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Book the Top Lawn Care Professionals


Triple Pillar Lawn Care
Billy Brentwood

19 Verified Reviews 4.6

The “triple pillar” part that makes up Triple Pillar Lawn Care is a symbol for the company's three major pillars by which they operate under. Those are dedication, communication, and passion. Triple Pillar Lawn Care are dedicated to their customer’s satisfaction. If something goes wrong, they make sure to tackle the situation with a methodical approach to ensure that both parties are happy and satisfied at the end of the day.


John's Lawn Service
John Cagle

16 Verified Reviews 4.3

John’s Lawn Service is a one-stop-shop for your lawn care and lawn maintenance needs. They also do beautiful landscape designs and installations to upgrade your property’s aesthetics. John’s Lawn Service also offers a full range of specialized services to optimize the growth of your grass, too.


Berry's Lawn & Yard Solutions
CJ Berry

19 Verified Reviews 4.8

CJ prides himself in being the “Robin Hood of lawn care”. Because of his experience and background in the industry he’s the go-to guy for spring flower bed designs and installs. He makes sure to walk his customers through every step of the design and install process so that they feel comfortable and can walk away from the transaction with a little more knowledge about what’s going on around their property.


TRS Landscaping
Mark Peters

17 Verified Reviews 4.9

TRS Landscaping & Lawn Company was started back in 2014 by Mark Peters and is a locally owned and operated landscape design company based out of Raleigh, NC. For the past two years TRS has provided Raleigh with outstanding customer care, making it a primary goal to keep the happy customer trend going. They respond to requests as fast as they possibly can and treat their customers with the utmost respect.


JJ's Lawn Care
Jackson James

10 Verified Reviews 4.1

JJ’s Lawn Care started back in 2010 with JJ, a push lawn mower, and a truck. It went on this way for two years until JJ had learned the ins and outs of the business. Once he had established himself and was getting referrals from his customers on a regular basis he decided to hire two other like minded lawn care pioneers. Now, JJ’s Lawn Care provides Kansas City with superior lawn care and maintenance services.


The Best Lawn Mowing Co.
Chris Morales

11 Verified Reviews 4.2

Chris Morales started The Best Lawn Mowing Co. back in 2007 with one goal in mind: to build the best lawn mowing company Kansas City has to offer. He dedicates his days to the business and expects his employees to dedicate their days to the customers. Because communication is such a huge problem in the lawn care industry he made it a point from the very beginning of his career to quickly respond to inquiries through various channels such as phone calls, texts, and emails.


Lawn & Garden Company
Bill Harden

16 Verified Reviews 4.0

Ethical, hard-working, reliable, affordable, and friendly are just a few words that customers use to describe the company. Each employee is trained by the owner of the company himself to make sure that the work they provide is high quality work. This a lawn care company that puts their customers first in every decision they make. They work closely with their customers to ensure quality work and a maintenance schedule that makes sense for everyone.


Earthwise Landscaping
Preston Nichols

10 Verified Reviews 4.7

Earthwise Landscaping take great pride in their superior customer service and extensive knowledge of the business. Preston, after receiving his Agriculture Business degree from Missouri State and working for a lawn care and landscaping company full-time for several years decided to start his own company with his good friend from school. Together they share their passion for outdoor design and take a scientific approach to all of their lawn care methods.


All Green Lawns
Taylor Anderson

21 Verified Reviews 4.4

All Green Lawns staff has extensive industry knowledge and take a methodical approach to solving your lawn’s problems. They understand the difference between multiple causes of having an unhealthy lawn and offer reliable and affordable solutions for each case. They’re the true turfgrass experts in the area.