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Happy customers all over Hollis

Photo of Lolita P.'s yard after getting lawn care in Hollis, NY
Awesome job! I'm sure it was a handful...thank you!
Photo of Kathy A.'s yard after getting lawn care in Hollis, NY
My mom said you did a wonderful job., Thanks for mowing her lawn.
Photo of Jon H.'s yard after getting lawn care in Hollis, NY
It looks amazing and a day early. Can't be happier!

Hollis, NY - May 26, 2024
Local Lawn Care Facts & Resources

Lawn tip of the week

Did you know? There are approximately 50 million acres of grass in the United States. Approximately 21 million of those acres are in our front and back yards.

Grass Cutting Height Preferences

Long (6-7 inches) 3%
Medium (4-5 inches) 23%
Short (2-3 inches) 73%

Lawn Care Facts

Average Customer Review 4.5 / 5.0
Weekly Cuts 24%
Biweekly Cuts 46%
Monthly Cuts 30%
Lawns Fertilized 13%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 4%
Aerated Lawns 12%
Yards with Cleanups 4%
Days That Are Sunny 76%

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High-Quality Lawn Care Services in Hollis

Hollis is memorable thanks to historic landmarks like Liberty Rock. However, your lawn could be the crown jewel of Queens with the help of LawnStarter’s expert lawn care service.

Hollis is a bit warmer and damper than the rest of New York. In this environment, it's important to have a lawn care service that can handle the weather.

LawnStarter’s team of professionals understands the local climate and provides personalized services. Our experts mow, edge, trim, and more so your lawn can look its best.

Here’s what lawn care looks like in Hollis:

Best Grass Types for Hollis 

Although Hollis is a little warmer than other regions in New York, cool-season grasses still grow best. When winter in Queens comes, you want a lawn that withstands the chill. Here are some common grasses in the area:

  • Perennial Ryegrass: Maintenance needs can vary for perennial ryegrass depending on its height. It is also susceptible to fungal diseases in warm, humid environments but tolerates foot traffic well.
  • Creeping Bentgrass:  A high-maintenance turfgrass known for frequent mowing requirements, creeping bentgrass is famous for its cold tolerance.
  • Tall Fescue: A low-maintenance grass, tall fescue tolerates many soil types and doesn’t generate a lot of thatch. However, it can be slow to recuperate from wear.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass: A thick grass that is exceptionally comfortable on bare feet, this grass type offers moderate drought resistance. 
  • Fine Fescue: This grass type tolerates full sun and performs well in humid environments. Fine fescue can develop excess thatch if over-fertilized.

How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn? Cool-season grasses grow actively in the spring and fall. During this peak growing season, mow once per week. Mow less frequently in the summer when your lawn goes dormant.

Common Lawn Pests and Diseases in Hollis

If pests overrun your yard, LawnStarter can help you eliminate them. Here are some common lawn pests to watch out for:

  • Chinch Bugs: These pests are most active from June to August. Chinch bugs feed on turf, causing damage that resembles drought stress and lawn diseases like dollar spot. 
  • Grubs: These pests can cause thinning patches on your lawn by nibbling on the roots.
  • Snow Mold: These cold-resistant fungi grow on lawns under the snow in the winter. Snow mold is a menace, aggravating those with allergies and asthma and causing lasting damage to your lawn.
  • Brown Patch: As the name implies, this lawn disease causes brown patches to form on your lawn.
  • Cutworms: These larvae, which belong to various moth species, can destroy lawns, vegetable gardens, and flowerbeds.

Other Outdoor Services We Offer

LawnStarter takes care of all of your lawn care needs. Our pros also offer landscaping services like:

  • Fertilization: Give your lawn a boost to keep it looking green.
  • Dethatching: Remove excess thatch from your yard so your lawn can grow strong roots and get adequate nutrients.
  • Custom Landscaping: Transform your drab lawn into an outdoor paradise with customized landscaping services. 
  • Aeration: Loosen compact soil to help with weed control and stimulate root growth.

Don't have the time or energy to maintain your lawn? Let LawnStarter handle your outdoor chores. Our pros will ensure that your lawn is healthy and well-manicured so you can spend more time doing what you love. 

With regular lawn care services, hours mowing the lawn and pulling weeds will be a thing of the past. LawnStarter is just a call, click, or tap away. Contact us today for your free quotes.

Meet some of our Hollis pros

Trophy for Top Performer Top Performer
 Profile Photo
Award for Top
Top Pro
T and M Greencare Tree Service
30 E Bedell St, Freeport, NY 11520
"For over two decades, Greencare Tree Service has been providing residential and commercial tree services to Freeport and those throughout Long Island and Queens County. They provide tree pruning, such as for powerline clearance and roof overhang, full tree removal, and stump grinding. The company also offers 24/7 service to Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens Counties. "

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

alex W.'s Lawn Care service result
"Thank you!"
alex W. - May 14, 2024 - Hollis, NY
Lawn Care by
T and M Greencare Tree Service
Matt H.'s Lawn Care service result
"Great Work!"
Matt H. - Apr 19, 2024 - Hollis, NY
Lawn Care by
T and M Greencare Tree Service
Lolita P.'s Lawn Care service result
"Awesome job! I'm sure it was a handful...thank you!"
Lolita P. - Feb 19, 2024 - Hollis, NY
Lawn Care by Aditya Lutz
Lawn & Yard Companyy
LaShonda R.'s Lawn Maintenance service result
"My yard is beautiful Kevin did an AWESOME job"
LaShonda R. - Feb 19, 2024 - Hollis, NY
Lawn Maintenance by Aditya Lutz
Lawn & Yard Companyy
Joanne D.'s Yard Cutting service result
"Excellent job, very professional and quick"
Joanne D. - Feb 19, 2024 - Hollis, NY
Yard Cutting by Aditya Lutz
Lawn & Yard Companyy
Desiree F.'s Grass Cutting service result
Desiree F. - Feb 19, 2024 - Hollis, NY
"This crew did a great job. I hope the same guys show up next week."
Mark S. - Feb 19, 2024 - Hollis, NY
"My lawn looks great!!!! Thank you!!"
Mary J. - Feb 19, 2024 - Hollis, NY
"Excellent service. This is my first time using this service and I will be calling again to setup permanent service."
Lisa C. - Feb 19, 2024 - Hollis, NY
"Jose did a great job. I love how he edged around the Rose bush."
Gerald V. - Feb 19, 2024 - Hollis, NY
"Awesome! Thank you for reminding me about the side gate. It looks amazing."
Don D. - Feb 19, 2024 - Hollis, NY
"Sterling did everything just right. Great job."
Tia . - Feb 19, 2024 - Hollis, NY
"Very good job"
David T. - Jan 20, 2024 - Hollis, NY
Lawn Service
"It was definitely better this time and he blew off the back porch from (grass that kicked up)."
Andrew Z. - Jan 20, 2024 - Hollis, NY
Lawn Mowing
"Thank you!!"
Ty L. - Jan 20, 2024 - Hollis, NY
Lawn Care
"Job completed on time, lawn looks great"
Bill T. - Jan 20, 2024 - Hollis, NY
Lawn Maintenance
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Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Hollis.

Customer pricing request for Lawn Care

Requested by Diana D.
Location Icon
Location: Hollis, NY 38141
Yard Size Icon
Yard Size: 7,443 square feet
Price Icon
Price: $268
Additional Details Icon
Items Needing Service: Trim or cut it down
Location on Property: Back yard corner of the lawn and left side
Work to be Done: Manual quote to Trim or cut it down
Serviced by: T and M Greencare Tree Service

Customer pricing request for Lawn Care

Requested by Anil G.
Location Icon
Location: Hollis, NY 60503
Yard Size Icon
Yard Size: 8,825 square feet
Price Icon
Price: $43
Additional Details Icon
Items Needing Service: LEAVES
Location on Property: WINDOW WELL
Serviced by: T and M Greencare Tree Service

Customer pricing request for Lawn Care

Requested by Tiffani G.
Location Icon
Location: Hollis, NY 38117
Yard Size Icon
Yard Size: 9,148 square feet
Price Icon
Price: $30
Additional Details Icon
Items Needing Service: Leaf removal/ pet waste removal, grass and weeds cut
Location on Property: Full yard
Work to be Done: Entire front & back yard
Serviced by: T and M Greencare Tree Service

The Lawntrepreneur Scholarship

The Lawntrepreneur Scholarship is our way of giving back to the up and coming young entrepreneurs in the Hollis, NY area.

Top Hollis, NY Lawn Services of May 2024

Will Payne Profile Photo
Will Payne
Famous Lawn
Hollis, NY
Recent Customer Review:
"Haven't seen it yet!"
Omar Johnson Profile Photo
Omar Johnson
Spotless lawn care
Hollis, NY
Beautiful surroundings bring light to life, so why not have a well-groomed clean surrounding done by the professionals? It starts right here. Quality service is our motto, whilst making the customer well please with a job well done is the way forward in achieving the common goals of good customer satisfaction.
Dylan Rose Profile Photo
Dylan Rose
(32 Ratings)
Rose Landscaping
Hollis, NY
Needing your flowerbed mulched or your bushes pruned? Rose Landscaping, founded by Dylan Rose, is a lawn and landscape company based in Conroe known for trustworthiness. They provide homeowners and businesses with reliable landscape maintenance, sod installation, and hedge trimming. Also the organization provides irrigation in certain instances.
Icon for 31 yrs experience
31 yrs experience
Icon for 2 Employees
2 Employees
Recent Customer Review:
"Was fine."
Rene Tula Profile Photo
Rene Tula
T&g lanscapin
Hollis, NY
I am a responsible, kind, and reliable person. You can depend on my hard work while I help you with any lawn care or other services you need me for. My services include lawns, trimming bushes, leaf blowing, snow removal, and more. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Recent Customer Review:
"Thank you for tackling the first spring (over)growth!!!"
Jorge Salazar Profile Photo
Jorge Salazar
Salazar landscaping
Hollis, NY
With my lawn care services, I always try to do the best job that I possibly can. I take great pride in knowing that I can make your house look nicer than it ever has before. I'm looking forward to working with you soon. Please get in touch. Thank you.
Recent Customer Review:
"Love it thanks so much"
Peter Tobei Profile Photo
Peter Tobei
Quality Cut Lawn Care
Hollis, NY
If you want a lawn that is the talk of the neighborhood and that really stands out, give us a call for a no-obligation, free estimate. We would be happy to discuss all of your lawn care needs and make sure that your lawn is always looking its absolute best.
Recent Customer Review:
"Great job on our yard!"
Matthew Szura Profile Photo
Matthew Szura
Sunny Days Landscaping LLC
Hollis, NY
Chances are you don't enjoy mowing your lawn. You probably don't jump at the idea of string-trimming the tall grass around your trees or flower beds. And why should you? After all, these are what we call chores. When you call on Sunny Days Landscaping, LLC, you no longer have to concern yourself with these tasks. We'll gladly do them for you. Give us a call today and start enjoying your backyard.
Jason Wood Profile Photo
Jason Wood
Migos Property Management
Hollis, NY
I am a recently graduated college student starting his own business. I have been working many years doing landscaping, hardscaping, masonry construction, and block work. I can do much more than just cut grass. I am always professional and very reasonable. Please ask if you have any other work that needs to be done, then I am your guy for the job. I also have experts in other fields who are a call away if needed.
Recent Customer Review:
"As always, the grass looks great after the mow. Plus, the edging and leaf blowing was excellent as well."

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