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Happy customers all over Lewisville

Robert Z.'s lawn in Lewisville, TX

Brian and his landscapers are very friendly. They did a great job explaining everything they are going to be doing for us after I explained all of my landscaping needs. Thank you, Brian and crew.

-Robert Z. in Lewisville, TX

Becky E.'s lawn in Lewisville, TX

My garden design and flower beds look great! Eric does a wonderful job and makes my front yard look so nice. I really appreciate his quality work. Thank you, Eric!

-Becky E. in Lewisville, TX

Elva C.'s lawn in Lewisville, TX

Another great job by Chris! He is excellent at communicating and being on time! I can not recommend him and his landscapers enough!

-Elva C. in Lewisville, TX

Lewisville, TX - May 24, 2022
Lewisville Lawn Care Recommendations

Should I water my lawn today?

We currently have no rainfall data available for Lewisville, TX.

Sunrise   7:19 am Sunset   5:21 pm

Lawn tip of the week

This is a good time to check out your drainage process. It's true that with the summer months can come drought but also they can bring heavy rains at sporatic times. Make sure your lawn is prepared.

Grass Cutting Height Preferences

Long (6-7 inches) 2%
Medium (4-5 inches) 28%
Short (2-3 inches) 70%

Popular Grass Types in Lewisville

Bermudagrass 78%
Centipedegrass 15%
Zoysiagrass 4%
Buffalograss 4%

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 7,530 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $36.15
Average Customer Review 4.81 / 5.0

Weekly Cuts 13.0%
Biweekly Cuts 78.0%
Monthly Cuts 9.0%
Lawns Fertilized 14.0%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 8.0%
Aerated Lawns 4.0%
Yards with Cleanups 8.0%
Days That Are Sunny 88%

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Better Lawn Care in Lewisville

Anyone who lives in Lewisville, Texas, will tell you that they love it. This Dallas suburb of about 100,000 in the is a close-knit community and enjoying life is what this city does best.

Most natives love the hot summers and it rarely falls below 25 degrees Fahrenheit during the year. The weather and the amazing parks speak volumes about the environment and active atmosphere.

With big employers and a location minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the city has a dynamic economy … but much more Lewisville has a lively music scene, and the entertainment doesn’t stop there. Stop by for refreshments at Bendt Distilling Co. or the Old Town Brewhouse.

Natural beauty abounds. The city lies just south of Lewisville Lake, where boating, camping, fishing and hiking trails abound. Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area is a top destination.

Quality lawn services are prompt, insured and responsible. This service ensures more time for play because the professionals are glad to do the work. Everyone loves a well-maintained lawn and reliable lawn care services offer peace-of-mind because they can be counted on. The professionals will have any yard looking its very best. When you hire a qualified lawn service, your lawn will be healthy and vibrant.

Meet some of our Lewisville lawn service pros

Jose Alberto Briones Profile Photo
Jose Alberto Briones
When you need a good job done on your lawn, you can choose us. We have the right tools and skills to mow your lawn and make it look great every time. Do not wait to give us a call and schedule any of our grass cutting, mulching or trimming.

2502 Hawthorne Dr
Carrollton, TX 75006

Troy Peralta Profile Photo
Troy Peralta
We do the best job and provide any service you want. We step in front of your yard, and always make sure that we leave it better and cleaner. We are the most pleasing service providers in the area. Kindly consider allowing us to make your yard look better and organized.

151 Harvard Avenue
Lewisville, TX 75057

Ronny Obryan Profile Photo
Ronny Obryan
My name is RJ, and I've been doing landscaping for about 10 years now. I'm my own crew, so there's no worries or stress for my customers. I love bringing yards back to beauty and make them look as nice as mine.

519 Richland Street
Lewisville, TX 75057

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

Rui H.'s Lawn Mowing service in All lawn service
Alexander did very good job for my lawn.
Rui H. - Nov 08, 2021 - Lewisville, TX
Lawn Mowing by Alexander Flores ,
All lawn service
Yajaira A.'s Lawn Care service in A&j lawn care service
Love Jose and his crew's work! Muy bien trabajo!
Yajaira A. - Oct 17, 2021 - Lewisville, TX
Lawn Care by Jose Alberto Briones,
A&j lawn care service
Claudia S.'s Lawn Mowing Service service in A&j lawn care service
Great job José Alberto!!
Claudia S. - Oct 05, 2021 - Lewisville, TX
Lawn Mowing Service by Jose Alberto Briones,
A&j lawn care service
Erik M.'s Yard Cutting service in A&j lawn care service
Quick and efficient crew. Excellent job.
Erik M. - Oct 04, 2021 - Lewisville, TX
Yard Cutting by Jose Alberto Briones,
A&j lawn care service
Pamela H.'s Lawn Maintenance service in A&j lawn care service
Thank You so much the yard looks great.
Pamela H. - Sep 28, 2021 - Lewisville, TX
Lawn Maintenance by Jose Alberto Briones,
A&j lawn care service
Peter C.'s Yard Cutting service in All lawn service
Please respond to texts. Please text before coming to property so we can bring dog in. This is very important
Peter C. - Aug 06, 2021 - Lewisville, TX
Yard Cutting by Alexander Flores ,
All lawn service
Aamir L.'s Lawn Service service in All lawn service
Thank you! Looks great!
Aamir L. - Jun 28, 2021 - Lewisville, TX
Lawn Service by Alexander Flores ,
All lawn service
Dave N.'s Lawn Mowing service in All lawn service
Thx Alex!
Dave N. - May 28, 2021 - Lewisville, TX
Lawn Mowing by Alexander Flores ,
All lawn service
Dave N.'s Lawn Care service in All lawn service
Looks great!
Dave N. - Apr 29, 2021 - Lewisville, TX
Lawn Care by Alexander Flores ,
All lawn service
Marissa J.'s Lawn Service service in All lawn service
It looks great! Also, that was my husband you saw coming in.
Marissa J. - Oct 29, 2020 - Lewisville, TX
Lawn Service by Alexander Flores ,
All lawn service
Brandon R.'s Lawn Mowing service in All lawn service
Brandon R. - Oct 16, 2020 - Lewisville, TX
Lawn Mowing by Alexander Flores ,
All lawn service
Hillary J.'s Lawn Service service in All lawn service
Thank you, Alexander!
Hillary J. - Sep 29, 2020 - Lewisville, TX
Lawn Service by Alexander Flores ,
All lawn service

Overall Rating: 4.82 / 5 stars (142 reviews)

Service Recommendations in Lewisville

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for lawn care services in Lewisville, TX.

Lawn Care

Recommended by Spencer Jackson

Service Location: Lewisville,TX 44224
Service Yard Size: 14,384 square feet
Service Price: $6098
Location (from the street): Full yard Initial Hard edging services. hard edging of all beds surrounding home and all hard surfaces.

Lawn Care

Recommended by Alexander Flores

Service Location: Lewisville,TX 30071
Service Yard Size: 13,828 square feet
Service Price: $5488
Location (from the street): Full yard Weed feed front to back spray weed killer flower beds side walk cracks

Shrub Trimming

Recommended by Eliud Lira

Service Location: Lewisville,TX 75057
Service Yard Size: 4,024 square feet
Service Price: $71
Full yard General hedges in the front yard as well as side of the house and backyard minus the government and trees but price will include labor materials and anywhere disposal fee required at the time of service can send it up for a recurring service if it's something you wanted to do just like as a as needed or every 12 weeks we can do that as well if you're getting as a monthly I would... Show More

General Landscape Improvements

Recommended by Dylan Ransburgh

Service Location: Lewisville,TX 75057
Service Yard Size: 13,504 square feet
Service Price: $79
Full yard Front and back leaf blow and bagged . Car in yard no answer

Trimming of Bushes

Recommended by Jason Windfield

Service Location: Lewisville,TX 75077
Service Yard Size: 7,609 square feet
Service Price: $91
Front yard To trim and shape Three large bushes in front yard

Tree Trimming

Recommended by Alex Perez

Service Location: Lewisville,TX 75067
Service Price: $37
Back yard There's a broken limb in the backyard that could be removed. Some of the low branches on the trees in the back could use a trim to allow healthy growth for the trees

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Lewisville

Pruning of Shrubs

Requested by Victoria C.


Service Location: Lewisville, TX
Service Yard Size: 6,416 square feet
Service Price: $18
Items Needing Service: A rose bush that has met its time.

Location on Property: The rose bush is along the side of the house next to the driveway, can't miss it. If your standing on the driveway it is on your right hand side.

Work to be Done: I would like to have it removed since it is dead.

Serviced by:...
Show More

Yard Cleanup

Requested by Chantelle P.


Service Location: Lewisville, TX
Service Yard Size: 8,633 square feet
Service Price: $100
Items Needing Service: Leaf removal, limb removal and Bush trimming

Location on Property: Leaves in front yard and driveway, limbs are in the driveway area as well and bushes in front of house

Work to be Done: Check box 1

Serviced by: Grassperson Landscape & Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing

Requested by Jordan L.


Service Location: Lewisville, TX
Service Yard Size: 6,222 square feet
Service Price: $60
Items Needing Service: Leaf RemovalLawn Mowing

Location on Property: Front YardBack YardFront Curb

Work to be Done: Remove all leaves on and mow lawn (on highest cut) on entire property.

Serviced by: Asap lawn care

Trimming of Bushes

Requested by Rad S.


Service Location: Lewisville, TX
Service Yard Size: 5,550 square feet
Service Price: $176
Items Needing Service: Bushes and ground cover

Location on Property: Front of house

Work to be Done: Trim bushes to reveal house number. Trim ground cover. Remove tall weeds growing from ground cover. Remove ground cover from creeping on to house.

Serviced by: Lewisville Lawn Care

Hedge Trimming

Requested by Liz N.


Service Location: Lewisville, TX
Service Yard Size: 9,406 square feet
Service Price: $129
Items Needing Service: All bushes on property need to be trimmed shorter and away from brick wall of house.

Location on Property: Bushes are located on the north and south side walls of house. There are also a few more bushes in the backyard along the back fence.

Work to be Done: I would like the bushes trimmed to a shorter height...
Show More

Leaf Raking And Cleanup

Requested by Jamie P.


Service Location: Lewisville, TX
Service Yard Size: 6,090 square feet
Service Price: $59
Items Needing Service: Leaf clean up in backyard only

Location on Property: Backyard

Work to be Done: Leaf clean up

Serviced by: s&

Questions and Answers


Are there watering restrictions in Lewisville, TX?

Water customers are limited to two outdoor watering days per week on assigned days for lawn and landscape irrigation. In addition, during the hotter months from May to September, daytime watering by automatic irrigation or hose-end sprinklers between the hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. will be prohibited in most cases. The restrictions will apply to all City water customers. Lewisville purchases water from Dallas Water Utilities, and is required to adopt conservation provisions that are consistent with those applied in Dallas. Similar restrictions already have been adopted in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and many other cities in the region. In the future, if needed, additional conservation measures could be added. This could include once a week outdoor watering or a complete ban on outdoor watering

Source: cityoflewisville.com


Does Lewisville, TX have long / overgrown grass ordinances?

It shall be unlawful for any person owning, claiming, occupying or having supervision or control of any real property, occupied or unoccupied, within the city to permit weeds, brush, or grass to grow thereon to a height greater than 12 inches upon any undeveloped tract or acreage, or six inches upon any developed tract or lot. Weeds, brush or grass on undeveloped tracts shall be removed within 50 feet from any surface improvement or property line if there is no surface improvement. Brush, weeds and grass in excess of the limits set forth herein are hereby defined as public nuisances.

Source: library.municode.com

Top Lewisville, TX Lawn Services of May 2022

#1-Baker Landscaping co
Jeremy Baker
1326 Cedar Ridge Drive
Lewisville, TX 75067
95 Ratings
Even better job than last time. Thank you Walter
#2-Lewisville Lawn Care
Paul Harvey

Lewisville, TX 75067
89 Ratings
missed a few spots under the trees, but we aren't any less satisfied with our lawn. Thanks for all your hard work! Have a wonderful weekend.
#3-Three Kings Groupnds Keepin
Jessamy Czerniecki
Lewisville, TX
715 Ratings
David and his team did an job on the yard today. They pulled up, cranked up and were finished up before you knew it. I would recommend their crew when looking to get the work done in a efficient and timely way. The work was good as well. They also came a day before expected. Thanks.
#4-Alpert Transpor
Jennifer Hamilton
Lewisville, TX
7 Ratings
I spent the summers of my youth working on my grandfather's farm, so I'm not new to hard work. As the wife of a Marine and mother to a child on the autism spectrum, it's been difficult to find a flexible career. Yard care is perfect. I'm reliable and honest.
#5-Enviroscape Service
Michael Zang
Lewisville, TX
673 Ratings
My yard was in pitiful shape with two large dogs running rampant. After Robert finished doing the yard especially the front , it looked wonderful. He did an excellent job and cleaned up really nice. No trash or yard debris anywhere. I look forward to having him as my yard person in the future. Thank you Robert for your excellent job. My dogs thank you also. Have a wonderful day and see you next time,
#6-A&j lawn care service
Jose Alberto Briones
Lewisville, TX
530 Ratings
I arrived home to find a nicely manicured lawn! The edging was nicely done as was the weed eating along the house and fencing. When finished, it appears that they cleaned up my driveway and patio with a leaf blower. The lawn clippings have all been removed as well. Excellent work, thanks!
#7-Living Art Landscape Llc
Patrick Johnson
929 Golden Grove Dr
Lewisville, TX 75067
48 Ratings
Living Art Landscape Llc, founded in 1988, offers lawn and landscape solutions for residents and small businesses in Lewisville and the surrounding area. The company offers landscaping, turf installation and bush trimming. Customers describe the company as knowlegable and affordable.
#8-Exquisite Lawn Care And Landscape
Jordan Stewart
3016 Fairland Dr
Lewisville, TX 75077
48 Ratings
Looking for your lawn mowed or flowerbed installed? Exquisite Lawn Care And Landscape is a lawn and landscape company located in Lewisville, TX known for expertise and honesty. The company was founded in 1990, has 3 professionals, and is owned and run lawn care and landscaping industry veteran Jordan Stewart.
Jason Windfield
Lewisville, TX
44 Ratings
Jason did an amazing job and was friendly, personable, and answered all questions we had. We would definitely love to work with him again!
#10-Gonzalez's landscaping
Armando Gonzalez
126 Lynnwood Place
Lewisville, TX 75067
41 Ratings
I always complete the job and do what the customer wants done at their home or business. My job is to make sure that every customer is happy with the service I provide. I accept specific requests for special lawn care services and offer competitive price estimates for lawn care.
#11-Bowens Landscape Services Inc
Wendy Bowen
1865 Mcgee Ln
Lewisville, TX 75077
38 Ratings
Amazing job again! Thank you
Delvane Silva
940 W Round Grove Rd
Lewisville, TX 75067
37 Ratings
Freshgreenlandscaping offers quality mulching, turf maintenance, shrub care, and other landscaping services in Lewisville and neighboring areas. If you need lawn & landscape maintained, flowerbed installed, or hedges pruned, owner Delvane Silva and his 20 employees he can help out. Freshgreenlandscaping is lauded for experience and honesty.

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