job with the mowing today and also threw in a little fertilizer as Goodwill measure. I appreciate the service!
#9-MJ's lawncare
Marcus Jackson
Plano, TX
4 Ratings
It wasn't Marcus who came but a different crew that did an awsome job on our yard. Really appreciate the little thing they did to make our yard look superb
#10-Silver Lawn Care
Raymond Dolder
Plano, TX 75075
4 Ratings
Thank you for moving the hose (sorry I left it out) and re-settling the gate. The yard looks great.
#11-Burnett Landscaping
Tim Burnett
Plano, TX
386 Ratings
Great job and SUPER fast crew! Only issue(s) were they blew my mats crooked and didn't fix them. Also, there were some leaves in the driveway that were not blown away. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this crew!!

Neighborhoods we service in Plano, TX

6010 W Spring Creek Pkwy Suite A Plano TX 75024
Wyndham Hill
Historic Downtown
17Th St
Wentworth Estates
Kathryn Park
Preston View
Hunters Glen
Woodruff Park South
Reserve At Pebblecreek
Hunters Creek Estates
Corporate Dr
Stonewood Glen
Parker Road Estates
Village At Prestonwood
Preston Pointe
Townbluff Condos
Willow Bend
Independence Hill
Stone Lake Estates
Pasquinellis Westbrook At Ridgeview
Fountain Ridge
Fairfax Hill
Highlands Of Russell Park
Park Ridge
Briarwood Association
The Estates Of Preston Ridge
Sequoia Courtney
Villages Of Preston Glen
Tuscany Villas
Stonehaven Place South
Fountain Creek
Russell Creek
Most everywhere else…

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