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Denton, TX - May 24, 2018
Denton Lawn Care Recommendations

Should I water my lawn today?

The expected precipitation in Denton, TX today is 0 inches. You will most likely have to water your lawn today. The best time to water is at dusk or dawn.

Sunrise   6:24 am Sunset   8:25 pm

Lawn tip of the week

This is a good time to check out your drainage process. It's true that with the summer months can come drought but also they can bring heavy rains at sporatic times. Make sure your lawn is prepared.


Popular Grass Types in Denton

Bermudagrass 65%
Centipedegrass 11%
Buffalograss 8%
Zoysiagrass 6%
Perennial Ryegrass 4%
Tall Fescue 4%
Kentucky Bluegrass 2%

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 8,385 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $32.62
Average Customer Review 4.8 / 5.0

Weekly Cuts 0.0%
Biweekly Cuts 40.0%
Monthly Cuts 60.0%
Lawns Fertilized 10.0%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 5.0%
Aerated Lawns 5.0%
Yards with Cleanups 8.0%
Days That Are Sunny 61%

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A better lawn care solution for residents of Denton

One of Texas’s most populous college towns, Denton is a phenomenal place to live, work, and study. But did you know it’s also a wonderful place to relax and unwind?

Denton offers up several exciting cultural events each year. Most famously, the annual North Texas State Fair and Rodeo brings in hundreds of thousands of visitors for its nine day event. This fair promotes the cowboy culture for which Texas is famous, featuring country rock performances, food contests, and even pageants. The city also is home to the Redbud Festival, FIesta on the Square, and the Thin Line Documentary Film Fest.

As if that wasn’t enough, the city also sponsors the annual Denton Arts and Jazz Festival at the Civic Center Park. This prestigious event features live music, crafts, food, and recreation. Denton Square is the cultural hub of the city, and showcases various elements of local history and culture. This is a great place to experience Denton’s colorful history, including tributes like the Confederate Soldier Monument and the Denton County Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum.

The city is surrounded by marinas and lakes, with Lewisville Lake a prominent place to head out for a day of fishing or boating. Campsites also abound, making Denton a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

Whether you’re gearing up for a day out on the lake, or planning on taking in a show, you have to get your other affairs in order first. Don’t let the state of your lawn run wild while you’re enjoying a well-deserved weekend off. Instead, trust LawnStarter to handle all of your lawn care needs in Denton.

LawnStarter is your go-to service for all things lawn care in Denton. We make tending to your lawn effortless, and you don’t have to mow a single blade of grass. Instead, all you need to do is install the handy LawnStarter mobile app. From here, you can schedule, cancel, or modify services. Simply plug in your specific zip code and LawnStarter will send you a list of customized services, prices, and a list of potential start dates.

You can pick the dates that work best for you, and as soon as you confirm, LawnStarter will head to your address and get to work creating the lawn of your dreams. We can tackle everything from lawn mowing to tree trimming, and are even happy to accommodate special requests. Contact LawnStarter today to schedule your lawn care services–we guarantee you won’t regret it.

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

Looks great! Thanks
David F. - May 24, 2018 - Denton, TX,
Lawn Care by Aaron Simpson,
Aaron Simpson's Lawn Care Service
Looks great!
Michael P. - May 19, 2018 - Denton, TX,
Lawn Maintenance by Michael McCool,
McCool lawn care
Wonderful job. Thank you for taking care of our lawn.
Steve A. - May 15, 2018 - Denton, TX,
Yard Cutting by John Smith,
Johns lawns
I seriously couldn't be happier with how good my lawn looks now. Daniel did such a great job and worked really hard to get the lawn looking nice again. And he was very polite and professional too. Thank you very much!
James F. - May 15, 2018 - Denton, TX,
Yard Cutting by John Smith,
Johns lawns
They did a wonderful job and I'm very pleased with the haste of the work, they even blew the stuff off our patio so I was able to come home to a great looking home!!
James S. - May 02, 2018 - Denton, TX,
Lawn Service by Mathias Brewster,
Outdoor Services Lawn & Garden
Great always!
Jenifer C. - Apr 25, 2018 - Denton, TX,
Lawn Service by Forrest Dixon,
Forrest's Lawn And Landscape
Looks great, thanks!
David F. - Apr 25, 2018 - Denton, TX,
Yard Cutting by Lance McCollum,
McCollum Lawn Care
Very pleased
Debbye k. - Apr 01, 2018 - Denton, TX,
Lawn Mowing by Andrew Burkhart,
Legend Zia Star
He did an amazing job! I love how my grass looks and he took his time and did a very amazing job I'm happy with my service.
Haley W. - Mar 29, 2018 - Denton, TX,
Lawn Mowing Service by Michael McCool,
McCool lawn care
Very nice and Walter was very polite and friendly
Teresa W. - Mar 13, 2018 - Denton, TX,
Lawn Maintenance by Michael McCool,
McCool lawn care
Lous always takes extra care. Appreciate that.
verlin s. - Mar 09, 2018 - Denton, TX,
Lawn Mowing by Jerry Lewins,
Jerry's Landscaping
Looks great!
Daniel W. - Feb 07, 2018 - Denton, TX,
Lawn Service by Jeff Eustace,
J.B. Landscaping

Overall Rating: 4.85 / 5 stars (102 reviews)

Service Recommendations in Denton

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for extra lawn services in Denton, TX.

Leaf Raking

Recommended by cody vivian


Location: Denton, TX

Yard Size: 7,659 square feet

Price: $118

Description: This property could go another week before we need to mow. The leafs need to be cleaned from the beds and lawn and there are cuttings in the front and back. I recommend clean up.

Other Yard Maintenance

Recommended by Brian Alvarado


Location: Denton, TX

Yard Size: 5,944 square feet

Price: $176

Description: Pull weed in the rock parking side and put weed killer

Leaf Removal

Recommended by Jesus Blanco


Location: Denton, TX

Yard Size: 6,774 square feet

Price: $94

Description: Leave clean up

General Landscape Improvements

Recommended by Jerry Lewins


Location: Denton, TX

Yard Size: 3,202 square feet

Price: $12

Description: Spray round up at beds kill weeds

Leaf Removal

Recommended by Michael McCool


Location: Denton, TX

Yard Size: 4,067 square feet

Price: $176

Description: Leaf clean up. Back yard. Remove and haul off all leafs

Bush Trimming

Recommended by Otto Flores


Location: Denton, TX

Yard Size: 6,771 square feet

Price: $94

Description: Bush and low tree branch trimming in front of house. Bundled at curb for city collection.

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Denton

Lawn Mowing

Requested by Devon T.


Location: Denton, TX

Yard Size: 4,064 square feet

Items Needing Service: Front and back yard

Location on Property: Front and back yard

Work to be Done: Cut it.

Price: $66

Serviced by: Outdoor Services Lawn & Garden

General Landscaping / Maintenance

Requested by Jorie K.


Location: Denton, TX

Yard Size: 6,956 square feet

Items Needing Service: We need to schedule another crew to mow before our next service, the last time the crew cancelled, please advise

Location on Property: Lawn front and back

Work to be Done: Mow

Price: $91

Serviced by: Denton Lawn Care and Mowing

Lawn Cleanup

Requested by Yolanda T.


Location: Denton, TX

Yard Size: 15,840 square feet

Items Needing Service: Leaf clean up

Location on Property: Left right back front

Work to be Done: Leaf removal

Price: $119

Serviced by: Jerry's Landscaping

Pruning of Bushes

Requested by Robert D.


Location: Denton, TX

Yard Size: 4,529 square feet

Items Needing Service: All shrubs in front of window at that height and back yard along fence all red tip shrubs cut down to 4 feet

Location on Property: Front and back yrd

Work to be Done: Cut trimmed

Price: $78

Serviced by: Best Lawn Treatement

Leaf and Debris Removal

Requested by Roccie R.


Location: Denton, TX

Yard Size: 10,415 square feet

Items Needing Service: Leaves I back and front removed or placed in bags on curb. Thank you!

Location on Property: Front and back yard

Work to be Done: Remove All Leaves.

Price: $94

Serviced by: Mathias' Lawn Treatement And Landscape


Requested by shubh g.


Location: Denton, TX

Yard Size: 8,673 square feet

Items Needing Service: on both sides of the path there is mulch, install more plants in the mulch.

Location on Property: There is a path from the driveway to the door.

Work to be Done: There is mulch on both sides of this path and i need more plants to be installed in the mulch.

Price: $382

Serviced by: McCollum Lawn Care

Questions and Answers


Are there watering restrictions in Denton, TX?

Water customers are limited to two outdoor watering days per week on assigned days for lawn and landscape irrigation. In addition, during the hotter months from May to September, daytime watering by automatic irrigation or hose-end sprinklers between the hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. will be prohibited in most cases. The restrictions will apply to all City water customers.



Does Denton, TX have long / overgrown grass ordinances?

Grass, Weeds, and Other Vegetation In yards, easements, and rights-of-way (including easements and rights-of-way behind fences), grass and weeds shall not be taller than 12 inches. Vegetation that is growing within one foot of a street or alley, which interferes with traffic or visibility, must be removed. Tree limbs lower than 13.5 feet above a street or 12 feet above an alley that obstruct vehicular traffic, must be trimmed. Tree limbs lower than 7 feet above a sidewalk must be trimmed. Vegetation growing or encroaching upon improved rights-of-way (sidewalks, curbs, or streets) must be removed.


The Lawntrepreneur Scholarship

The Lawntrepreneur Scholarship is our way of giving back to the up and coming young entrepreneurs in the Denton, TX area.

Top Denton, TX Lawn Services of May 2018

#1-Helping Hands lawn care
Richard Firmin
8205 Swan Park Drive
Denton, TX 76210
9 Ratings
Services Offered: , ,
#2-Aaron Simpson's Lawn Care Service
Aaron Simpson
Denton, TX
9 Ratings
Great job guys thanks
#3-O. Flores' Garden Services
Otto Flores
Denton, TX
7 Ratings
O. Flores's Garden Services has been offering service in Denton for 6 years. We're the professional lawn and landscape maintenance company that truly cares about providing affordable service. Whether you need lawn work, tree removal or washing, our professionals can handle it!
#4-Cruther landscape
2003 Mack Place
Denton, TX 76209
68 Ratings
Services Offered: , ,
#5-Brian's Lawn Care Service
Brian Alvarado
Denton, TX
40 Ratings
Looking to hire a dependable grass cutting company? Brian's Lawn Care Service is a grass cutting company that often does lawn maintenance, flower bed mulching, and irrigation maintenance. They also do dog waste removal.
#6-Outdoor Services Lawn & Garden
Mathias Brewster
Denton, TX
4 Ratings
They did a wonderful job and I'm very pleased with the haste of the work, they even blew the stuff off our patio so I was able to come home to a great looking home!!
#7-Best Lawn Treatement
Brandon Fernandez
Denton, TX
32 Ratings
Need a knowlegable landscaping service? Best Lawn Treatement is a landscaping service that does lawn service, top dressing, and irrigation inspections. They can also provide quotes for organic lawn treatment upon request.
Cody Mills
Denton, TX
25 Ratings
Please blow leaves from cactus bed in backyard
#9-Greenworks Lawn & Landscape
Walter Lee
PO Box 754
Denton, TX 76210
231 Ratings
Great job. I may have yawl dig up the bushes in front next summer and plant new ones. Do yawl do that?
#10-Forrest's Lawn And Landscape
Forrest Dixon
Denton, TX
21 Ratings
Great always!
#11-Mathias' Lawn Treatement And Landscape
Mathias McCormick
Denton, TX
18 Ratings
Are you wanting to hire a well done lawn maintenance service? Mathias's Lawn Treatement And Landscape is a lawn maintenance service that often does lawn maintenance, tree care, and tree planting throughout the Denton area.
#12-Raul's Lawn And Landscape
Raul Hoffman
Denton, TX
17 Ratings
Raul's Lawn And Landscape is a lawn mowing service offering quality lawn maintenance, bush trimming and other services in Denton. They are experienced and thorough. Additionally the company specializes in coy pond maintenance.
#13-Denton Lawn Care and Mowing
Jesus Blanco
Denton, TX 76205
13 Ratings
Finally, I company that gives a "darn" about its customers. I thought I would never find a lawn care company that actually seems like they care about their customers but I can safely admit that I am wrong. I've had three cuts with Denton Lawn Care and Mowing and all three have been fantastic. I've been signing their praises since I've discovered them.
#14-Raul's Lawns
Raul Reid
Denton, TX
13 Ratings
Raul's Lawns is owned by Raul Reid - one of Denton, TX's top lawn care gurus. Need leaf removal, lawn work, fire ant treatment or something else? Look no further!
#15-Jerry's Landscaping
Jerry Lewins
Denton, TX 76202
11 Ratings
I had a crappy lawn for years and I finally decided to do something about it. And doing something about it means I called Jerry's Landscaping. After four services, my lawn is already looking better and I am currently a happy camper.

Neighborhoods we service in Denton, TX

 Denton TX
Green Valley
Cooper Creek
Fm 2181 / Helm Ln
Green Valley
Pennsylvania Dr / Ridgecrest Cir
Fm 2181 / Hickory Creek Rd
E University Dr / N Trinity Rd
Robinson Rd / Oakmont Dr
W Oak St / N Elm St
State School Rd / N Stemmons Fwy
Cooper Creek
Hickory Creek
Most everywhere else…

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