Texas Lawn Care - Facts and Figures

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Average Price of Lawn Mowing in Texas

Frequency 1/8 Acre 1/4 Acre 1/3 Acre 1/2 Acre 1 Acre
Weekly $27.13 $37.18 $48.74 $57.79 $92.96
Bieekly $29.65 $41.71 $48.24 $72.36 $106.53
Monthly $32.66 $42.21 $55.27 $71.85 $107.53

The overall overage price for lawn mowing in Texas is $50.25.

Most Common Lawn Mowing Frequencies in Texas

Lawn Mowing Frequency Percentage
Weekly Mowing 24%
Bieekly Mowing 53.3%
Monthly Mowing 22.7%

Other Common Lawn Services in Texas

Service Percentage
Fertilization Treatment 9.1%
Core Aeration 8.1%
Leaf Removal 7.9%
Lawn Cleanup 8.1%

How do prices, yard sizes and frequencies differ by city in Texas?

City Average Mowing Price Average Yard Size % Weekly % Biweekly % Monthly
Austin $47.3 7,967 sq feet 5% 91% 4%
San Antonio $47.98 7,884 sq feet 5% 91% 4%
Houston $45.62 6,944 sq feet 12% 83% 5%
Dallas $49.59 8,658 sq feet 14% 81% 5%
Round Rock $48.22 7,724 sq feet 24.5% 68.5% 7%
Fort Worth $46.7 7,641 sq feet 13% 82% 5%
Cedar Park $44.77 7,330 sq feet 5% 89% 6%
Pflugerville $44.83 7,321 sq feet 7% 90% 3%
Leander $50.55 9,707 sq feet 8% 89% 3%
Plano $46.33 6,883 sq feet 11% 87% 2%

Plants Native to Texas

Texas lantana

Lantana urticoides

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full

height: 3-10'

width: 3-6'

coloring: Red, orange, and yellow

seasonality: Blooms April-October

wildlife attraction: Birds, butterflies; deer resistant

Texas latana is part of the verbena family and has rounded clusters of small colorful flowers.

Autumn sage

Salvia greggii

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full

height: 2-3'

width: 1-3'

coloring: Red, pink, purple, orange, or white

seasonality: Blooms March-November

wildlife attraction: Bees and hummingbirds

A small ornamental flowering shrub, the Autumn sage is part of the mint family and gives a mint aroma off of its leaves. The flower color can differentiate depending on location and breeding.

Desert savior

Echeveria strictiflora

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full - Partial

height: 6''

width: 6''

coloring: Pale green leaves, red-purple edges; red flowers

seasonality: Blooms June-August

Native to southern Texas and regions in Mexico, this tapered leaf succulent thrives in dry desert climates. It is commonly used in container or rock gardens.

False aloe

Manfreda virginica

moisture level: Average

sunlight: Full - Partial

height: 4.5'

coloring: Yellow-green flowers, dark green leaves

Also known as the rattlesnake master, the False aloe is a flowering perennial in the agave family.

Firecracker penstemon

Penstemon eatonii

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full

height: 1-4'

width: 1-3'

coloring: Orange-red

wildlife attraction: Hummingbirds

leaf type: Lance-shape to ovate


Chrysactinia mexicana

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full

height: 1-2'

width: 1-2'

coloring: Yellow

wildlife attraction: Butterflies

leaf type: Evergreen

Image source: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/desertriversaudubon/7084167853" rel="nofollow">Desert Rivers Audubon</a> (CC BY 2.0)


Fouquieria Splendens

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Partial

height: 20'

width: 6'

coloring: Red

wildlife attraction: Butterflies, bees, and birds

Santa Rita prickly pear

Opuntia santa-rita

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full - Partial

height: 7-8'

width: 8-10'

coloring: Yellow flowers, purple-gray pads

seasonality: Spring

wildlife attraction: Birds

Texas ranger

Leucophyllum frutescens

moisture level: Dry

sunlight: Full - Partial

height: 8'

width: 4-6'

coloring: Purple blooms

wildlife attraction: Birds, butterflies, and moths

leaf color: Gray

All data on this page was last updated on 05-26-2024

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