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Seffner, FL - Sep 17, 2019
Seffner Lawn Care Recommendations

Should I water my lawn today?

We currently have no rainfall data available for Seffner, FL.

Sunrise   7:09 am Sunset   5:34 pm

Lawn tip of the week

Adding a unique border to your flowerbed can make it stand out. Try adding a bamboo edge.

Grass Cutting Height Preferences

Long (6-7 inches) 4%
Medium (4-5 inches) 25%
Short (2-3 inches) 71%

Popular Grass Types in Seffner

Bermudagrass 60%
Centipedegrass 14%
Zoysiagrass 8%
Buffalograss 8%
Perennial Ryegrass 4%
Tall Fescue 4%
Kentucky Bluegrass 2%

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 5,825 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $37.19
Average Customer Review 4.85 / 5.0

Weekly Cuts 5.0%
Biweekly Cuts 30.0%
Monthly Cuts 65.0%
Lawns Fertilized 16.0%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 15.0%
Aerated Lawns 16.0%
Yards with Cleanups 17.0%
Days That Are Sunny 11%

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FAQ About Lawn Maintenance in Seffner

What's the best way to maintain your lawn?

In the Seffner area, maintaining a lush, green lawn involves a number of things, from consistent mowing, to weeding, watering, fertilization aeration and more. The average lawn size here in Seffner is 5,825 square feet, which typically takes 52 minutes to mow if you do it yourself.

Additionally, you'll want to fertilize your lawn 6 times per year, with each application tailored to that time of year. It's also a good idea to get a soil test done once every 2-4 years to ensure your soil isn't lacking key nutrients. Professional fertilization in Seffner averages about $59 per application, and includes spot weed treatment.

Aeration is a process that relieves compaction, helps grass establish roots, and allows air and nutrients to reach the soil. Ideally, you should aerate once per year, every three years at the very minimum. Despite it's importance, only 16 percent of Seffner homeowners get aeration. Aeration in Seffner costs $148 on average, but depends on lawn size, and should be done in spring or fall.

Finally, watering is critical. You'll generally want to water in the morning before 7:09 am or in the evening after 5:34 pm so the water does not evaporate. Seffner does have watering restrictions, which you can learn more about at

How much does it cost to have your lawn mowed in Seffner?

While the average cost of grass cutting in Seffner is $37.19, the price depends primarily on lawn size and mowing frequency.

Here is the average price in Seffner by lawn size:

  • 1/8 Acre: $31.1
  • 1/4 Acre: $35.1
  • 1/3 Acre: $40.2
  • 1/2 Acre: $53.8

Here is the average mowing price by frequency:

  • Weekly: $30.12
  • Biweekly: $41.65
  • Monthly: $45.74

Two other factors that can increase price are corner lots and gates. In Seffner, 23% of homes are on a corner lot, and 72% of homes have backyard gates.

Can I get fined for not cutting my lawn?

First, you'll have to check your Homeowners Association rules. In Seffner, 51% of homeowners are part of a HOA, and most HOAs have restrictions on grass and overgrown bushes.

Meet some of our Seffner lawn service pros

Terrence Brown
Professional landscaper Terrance Brown can improve the look of your lawn. His professional Level Up Landscaping Company has been making Seffner, FL homeowners happy for years. He sits down with the homeowners to discuss what might be causing problems. Level Up Landscaping can mow lawns, improve landscaping and remove brush. This might be useful before showing a Florida home. Level Up Landscaping can increase home value with its professional services.

6708 Trixie Drive
Seffner, FL 33584

Jared McCloud
Cloud Cut is a locally owned lawn care business out of Seffner Florida. Owner Jared McCloud and his crew pride themselves in quality work. Cutting grass and taking care of your yard is the passion of Cloud Cut and they strive to make sure their work is top notch. They are dependable and can make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

5223 Pine Street
Seffner, FL 33584

Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman has twin passions for offering superior customer service and performing landscaping jobs. It's for this reason that Michael Hoffman's Landscaping Inc is thought of as one of the go-to property maintenance firms in the Seffner area. Whether it's a simpler job like mowing lawns or cleaning a yard in the fall or spring or something more detailed like installing a paver patio everything at this company is approached with professionalism and attention to even the smallest details.

Seffner, FL

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

Great job!!
Taylor Y. - Sep 08, 2019 - Seffner, FL,
Grass Cutting by Michael Hoffman,
Michael Hoffman's Landscaping Inc
Great job. Thank you
Patty A. - Sep 01, 2019 - Seffner, FL,
Lawn Service by Terrence Brown,
Level Up Landscaping
William does excellent work and is very conscientious on follow through which I really as I feel if I am not here the work we discussed will be done as expected. Thank You!!
Emily Ann W. - Aug 23, 2019 - Seffner, FL,
Lawn Care by Anthony Herring,
Herring’s Maintenance
Aderias, thank you for removing the tree limb that fell in the storm Saturday night! Lawn looks great
Amanda J. - Aug 13, 2019 - Seffner, FL,
Lawn Service by Horacio Mireles,
H. Mireles' Lawn
Yard looks great. Excellent job.
Tarama C. - Jul 09, 2019 - Seffner, FL,
Yard Cutting by Walter Dixon,
Walter Dixon's Lawns Care Service
John did a perfect cut on his first cut on my lawn!
shuwei z. - Jun 30, 2019 - Seffner, FL,
Grass Cutting by Corey Baker,
Awesome cut! Thanks Ken!
Renato F. - Jun 23, 2019 - Seffner, FL,
Lawn Care by Mark Jones,
Outdoor Service
Great work at a great price!
Angelina C. - Jun 14, 2019 - Seffner, FL,
Lawn Maintenance by Abel Hoffman,
Abel's Lawns INC
Ed Z. - Jun 08, 2019 - Seffner, FL,
Lawn Maintenance by Walter Dixon,
Walter Dixon's Lawns Care Service
Very well done. Thank you!!
brian m. - Jun 01, 2019 - Seffner, FL,
Lawn Mowing Service by Abel Hoffman,
Abel's Lawns INC
Frank did a really wonderful job. I was impressed by how quickly and efficiently he worked. I work from home so I was literally watching him gracefully fly across our lawn. Particularly impressed with how he handled the back yard which is oddly shaped and a pain to navigate.
Allison L. - May 23, 2019 - Seffner, FL,
Lawn Care by Ryan Kephart,
The best service from any lawn starter provider i have had
Sean C. - May 22, 2019 - Seffner, FL,
Grass Cutting by Walter Dixon,
Walter Dixon's Lawns Care Service

Overall Rating: 4.79 / 5 stars (112 reviews)

Service Recommendations in Seffner

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for extra lawn services in Seffner, FL.

Hedge Prunning

Recommended by Jared McCloud


Location: Seffner, FL 33583

Yard Size: 8,342 square feet

Price: $55

Description: Full yard Bush trimming on all bushes in both front and back

General Landscape Improvements

Recommended by Ryan Kephart


Location: Seffner, FL 33584

Yard Size: 16,808 square feet

Price: $15

Description: Front yard, Right side Used grass killer over Rock area to help get back grassy weeds and clovers growing for about 3 months

Lawn Cleanup

Recommended by Ryan Kephart


Location: Seffner, FL 33584

Yard Size: 9,670 square feet

Price: $55

Description: Back yard Cut around box and simple clean up in back wood leaves

Shrub Prunning

Recommended by Corey Baker


Location: Seffner, FL 33584

Yard Size: 10,514 square feet

Price: $37

Description: Front yard Bushes need trimmed . Ones in front should be trimmed every 2 weeks

Yard Cleaning

Recommended by Mark Jones


Location: Seffner, FL 33583

Yard Size: 2,462 square feet

Price: $27

Description: Front yard I recommend a debris cleanup from the street side service of the house

General Tree Care

Recommended by Abel Hoffman


Location: Seffner, FL 33584

Yard Size: 1,783 square feet

Price: $79

Description: Back yard Trim trees hanging over the fence in the backyard.

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Seffner

Leaf and Debris Removal

Requested by Scott C.


Location: Seffner, FL

Yard Size: 6,504 square feet

Items Needing Service: Remove leaves from the front, side yard, and back yard

Location on Property: Front back and side yards

Work to be Done: Leaves bagged and removed

Price: $40

Serviced by: H. Mireles' Lawn

Trimming of Hedges

Requested by Holly S.


Location: Seffner, FL

Yard Size: 6,199 square feet

Items Needing Service: There is little or no mowing required. Yard is almost all landscaped but there are several large trees so frequent leaf removal is necessary.

Location on Property: n/a

Work to be Done: see above

Price: $212

Serviced by: Kareem's Lawns Care Service

Leaf Collection

Requested by Kyle D.


Location: Seffner, FL

Yard Size: 11,688 square feet

Items Needing Service: Would like a quote on leaf removal for entire property.

Location on Property: Front and back yard.

Work to be Done: Leaf removal.

Price: $82

Serviced by: Walter Dixon's Lawns Care Service

Tree Trimming

Requested by Jorge C.


Location: Seffner, FL

Yard Size: 7,075 square feet

Items Needing Service: Trees and Shrubs

Location on Property: 2 beside the garage and 7 shrubs at the front of the lawn.

Work to be Done: Sprayed and taken care of/insecticides

Price: $26

Serviced by: Brian Jones' Lawn Treatment Inc

Leaf Raking

Requested by Kellsey S.


Location: Seffner, FL

Yard Size: 6,093 square feet

Items Needing Service: We need to have the weeds pulled from front flower bed and around our trees.

Location on Property: Front yard

Work to be Done: Pull the weeds out of the flower beds and from around the trees.

Price: $150

Serviced by: Outdoor Service

General Landscaping / Maintenance

Requested by Brittany R.


Location: Seffner, FL

Yard Size: 3,371 square feet

Items Needing Service: Just need to have my lawn mowed

Location on Property: Front and back lawn

Work to be Done: Just the lawn mowed

Price: $119

Serviced by: Michael Hoffman's Landscaping Inc

Questions and Answers


Are there watering restrictions in Seffner, FL?

The Southwest Florida Water Management District has declared a Phase III Water Shortage to go in effect June 5, 2017, through August 1, 2017. These measures currently apply to all of Citrus, DeSoto, Hardee, Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas and Sarasota counties; the portions of Charlotte, Highlands, Lake, Levy, Marion, Polk and Sumter, within the District's jurisdiction; and Gasparilla Island (including the portion in Lee County) have some local exceptions.



Does Seffner, FL have long / overgrown grass ordinances?

We have no records of city or county-mandated long grass ordinances in Seffner, FL. However, 21% of customers in Seffner report having overgrown grass restrictions mandated by their Homeowners association.

Top Seffner, FL Lawn Services of September 2019

#1-Outdoor Service
Mark Jones
Seffner, FL
48 Ratings
A couple of areas on the lawn were missed. But generally great job.
#2-H. Mireles' Lawn
Horacio Mireles
Seffner, FL
46 Ratings
Hello- the job was good. I do have a certain of the area that he may have a hard getting to so maybe next cut, I can work with him in those areas.
#3-Herring’s Maintenance
Anthony Herring
121 Winston Manor Circle
Seffner, FL 33584
4 Ratings
William does excellent work and is very conscientious on follow through which I really as I feel if I am not here the work we discussed will be done as expected. Thank You!!
#4-Brian Jones' Lawn Treatment Inc
Brian Jones
Seffner, FL
39 Ratings
Gerard and crew did a super job today. I know it was a little rough since all the rain we have had. I even turned my sprinkler system off. Thanks again.
#5-Detail lawn care
Mykel Murray
5241 Lemon Avenue
Seffner, FL 33584
3 Ratings
Services Offered: leaf removal , lawn fertilization, aeration
#6-Abel's Lawns INC
Abel Hoffman
Seffner, FL
28 Ratings
Great Job Charles! Next time if you could scalp the weeds down to the dirt in the large flower bed in the back yard next to the patio and the patch with a brick​ border next to the chain link fence that would be great! Thanks again man.
#7-Michael Hoffman's Landscaping Inc
Michael Hoffman
Seffner, FL
21 Ratings
Dana and his assistant do an excellent job on mowing, trimming and blowing! If you have any special requests regarding your lawn or landscaping needs just ask, they are able to take care of it all. Thank You Dana!
#8-Walter Dixon's Lawns Care Service
Walter Dixon
Seffner, FL
18 Ratings
We talked about having them cone back later to trim tree branches that are near and almost touching the garage. Otherwise, great job!!
#9-Kareem's Lawns Care Service
Kareem Grimes
Seffner, FL
13 Ratings
Just arrived home and lawn looks very nice. Talked to my son who lives on Turret and he says it looks great. Little did I know until discussing the lawn with him that other service was not doing the lawn as promised. Based on things you did today taking care of lawn several things had been there since December. Thank you so much!!!!
#10-Level Up Landscaping
Terrence Brown
6708 Trixie Drive
Seffner, FL 33584
11 Ratings
Yard looks great and very clean. Thanks Keith!
#11-Jds lawncare
John Baird
10112 U.S. 92
Seffner, FL 33584
24 ratings
Services Offered: lawn care , edging, fall cleanups
#12-Don's lawn
Donald Jones
6410 County Road 579
Seffner, FL 33584
26 ratings
Stan did a great job on the lawn!
#13-Best of the best
Eric Hernandez
2716 Lenna Avenue
Seffner, FL 33584
48 ratings
Services Offered: grass cutting , grass mowing, lawn fertilization

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