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Best Lawn Care Services in Oklahoma City 2017

With LawnStarter, you can rest assured that you're getting only the best. Here are the top lawn care services of 2017 as rated by the Oklahoma City community.


Lucas Murrell's Landscaping Inc.

Lucas Murrell / Vice President
Oklahoma City, OK

5 /5 37 Verified Reviews

Lucas Murrell's Landscaping Inc. is a grass cutting service offering upscale lawn maintenance, leaf removal and other services in Oklahoma City. They are knowlegable and hard working. Also the company commonly does concrete work.


Drew's Lawn & Landscape INC

Drew Terry / Proprietor
Oklahoma City, OK

3.5 /5 25 Verified Reviews

Are you needing to hire a responsive lawn and landscape maintenance company? Drew's Lawn & Landscape INC is a lawn and landscape maintenance company that is proficient in lawn work, flower bed mulching, and irrigation inspections. They also do organ


Lucas's Lawn And Garden

Lucas Denley / President
Oklahoma City, OK

4.5 /5 28 Verified Reviews

With over 20 years in business, the Lucas's Lawn And Garden brand was built on being consistent and experienced. They provide lawn work, tree care and top dressing in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.


Doyle's Lawn Care Service

Austin Doyle / Manager
Oklahoma City, OK

4.5 /5 23 Verified Reviews

Austin founded Doyle's Lawn Care Service 19 years ago to provide good quality service to his neighbors. Now he services hundreds around Oklahoma City. He can do everything from grass mowing to stump removal.


Craig Reid's Lawn Treatment & Lawnscape

Craig Reid / Operator
Oklahoma City, OK

5 /5 13 Verified Reviews

Craig Reid's Lawn Treatment & Lawnscape is a cut above the rest in the Oklahoma City area. Their horticulture technicians are communicative and consistent.


Jay's Lawn Treatment & Lawnscape

Jay Pitts / Manager
Oklahoma City, OK

5 /5 31 Verified Reviews

Jay's Lawn Treatment & Lawnscape has been servicing Oklahoma City for over 9 years. Jay Pitts prides himself on being polite and knowlegable. The company ofers lawn maintenance, sprinkler repair and tree pruning.


Mow And Grow LLC.

Aaron Perez / Manager
Oklahoma City, OK

5 /5 29 Verified Reviews

With over 6 years experience, Aaron is one of the Oklahoma City area's top landscaping experts. He primarily does lawn work but also offers focuses on, tree removal and more.


Quality Lawn Care Service

Derek Cook / Business Owner
Oklahoma City, OK

5 /5 10 Verified Reviews

Quality Lawn Care Service is a landscaping service that provides clients lawn maintenance, aeration, and top dressing. They are also one of the rare companies that also do organic lawn fertilization.

How LawnStarter Ensures Quality

We ask that you give feedback after each service to ensure satisfaction. Here is some recent feedback from customers in Oklahoma City.

Excellent job.
Jackie M. Nov 06, 2017 - Oklahoma City, OK
Lawn Mowing Service by Lucas's Lawn And Garden
Great job! Thanks again!
Liz t. Oct 18, 2017 - Oklahoma City, OK
Lawn Mowing Service by Lucas Murrell's Landscaping Inc.
You guys did a great job!
Alan R. Oct 29, 2017 - Oklahoma City, OK
Lawn Care by Craig Reid's Lawn Treatment & Lawnscape
Clifford is the best. He does an amazing job!
Matt I. Nov 01, 2017 - Oklahoma City, OK
Lawn Service by Doyle's Lawn Care Service
Looks great
Gary W. Nov 05, 2017 - Oklahoma City, OK
Lawn Mowing Service by Quality Lawn Care Service
Teresa always does a great job on my lawn. I'm very happy with my service and glad I selected LawnStarter company to help me with my lawn.
Susan M. Nov 05, 2017 - Oklahoma City, OK
Lawn Mowing by Drew's Lawn & Landscape INC

Oklahoma City Lawn Care Fact Sheet
Last Updated Nov 20, 2017


Are there watering restrictions in Oklahoma City, OK?

If your address ends in an even number, you can water on even-numbered calendar days. If your address ends in an odd number, you can water on odd-numbered calendar days



Does Oklahoma City, OK have long / overgrown grass ordinances?

We have no records of city or county-mandated long grass ordinances in Oklahoma City, OK. However, 28% of customers in Oklahoma City report having overgrown grass restrictions mandated by their Homeowners association.


"What is one way you can make your lawn / garden more eco friendly?"

One way to make your lawn / garden more eco-friendly is to use what we call, the 'buddy system'.

Some plants work well together, and some plants don’t. Just like people. Companion planting is putting plants together that have a healthy kind of co-dependency—in providing nutrients, warding off disease, repelling pests and attracting the good bugs. For example, carnations keep slugs away from roses and lavender. Roses and lupin make a great team; they get bigger and stronger together. Marigolds must be the Florence Nightingale of the plant world—they help nearly all other plants.

Before planting, you have to do the necessary research to take full advantage of companion planting (in lieu of a app for plants). You don’t want to have “nightmare neighbors” in your garden.



Where can I learn more about lawn care in the region?

For in-depth reseach about turfgrass maintenance in OK, look no further than the turfgrass program at Oklahoma State University:

There are approximately 163,800 km2 of cultivated turfgrass in the United States representing an area three times larger than any irrigated agricultural crop. The turfgrass industry contributes approximately $40 billion per year to the United States economy and approximately $1 billion per year to the Oklahoma economy

Lawn Mowing Facts

Average Mowing Price $48.4
Average Yard Size 8,203 sq ft

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common mowing frequencies in Oklahoma City this month:

Weekly Mowing 21%
Biweekly Mowing 31%
Monthly Mowing 48%

What other lawn services do I need?

Here are the most popular services in Oklahoma City and the percentage of customers who order them:

% of Customers Who Get Fertilization 3%
% of Customers Who Get Leaf Removal 12%
% of Customers Who Get Aeration 10%
% of Customers Who Get Cleanups 12%

Should I water my lawn today?

The expected precipitation in Oklahoma City, OK today is 0 inches. You will most likely have to water your lawn today. The best time to water is at dusk or dawn.

Sunrise   7:08 am Sunset   5:21 pm

Lawn tip of the week

Did you know? There are approximately 50 million acres of grass in the United States. Approximately 21 million of those acres are in our front and back yards.


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