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LawnStarter is a better way to care for your home. We make lawn care simple, reliable and 100% online.

We connect busy homeowners with licensed, insured lawn care professionals. Through our app and website, users can quickly order lawn care online, pay with a credit card and set up recurring services. On the rare occasion our users aren’t fully satisfied, we offer a refund and make it right.

For lawn care professionals, LawnStarter is an incredibly more efficient way to manage their business. Our platform takes care of finding customers, marketing to them, processing payments and planning efficient routes for lawn care crews. Pros get paid for the work they complete every week through direct deposit. The vast majority of our customers have recurring service, offering lawn pros consistent and reliable business. And on average, lawn care professionals using LawnStarter grow their business by 26 percent in the first year.

We care about the small businesses and the homeowners we connect, and no one else provides such impressive benefits and convenience.

LawnStarter Facts & Figures (as of March 31, 2017):

  • Serving 13 markets in eight states and the District of Columbia

  • Lawn pros grow their business an average of 26 percent in the first year of using LawnStarter

  • Thousands of customers nationwide

  • Founded in 2014

  • Raised more than $7 million in funding to date


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