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Thanks for a nice job
Sharon M. - Feb 16, 2018 - El Paso, TX,
Lawn Mowing by Juan Saenz,
on time, and did a great job!
Jim H. - Jan 31, 2018 - El Paso, TX,
Lawn Care by Eddie Gurrola,
Guoddly lawn service
Looks good as always
Sharon D. - Jan 17, 2018 - El Paso, TX,
Lawn Mowing Service by Jose Guerrero,
Abel continues in a meticulous relentless effort with success to make my yard picture pretty.
Peter T. - Dec 15, 2017 - El Paso, TX,
Lawn Mowing Service by Arnold Dixon,
A. Dixon's Lawn & Garden
Looks good-thanks
Joseph W. - Dec 08, 2017 - El Paso, TX,
Yard Cutting by Glen Alvarado,
Lush Lawns
exceeded my expectations. Thank you
HARTLEY L. - Nov 10, 2017 - El Paso, TX,
Grass Cutting by Erik Hoffman,
Erik Hoffman's Lawn And Garden
Looks good!
Daniel W. - Nov 10, 2017 - El Paso, TX,
Lawn Mowing Service by Glen Alvarado,
Lush Lawns
The lawn has looked great, thank you for a job well done!
Michael W. - Nov 10, 2017 - El Paso, TX,
Lawn Service by Arnold Dixon,
A. Dixon's Lawn & Garden
Monica G. - Nov 09, 2017 - El Paso, TX,
Lawn Service by Austin Simpson,
Austin Simpson's Garden Services
Yard looks good.. just in time for memorial day! Thanks Leon..
William F. - Nov 08, 2017 - El Paso, TX,
Lawn Care by Erik Hoffman,
Erik Hoffman's Lawn And Garden
Joseph was courteous, friendly, efficient and our lawn looks great!
Marc M. - Nov 08, 2017 - El Paso, TX,
Lawn Maintenance by Mathias Perez,
Lawn Pride Landscaping
One of the best mows ever! Excellent job!!!
Yvonne B. - Nov 08, 2017 - El Paso, TX,
Lawn Service by Arnold Dixon,
A. Dixon's Lawn & Garden

Overall Rating: 4.81 / 5 stars (103 reviews)

El Paso Lawn Care Fact Sheet
Last Updated Feb 22, 2018


Are there watering restrictions in El Paso, TX?

The Water Conservation Ordinance, which applies to any person who uses water from the El Paso Water Utilities supply system, contains mandatory year-round restrictions on certain water use activities and prohibits water waste.



Does El Paso, TX have long / overgrown grass ordinances?

Grass, weeds or uncultivated plants should not be allowed to become overgrown. Remember, maintenance of vegetation in parkways and alleys is the property owner's responsibility. (El Paso Municipal Code 9.04.860)



"What does lawn care have to do with home safety?"

If you are planning on traveling for an extended time, make sure to have your lawn care service keep up with the maintenance on a regular schedule to ensure that your home doesn't appear vacant to passersby – even if this means paying upfront for service. An overgrown lawn is the first sign that a home is vacant, making it a potential target to burglars.

-Tony M., Local Lawn Care Expert


Where can I learn more about lawn care in the region?

For in-depth reseach about turfgrass maintenance in TX, look no further than the turfgrass program at Texas A & M University :

Howdy and welcome to the NEW and completely re-developed Aggie Turf website! has been designed to provide information on Texas turfgrasses and the role they play in the lives of millions of Texans. Turfgrasses often serve as the backbone for residential and commercial landscapes, athletic fields, recreational areas, and golf courses while also playing a vital role in the Texas Green Industry

Native Plants in the Region

Firecracker penstemon

Penstemon eatonii

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full

height: 1-4'

width: 1-3'

coloring: Orange-red

wildlife attraction: Hummingbirds

leaf type: Lance-shape to ovate


Chrysactinia mexicana

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full

height: 1-2'

width: 1-2'

coloring: Yellow

wildlife attraction: Butterflies

leaf type: Evergreen

Image source: <a href="" rel="nofollow">Desert Rivers Audubon</a> (CC BY 2.0)


Fouquieria Splendens

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Partial

height: 20'

width: 6'

coloring: Red

wildlife attraction: Butterflies, bees, and birds

Santa Rita prickly pear

Opuntia santa-rita

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full - Partial

height: 7-8'

width: 8-10'

coloring: Yellow flowers, purple-gray pads

seasonality: Spring

wildlife attraction: Birds

Texas ranger

Leucophyllum frutescens

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full - Partial

height: 8'

width: 4-6'

coloring: Purple blooms

wildlife attraction: Birds, butterflies, and moths

leaf color: Gray

Desert savior

Echeveria strictiflora

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full - Partial

height: 6''

width: 6''

coloring: Pale green leaves, red-purple edges; red flowers

seasonality: Blooms June-August

Native to southern Texas and regions in Mexico, this tapered leaf succulent thrives in dry desert climates. It is commonly used in container or rock gardens.

Lawn Mowing Facts

Average Mowing Price $38.5
Average Yard Size 6,438 sq ft

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common mowing frequencies in El Paso this month:

Weekly Mowing 18%
Biweekly Mowing 6%
Monthly Mowing 76%

What other lawn services do I need?

Here are the most popular services in El Paso and the percentage of customers who order them:

% of Customers Who Get Fertilization 9%
% of Customers Who Get Leaf Removal 13%
% of Customers Who Get Aeration 12%
% of Customers Who Get Cleanups 11%

Visit our lawn care page for more info.

Should I water my lawn today?

The expected precipitation in El Paso, TX today is 0 inches. You will most likely have to water your lawn today. The best time to water is at dusk or dawn.

Sunrise   6:41 am Sunset   5:57 pm

Lawn tip of the week

Start prepping for spring time! Not as much to physically do but it's a good idea to start reading up on some spring time services you are considering!

Further Reading

Best Lawn Care Services in El Paso February 2018

With LawnStarter, you can rest assured that you're getting only the best. Here are the top lawn care services of 2017 as rated by the El Paso community.


A. Dixon's Lawn & Garden

Arnold Dixon / Owner and Operator
El Paso, TX

4 /5 10 Verified Reviews

Seeking a lawn mowing service that handles top grade work? A. Dixon's Lawn & Garden handles grass mowing as well as pest control, washing, and more throughout El Paso.


Erik Hoffman's Lawn And Garden

Erik Hoffman / Operator
El Paso, TX

4 /5 31 Verified Reviews

With over 10 years experience, Erik is one of the El Paso area's top landscaping professionals. He primarily does lawn mowing but also offers pruning, aeration and more.


Giles' Lawn & Landscape

Greg Giles / President
El Paso, TX

5 /5 26 Verified Reviews

Need to hire a responsive gardening company? Giles's Lawn & Landscape commonly does flower bed cultivation, pest control, and lawn mowing throughout El Paso.


Lawn Pride Landscaping

Mathias Perez / Owner
El Paso, TX

4.5 /5 33 Verified Reviews

Lawn Pride Landscaping has serviced El Paso, TX for over 11 years. Attentive To Detail and reliable, Lawn Pride Landscaping can handle lawn care, tree trimming, and gutter cleaning. They also offer organic lawn treatment.


Lush Lawns

Glen Alvarado / Manager
El Paso, TX

4 /5 23 Verified Reviews

Seeking a reputable lawn maintenance company? Lush Lawns is a lawn maintenance company that provides landscape maintenance, flower bed maintenance, and leaf blowing. They can also provide quotes for stump removal upon request.


Austin Simpson's Garden Services

Austin Simpson / Business Owner
El Paso, TX

5 /5 26 Verified Reviews

Austin Simpson's Garden Services is a lawn and landscape maintenance company that provides clients lawn care, irrigation maintenance, and flower bed maintenance. They are also one of the rare companies that also do dog waste removal.


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