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The Top Lawn Care Services in Denton in 2017

Denton Lawn Care and Mowing
Jesus Blanco / Owner
Denton, TX
1 Years of Lawn Care Experience

4.88 /5 8 Verified Reviews

Services Offered

Lawn Care




Lawn Cleanup

Lived in Denton all my life and had a handful of lawn care services in that time. I can safely say that Denton Lawn Care and Mowing is the best out.

Denton, TX 5/10/2015

The only lawn care company that has been attentive to all of my needs. I've left instructions on numerous occasions and they follow them every time. Superb service!

Denton, TX 6/3/2015

In the year that I've been a customer, I haven't had one bad experience. Definitely recommending Jesus to friends and family

Denton, TX 7/16/2015

Earlier this week, I had my first cut with Jesus and all I can say is "wow". They made my yard significantly better than what it was. I can't wait for the next time they come out :)

Denton, TX 6/10/2016

Finally, I company that gives a "darn" about its customers. I thought I would never find a lawn care company that actually seems like they care about their customers but I can safely admit that I am wrong. I've had three cuts with Denton Lawn Care and Mowing and all three have been fantastic. I've been signing their praises since I've discovered them.

Denton, TX 7/29/2016

Eagle Landscaping Services
Javier Gonzales / Owner
Denton, TX
2 Years of Lawn Care Experience

4.63 /5 8 Verified Reviews

Services Offered

Weed Control

Lawn Care

Tree Care

Grass Cutting


Decided to give Eagle Landscaping Services a call because they were giving a promotion. Once they came out, I found out that the company is brand new and the promotion was a marketing tactic to get customers. Needless to say it worked and I will be a customer for as long as the company is around. I am excited to see what they have in-store for my lawn.

Denton, TX 5/6/2014

They do quality work and are always available to answer questions. I definitely recommend them to everyone.

Denton, TX 6/9/2015

I've been a customer for 2 years and in those 2 years I've had over 20 cuts. Out of all of those cuts, I've had zero errors. Absolutely amazing work. Keep it up guys!

Denton, TX 8/12/2015

I have nothing negative to say about Javier and his team. They provide a valuable service at a reasonable price.

Denton, TX 7/29/2016

Jerry's Landscaping
Jerry Lewins / Owner
Denton, TX
3 Years of Lawn Care Experience

4.88 /5 8 Verified Reviews

Services Offered

Tree Care

Bush Trimming


Grass Cutting

Sod Installation

I had my first cut by this team earlier this month and can say that they have done a great job. I am excited for the future of my lawn.

Denton, TX 8/12/2016

Keep up the good work Jerry. I hired Jerry because my buddy was raving about his service. That phone call ended up being the best phone call I could make for my lawn. Two thumbs up :)

Denton, TX 9/21/2015

Very impressive by the level of service they've provided me with considering this is their first season. Maybe it's because they don't have many customers but either way I am not complaining.

Denton, TX 6/11/2013

Awesome work Jerry. At first, I was skeptical of switching providers but after my first cut I can say that I am thoroughly impressed.

Denton, TX 8/23/2016

I had a crappy lawn for years and I finally decided to do something about it. And doing something about it means I called Jerry's Landscaping. After four services, my lawn is already looking better and I am currently a happy camper.

Denton, TX 6/28/2015

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Finalize your spring time plans! Make sure you're contacting lawn care professionals at this time! These next few weeks are going to be busy and you want to make sure that your lawn is on the schedule!

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Denton lawn care facts

Average Yard Size 7,964 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $41.16

Popular services in Denton

Percent of Weekly Cuts 0%
Percent of Biweekly Cuts 100%
Percent of Monthly Cuts 0%
Percent of Lawns Fertilized 7%
Percent of Lawns with Leaf Removal 5%
Percent of Aerated Lawns 9%
Percent of Yards with Cleanups 9%
Percentage of Days That Are Sunny 61%

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Neighborhoods we service in Denton, TX

  • Ponder
  • Green Valley
  • Carter
  • Cooper Creek
  • Ponder
  • Fm 2181 / Helm Ln
  • Green Valley
  • Pennsylvania Dr / Ridgecrest Cir
  • Fm 2181 / Hickory Creek Rd
  • E University Dr / N Trinity Rd
  • Robinson Rd / Oakmont Dr
  • W Oak St / N Elm St
  • State School Rd / N Stemmons Fwy
  • Cooper Creek
  • Carter
  • Hickory Creek
  • Most everywhere else…

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