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Happy customers all over Memphis

Michael did an Awesome job! I showed him what I wanted and he met ans exceeded my expectations! He will be my regular crew from here on out!

-Damon P. in Memphis, TN

The way the mulch was redone was awesome and the bushes look nicely tamed now. I bragged about the change to close friends who agreed we did good by calling you to help. ^_^

-Theresa W. in Memphis, TN

Lawn looks good. I am sorry I missed them. Glad they arrived and took care of everything.

-William L. in Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN - Mar 28, 2020
Memphis Lawn Care Recommendations

Should I water my lawn today?

We currently have no rainfall data available for Memphis, TN.

Sunrise   6:56 am Sunset   4:48 pm

Lawn tip of the week

If you have any bare patches, it's a great time to seed them! Aeration and overseeding can be performed, although these are better done during fall.

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 6,021 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $40.10
Average Customer Review 4.51 / 5.0

Weekly Cuts 31%
Biweekly Cuts 48%
Monthly Cuts 21%
Lawns Fertilized 12%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 7%
Aerated Lawns 13%
Yards with Cleanups 14%
Days That Are Sunny 2%

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Less lawn chores, More Rock'n'Roll with an easy lawn care service

Memphis may be best known for its scenic location on the Mississippi River, as well as for its contributions to traditional rock ‘n’ roll. As a resident, you’re likely already aware of the city’s many historical landmarks and hot spots, but have you taken time to explore them yet? Memphis has hundreds of things to do, see, and experience—make time for every activity on your bucket list by outsourcing your pesky lawn care tasks to LawnStarter.

A first-time excursion in Memphis must include visits to the most notable music landmarks. Graceland Mansion, honoring everything Elvis Presley, is one of the city’s most popular attractions, and books up fast. You should also pay a visit to the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, the Blues Hall of Fame, and the Stax Museum of American Soul Music. Another must-see spot is the Gibson Beale Street Showcase, a stretch of blues, jazz, and rock ‘n’ roll clubs scattered among barbeque and soul-food restaurants.

Have a few kids in tow this weekend? Be sure to pay a visit to the Memphis zoo. This park is noted for its contributions to conservation efforts both near and afar, and houses dozens of species of both land and sea animals. Shelby Farms is a big city park of over 4,000 acres, featuring horseback riding and biking trails, hiking paths, fishing and boating access points, and even playgrounds. The Children’s Museum of Memphis is a great way to begin or wrap up any day in the city, featuring interactive displays designed specifically with kids in mind.

With all these fun options for your weekend, why stay at home to do any chores? One you can eliminate is mowing your lawn. As the best Memphis lawn care service, LawnStarter can handle all of your landscaping needs this summer.

We can handle any job, large or small, and even take special requests. We can mow your lawn, trim your trees, or take care of your flowers. To get started, log on to the LawnStarter mobile app. From there, enter in your zip code and we will provide you with a customised list of services, prices, and potential start dates to suit any customer’s needs. You pick what works best for you, and as soon as you confirm, we’ll be on our way over to make all of your landscaping dreams a reality.

Give LawnStarter a try. We will make sure you can have the most beautiful lawn in town, without sacrificing your valuable spare time in Memphis.

Meet some of our Memphis lawn service pros

Charles Walker
I'm just a family man raised in the landscaping and tree service industry. With my services, I believe in being straight forward and not cutting corners. Our earth is beautiful, and I love keeping it that way, one lawn at a time. With professional-grade equipment and a professional mindset, I hope to bring beauty and grace to the look of your lawn.

4105 Reenie Avenue
Memphis, TN 38128

Deandre Tunnell
All businesses extend a guarantee to consumers that they'll be thoroughly satisfied or they'll have their money returned. We actually enjoy making yards and the homes that sit atop plots of land that have been masterfully crafted to the best of our team's full, collective abilities - plus, we're always on time and consistent.

5379 Heritage Avenue
Memphis, TN 38115

Sam Upshaw
What sets my company, UP Lawncare, apart from the rest of lawn care servicers in this region is that my team always pumps out work at a high-quality level, they always make sure that clients walk away having smiles on their faces, and that yards end up objectively looking good.

2148 Valley Edge Drive
Memphis, TN 38016

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

Randall was professional, courteous, and did an excellent job. Happy with my decision to try LawnStarter.
Mario P. - Mar 26, 2020 - Memphis, TN
Lawn Mowing by Randall Whalen,
Whalens Property Management
The front and back yard looks great! I can tell it was done by a professional who takes pride in providing quality lawn care.
Miriam T. - Mar 26, 2020 - Memphis, TN
Lawn Maintenance by Terrance Lewis,
Lewis lawn care
Randall is the man! Stay safe and keep healthy!
Terrance R. - Mar 25, 2020 - Memphis, TN
Lawn Mowing Service by Randall Whalen,
Whalens Property Management
Looks fine
Herb C. - Mar 23, 2020 - Memphis, TN
Lawn Service by Charles Wallace,
A & W Lawns Inc
Very good ThNks K
Kenneth P. - Mar 17, 2020 - Memphis, TN
Lawn Mowing by Charles Wallace,
A & W Lawns Inc
It looks amazing thanks Joseph
Jasmine D. - Mar 10, 2020 - Memphis, TN
Lawn Care by Joseph Miller,
Jolo's Property Management lawn Tree Service
Lawn looks good
Rhonda r. - Dec 27, 2019 - Memphis, TN
Lawn Mowing by Terrance Lewis,
Lewis lawn care
Good job!!
Frederick F. - Nov 23, 2019 - Memphis, TN
Lawn Mowing by Deandre Tunnell,
Lawn Care
Lawn looks great !!
CORDELIA G. - Nov 06, 2019 - Memphis, TN
Lawn Care by Richard Barnes,
Great job ! Thank you
Melissa P. - Nov 05, 2019 - Memphis, TN
Lawn Mowing by Devin Taylor,
D Taylor's Property services
Terrance is very sweet and efficient. My lawn looks great! I couldn't be happier with my new relationship with Lawnstarter. ❤️❤️❤️
Sierra M. - Nov 05, 2019 - Memphis, TN
Lawn Service by Terrance Lewis,
Lewis lawn care
Did a great job!
Bharadwaj K. - Nov 05, 2019 - Memphis, TN
Lawn Maintenance by Deandre Tunnell,
Lawn Care

Overall Rating: 4.86 / 5 stars (203 reviews)

Service Recommendations in Memphis

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for extra lawn services in Memphis, TN.

Pruning of Shrubs

Recommended by Thomas Wright


Location: Memphis, TN 38167

Yard Size: 7,802 square feet

Price: $37

Description: Front yard Trim bushes in front, rake and bag debris. Bagged debris will be placed at curb for waste management pick up.

Other Landscaping Service

Recommended by Ells Jeans


Location: Memphis, TN 38118

Yard Size: 6,737 square feet

Price: $110

Description: Full yard Sprinkler system blow out and Aeration with fertilizer

Tree Care

Recommended by Conrad Lanehart


Location: Memphis, TN 38113

Yard Size: 4,109 square feet

Price: $122

Description: Full yard All trees and bushes will be trimmed and trimming properly disposed!

General Landscaping / Maintenance

Recommended by Manuel Miranda


Location: Memphis, TN 38117

Yard Size: 5,437 square feet

Price: $43

Description: Full yard Fertilizer Turf builder entire property.

General Tree Care

Recommended by Marquis Douglas


Location: Memphis, TN 38133

Yard Size: 7,228 square feet

Price: $274

Description: Front yard Trim all palm trees on front and side of lawn. This includes disposal fees.

Tree Maintenance

Recommended by Jamarcus Young


Location: Memphis, TN 38111

Yard Size: 6,194 square feet

Price: $152

Description: Front yard Two trees in front yard will have their lower canopies trimmed up to 8ft, so that all low branches can be removed. All service-related debris will be removed.

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Memphis

Leaf and Debris Removal

Requested by Jennifer B.


Location: Memphis, TN

Yard Size: 5,940 square feet

Items Needing Service: Pine leaves and cones.

Location on Property: Back Yard

Work to be Done: Gather and Bag all leaves, pine needles/cones, and small branches from my back yard and place curbside. Note: Yard Waste pick-up occurs each Thursday.

Price: $94

Serviced by: Hilliard's landscaping

Leaf Collection

Requested by Laurel B.


Location: Memphis, TN

Yard Size: 6,091 square feet

Items Needing Service: Leafs bagged and removed

Location on Property: Front yard, front porch, back yard and back porch

Work to be Done: Leaves removed

Price: $135

Serviced by: Johnson lawn service

Yard Debris Removal

Requested by Patrick V.


Location: Memphis, TN

Yard Size: 6,048 square feet

Items Needing Service: “Items needing service:Hey,Sorry I missed your last quote. I would like to have the leaves from the front and back collected and bagged as soon as you can. Thank you!!Leaf bagging and removal

Location on Property: Carport and backyard

Work to be Done: Leaf bagging and removal. Please send me a text at 713 560 1131 whenever you complete the bid so I can go ahead and accept it. Thank you so much!-P

Price: $47

Serviced by: Adrian's Lawns Treeatment & Lawnscape LLC

Tree Pruning / Care

Requested by Cheryl O.


Location: Memphis, TN

Yard Size: 6,269 square feet

Items Needing Service: Trim back branches on a tree in our front yard. Romove tree by gate in backyard.

Location on Property: Front yard and inside back gate

Work to be Done: Front tree branches trimmed.Back side yard tree removed.

Price: $312

Serviced by: Family first lawn care

Tree Pruning / Care

Requested by Rebecca M.


Location: Memphis, TN

Yard Size: 5,943 square feet

Items Needing Service: Trees

Location on Property: All over

Work to be Done: Excessive tree branches and limbs cut off, looking nice.

Price: $294

Serviced by: Chris' Green Soulution

Leaf Collection

Requested by Lee, c.


Location: Memphis, TN

Yard Size: 7,851 square feet

Items Needing Service: bag leaves in the front of house

Location on Property: front of house in the front yard

Work to be Done: bag leaves and leave for pick-up by garbage truck

Price: $42

Serviced by: Three brother

Questions and Answers


Are there watering restrictions in Memphis, TN?

We could not find any records of watering restrictions in Memphis, TN. Be sure to check your local government website for the most up-to-date information


Does Memphis, TN have long / overgrown grass ordinances?

It is a violation to allow grass or weeds to grow over 12 inches high, or allow plants, shrubs, or trees to grow in a manner that will obstruct traffic or the visibility of motorist. This includes overgrowth to trees and vegetation that block sidewalks or hang into public streets or utility services.



"How do I know how much water my lawn is getting?"

If you don't want to dish out the cash for a rain gauge to measure how much water your lawn is receiving, then make use of an empty tuna can. Generally, lawns only need an inch of water per week to thrive. By placing a tuna can in each sprinkler zone and timing how long it takes each zone to fill the can, you can accurately calibrate each sprinkler zone. Thus, minimizing water waste and providing your lawn with the correct amount of water each week.

-Buddy Denley, Lawn Care Expert

Top Memphis, TN Lawn Services of March 2020

#1-shawn's Lawns service
shawn smith
4134 Kimball Avenue
Memphis, TN 38111
97 Ratings
Always Excellent
Richard Barnes
3357 Southern Avenue
Memphis, TN 38111
90 Ratings
Richard services have been just what I wanted love the job he have been doing so far. Keep up the good work.
#3-Lawn Elevation
Omar Erwin
1378 Chadwick Circle
Memphis, TN 38114
6 Ratings
Services Offered: lawn treatment , lawn fertilization, lawn mowing
#4-Brian's Landscaping
Brian Chenault
Memphis, TN
5 Ratings
Today Roberto only edged the lawn and blew a few leaves away in front. No mowing. I assume this time of year you don't mow? Do you reduce the fee since he didn't now??
#5-Gilbert Lawns and Services
Kacy Gilbert
Memphis, TN 38103
5 Ratings
It looks awesome! Excellent job.
#6-Stone Lawn Care
Jamison Stone
1686 Arcadia Street
Memphis, TN 38119
5 Ratings
Services Offered: spring cleanups , lawn treatment, lawn care
#7-Henderson lawn solution
Chadric Henderson
2738 Jeffrey Avenue
Memphis, TN 38114
44 Ratings
Grand work on the front & back lawn Chadric, as always! I appreciate your service! Cheers!
#8-Flawless Lawn And Garden
Jack Walker
Memphis, TN
41 Ratings
Tommy did a great job. The only thing I would change for next week is to leave the grass a little longer.
#9-Buddy's Lawns Treatment And Landscape
Buddy Denley
Memphis, TN
40 Ratings
Excellent!! Very professional and the lawn looks great. Highly recommend!
#10-Sharp’s Lawn Care
Katarius Sharp
2727 Supreme Avenue
Memphis, TN 38114
4 Ratings
We will always get the job done and ensure that you are well-satisfied. You can check us out on Facebook, Craigslist, or Google Maps. We plan on growing our lawn care service worldwide. Please feel free to spread the word and let everyone know that we will get the job done right each time.
4661 Blandford Drive
Memphis, TN 38141
4 Ratings
My lawn looks Awesome! I am very pleased with LawnStarter and Terrance" service
#12-Oakwood Lawn
Forrest Torres
Memphis, TN
39 Ratings
Another good job. I wish the weeds in front of the house were cut. I also notice there were two men.

Neighborhoods we service in Memphis, TN

340 B Monroe Ave Suite A Memphis TN 38103
Palmershire Park
Knight Arnold and Kirby
Belle Meade
Autumn Ridge Homeowners Association
Bethel Grove
Annesdale - Snowden
Barron Manor
Oak Acres
Kate Bond
Callaway Hills
Pleasant View
Green Glade South
Blue Ridge Park
McVay Trail
Nut Bush West
Magnolia Barksdale Civic Club
Powers Coleman
Old Countrywood
Most everywhere else…

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