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Looks great
john h. - Feb 05, 2018 - Cincinnati, OH,
Lawn Service by John Hobson,
Good job. Thanks.
Sharon S. - Jan 10, 2018 - Cincinnati, OH,
Lawn Mowing by Aaron Chenault,
Outdoor Services
They continue to do a great job!!! I have had five or six services and they have came as scheduled, sent reminders prior to coming, and has done my lawn up to standards every time. I'll continue to be a loyal customer and recommended them to anybody looking for a great lawn service.
Antoine S. - Dec 04, 2017 - Cincinnati, OH,
Lawn Mowing Service by Mathias Clark,
Mow-More Inc
I am very, very happy with the grass Kyle. Thank you so much
Geraldine C. - Nov 06, 2017 - Cincinnati, OH,
Lawn Mowing by Janet Fernandez,
Janet Fernandez's Lawn Solutions
Abdel did an awesome job! He was eager, energetic, and very knowledgeable about equipment and process. Couldn't be happier! I'll be happy to request him again, anytime!
Sandra S. - Nov 05, 2017 - Cincinnati, OH,
Lawn Mowing by Cody Perez,
Top Cut
Lawn is great as always I was wondering if he does Bush trimming
Randolph H. - Nov 05, 2017 - Cincinnati, OH,
Grass Cutting by Janet Fernandez,
Janet Fernandez's Lawn Solutions
Wonderful work. Always a pleasure to have a will mowed lawn. Good work
Diane E. - Nov 05, 2017 - Cincinnati, OH,
Lawn Service by Justin Giammanco,
J. Giammanco's Lawn Care Service
Eli and his helper do a perfect job! I do not want anybody else!
Renate S. - Nov 05, 2017 - Cincinnati, OH,
Lawn Mowing by Nick Rodriguez,
Nick's Garden Services
Another great job. Thanks again
Don B. - Nov 04, 2017 - Cincinnati, OH,
Yard Cutting by Justin Giammanco,
J. Giammanco's Lawn Care Service
Lawn looks great. Thanks
Golam S. - Nov 03, 2017 - Cincinnati, OH,
Lawn Care by Kareem McKinney,
Oakwood LLC.
Satisfied with the corrections. Thank you.
Mari A. - Nov 03, 2017 - Cincinnati, OH,
Lawn Service by Kelvin Moreira,
Elizabeth B. - Nov 03, 2017 - Cincinnati, OH,
Lawn Service by Mathias Alvarado,
Mathias Alvarado's Landscaping

Overall Rating: 4.77 / 5 stars (87 reviews)

Cincinnati Lawn Care Fact Sheet
Last Updated Feb 21, 2018


Are there watering restrictions in Cincinnati, OH?

If your house number is an odd number: Sprinkling / Watering permitted Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday -- If your house number is an even number: Sprinkling / Watering permitted Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday



Does Cincinnati, OH have long / overgrown grass ordinances?

The City of Cincinnati has agreed to drop the $500 fine leveled against the Franey family, if they cut the grass in the next week



"What is your number one lawn care tip?"

Take care of your dirt. Homeowners who create compost heaps from organic kitchen waste such as lemon rinds and egg shells or outdoor waste such as grass and plant clippings are ahead of the lawn care game. Organic compost piles can be used in your garden or amended into the existing soil by "top-dressing" the lawn and are a great source of plant nutirents.

-Trevor W., Local Lawn Care Expert


"How much return on investment should you expect from landscaping?"

Investing in landscaping can seem daunting and unpredictable. However, according to an article by The Washington Post, homeowners actually should invest 10% of the value of their home in landscaping, usually expecting anywhere between a 100% to 150% return on investment, or ROI. (Though there have been stories of ROI on landscaping being upwards of 1000%.)

-Jill Chodorov, Associate Broker with Long & Foster


Where can I learn more about lawn care in the region?

For in-depth reseach about turfgrass maintenance in OH, look no further than the turfgrass program at Ohio State University:

Provide timely educational information to the turfgrass industry nationally and internationally and promote the educational opportunities available as an OSU turfgrass science student

Native Plants in the Region

Wild stonecrop

Sedum ternatum

moisture level: Moist

sunlight: Partial

height: 4-8"

width: Groundcover

coloring: White

seasonality: Blooms April-June

wildlife attraction: Bees

Prarie sunflower

Helianthus pauciflorus

moisture level: Dry - Moist

sunlight: Full

height: 4'

width: 2-4'

coloring: Yellow

seasonality: Summer

wildlife attraction: Birds, bees, and butterflies

White trillium

Trillium grandiflorum

soil type: Acidic

moisture level: Moist

sunlight: Full - Partial - Shade

height: 12-15"

coloring: White, pink

seasonality: May-June

wildlife attraction: Insects

leaf type: Whorled

Cup plant

Silphium perfoliatum

moisture level: Dry - Wet

sunlight: Full

height: 6-8'

width: 3'

coloring: Yellow

seasonality: Summer

wildlife attraction: Butterflies and hummingbirds

leaf type: Clasping

Greyhead coneflower

Ratibida pinnata

moisture level: Dry - Moist

sunlight: Full - Partial

height: 3-5'

width: 2'

coloring: Yellow

seasonality: May-September

wildlife attraction: Birds and butterflies

Lawn Mowing Facts

Average Mowing Price $42.5
Average Yard Size 8,590 sq ft

How often should I mow my lawn?

Here are the most common mowing frequencies in Cincinnati this month:

Weekly Mowing 79%
Biweekly Mowing 14%
Monthly Mowing 7%

What other lawn services do I need?

Here are the most popular services in Cincinnati and the percentage of customers who order them:

% of Customers Who Get Fertilization 17%
% of Customers Who Get Leaf Removal 17%
% of Customers Who Get Aeration 10%
% of Customers Who Get Cleanups 15%

Visit our lawn care page for more info.

Should I water my lawn today?

The expected precipitation in Cincinnati, OH today is 1.04 inches. It does not look like you have to water today.

Sunrise   7:21 am Sunset   6:21 pm

Lawn tip of the week

Did you know? There are approximately 50 million acres of grass in the United States. Approximately 21 million of those acres are in our front and back yards.

Further Reading

Best Lawn Care Services in Cincinnati February 2018

With LawnStarter, you can rest assured that you're getting only the best. Here are the top lawn care services of 2017 as rated by the Cincinnati community.


Outdoor Services

Aaron Chenault / President
Cincinnati, OH

4.5 /5 9 Verified Reviews

With over 3 years experience, Aaron is one of the Cincinnati area's top lawn and landscape gurus. He primarily does lawn mowing but also offers tree pruning, sprinkler repair and more.



Kelvin Moreira / Operator
Cincinnati, OH

5 /5 35 Verified Reviews

Arrow is a residential lawn service that commonly provides grass cutting, weed application, and weeding. They are also one of the rare companies that also do junk removal.


Nick's Garden Services

Nick Rodriguez / Owner
Cincinnati, OH

5 /5 8 Verified Reviews

Nick's Garden Services is a handyman service offering reliable lawn service, sprinkler repair and other services in Cincinnati. They are reliable and results focused. Also the organization offers dethatching.


Top Cut

Cody Perez / Business Owner
Cincinnati, OH

5 /5 34 Verified Reviews

Cody founded Top Cut 6 years ago to provide caring service to his neighbors. Now he services hundreds around Cincinnati. He can do everything from landscape maintenance to coy pond maintenance.


Mathias Alvarado's Landscaping

Mathias Alvarado / Vice President
Cincinnati, OH

4.5 /5 28 Verified Reviews

With over 3 years in business, the Mathias Alvarado's Landscaping brand was built on being thorough and reliable. They provide grass mowing, leaf removal and top dressing in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.


Janet Fernandez's Lawn Solutions

Janet Fernandez / Vice President
Cincinnati, OH

4.5 /5 20 Verified Reviews

Janet Fernandez's Lawn Solutions is a cut above the rest in the Cincinnati area. Their gardening professionals are reputable and consistent.



Oswaldo Fernandez / Manager
Cincinnati, OH

5 /5 33 Verified Reviews

Seeking an estimate from a professional lawn and landscape company? Eastern often does flower bed maintenance, tree trimming, and lawn work throughout Cincinnati.


Mow-More Inc

Mathias Clark / Vice President
Cincinnati, OH

4.5 /5 28 Verified Reviews

Mow-More Inc is a gardening service that does grass mowing, shrub trimming and more in Cincinnati, OH. They are known to be experienced and meticulous.


Oakwood LLC.

Kareem McKinney / President
Cincinnati, OH

5 /5 13 Verified Reviews

Oakwood LLC. has been servicing Cincinnati for over 13 years. Kareem McKinney prides himself on being attentive to detail and reputable. The company ofers grass cutting, shrub trimming and planting bed maintenance.


J. Giammanco's Lawn Care Service

Justin Giammanco / Manager
Cincinnati, OH

5 /5 4 Verified Reviews

Are you wanting to hire a reliable grounds maintenance company? J. Giammanco's Lawn Care Service is a grounds maintenance company that offers clients landscape maintenance, tree planting, and leaf blowing. They also do pool cleaning.


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Central Delhi
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