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Happy customers all over Leander

Shawn F.'s lawn in Leander, TX

It seems like I am only ever home to sleep and then go back to work I really appreciate all the hard work you do on my yard it looks fantastic every time you come

-Shawn F. in Leander, TX

Ken H.'s lawn in Leander, TX

Corey did a great job! We are very happy with the way our yard looks. Please send Corey each time. Thank you.

-Ken H. in Leander, TX

Brandon S.'s lawn in Leander, TX

The yard look great, Roy had no easy task at hand with my front yard having a big hill and patches of high weeds. He got the job done cleaned off all the sidewalks and left the site looking beautiful. We look forward to our next cut

-Brandon S. in Leander, TX

Leander, TX - Sep 30, 2020
Leander Lawn Care Recommendations

Should I water my lawn today?

We currently have no rainfall data available for Leander, TX.

Sunrise   7:17 am Sunset   5:30 pm

Lawn tip of the week

Add some awesome pumpkins to enhance your lawn's look!

Grass Cutting Height Preferences

Long (6-7 inches) 6%
Medium (4-5 inches) 36%
Short (2-3 inches) 58%

Popular Grass Types in Leander

Bermudagrass 70%
Zoysiagrass 14%
Centipedegrass 5%
Tall Fescue 4%
Buffalograss 3%
Perennial Ryegrass 2%
Kentucky Bluegrass 1%

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 9,707 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $40.13
Average Customer Review 4.75 / 5.0

Weekly Cuts 8.0%
Biweekly Cuts 89.0%
Monthly Cuts 3.0%
Lawns Fertilized 12.0%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 5.0%
Aerated Lawns 10.0%
Yards with Cleanups 11.0%
Days That Are Sunny 6%

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Better Lawn Care for the Hill Country

Leander, Texas is a historical relic from the railroad transportation era, but if you’re already here, you likely aren’t going to be traveling anywhere any time soon. Leander may be a smaller town, but it’s certainly not short on things to do.

If you or your kids love old locomotives, be sure to check out the Cedar Rock Railroad, a traintehemed amusement playground. Bigger kids love the Crystal Falls Golf Course and the Eagle Peak Shooting Range, while the whole family will enjoy the Quarry Splash Pad or Volente Beach Waterpark in the heat of the summer. If the great outdoors is more your thing, you can rent a boat from one of the many marinas or rental companies in the area, or even charter a fishing trip with Hill Country Bass Coach. For a more relaxing hike or leisurely walk, check out Sandy Creek Park for an up-close-and-personal nature adventure.

When you’ve exhausted yourself for the day, unwind with a cold beverage at the Doghouse Drinkery Dog Park or grab a bite to eat at one of the exceptional eateries in town. The Jardin Del Ray offers up flavorful Mexican food, while Farm to Fork is a great option for local home cooking.

Wherever your preferences may take you in Leander, don’t let your weekend lawn chores prevent you from having the time of your life in this thrilling town. When you live in such an amazing location, you don’t want to spend a single second worrying about who is going to mow your grass or tend to your rose bushes. Instead, consider LawnStarter. LawnStarter is your go-to service for all things lawn care in Leander.

The process is simple. Simply go on to the LawnStarter website and enter in your street address. From there, we will provide you with a list of customized prices and services, each tailored to your individual location and preferences. After that, all you need to do is select a start date. We will give you a list of services with individual quotes for everything from lawn mowing to tree trimming. You can then schedule, modify, or cancel services through the convenient LawnStarter mobile app, or through our website.

We want to make sure that you can enjoy your summer in Leander without having to worry about the state of your lawn and garden. We take and listen to any special request, and are happy to work with you to make sure your every need is satisfied. Call us today, and get back to the great outdoors.

Meet some of our Leander lawn service pros

lance carson Profile Photo
lance carson
Lance is the owner-operator of Royale Elevation, a experienced lawn care business in Leander, TX. Lance has earned a 5.0 / 5 rating. If you need a reliable and dependable lawn care business, look no further than Lance.

1116 Whitley Drive
Leander, TX 78641

Maria Garcia Profile Photo
Maria Garcia
Maria, owner of G&V Lawn Services, cuts grass all over Leander, TX. He has earned a 5.0 / 5 rating. Customers have described Maria as punctual, communicative, and reliable.

1405 Falcon Oaks Drive
Leander, TX 78641

Jon Panaro Profile Photo
Jon Panaro
In Leander, we're one of the top choices for lawn care. Never leaving a mess, we hope to take away your lawn care worries.

305 Dayna Cove
Leander, TX 78641

Recent Review

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

Tanya S.'s Lawn Maintenance service in This & Tha
Chris did a fantastic job today! My yard looks great....again! Appreciate how Chris seems to care for my lawn like I imagine he does his own.
Tanya S. - Sep 28, 2020 - Leander, TX
Lawn Maintenance by Chris Richey,
This & Tha
Monaliza V.'s Lawn Mowing service in Chris’s Lawn Service
Thank you Chris for my lawn!
Monaliza V. - May 20, 2020 - Leander, TX
Lawn Mowing by Chris Carr,
Chris’s Lawn Service
John G.'s Yard Cutting service in Chris’s Lawn Service
Always amazing work done by Chris and crew. Glad to have LawnStarter by my side
John G. - May 13, 2020 - Leander, TX
Yard Cutting by Chris Carr,
Chris’s Lawn Service
Cathy C.'s Lawn Service service in Jaime jaime
Always great service with Jaime!
Cathy C. - May 08, 2020 - Leander, TX
Lawn Service by Jaime Jaimes,
Jaime jaime
Angela P.'s Lawn Service service in Jaime jaime
Great job thank you
Angela P. - May 07, 2020 - Leander, TX
Lawn Service by Jaime Jaimes,
Jaime jaime
Jamie N.'s Lawn Maintenance service in Chris’s Lawn Service
You do a great job front and back. We hope you can continue with us moving forward. Great job!
Jamie N. - May 05, 2020 - Leander, TX
Lawn Maintenance by Chris Carr,
Chris’s Lawn Service
Mendy W.'s Yard Cutting service in Biggers Landscaping
Kevin does an amazing job! Thank you so much!
Mendy W. - Apr 23, 2020 - Leander, TX
Yard Cutting by Kevin Biggers,
Biggers Landscaping
Cathy C.'s Yard Cutting service in Jaime jaime
We're always pleased with Jaime's excellent work!
Cathy C. - Apr 23, 2020 - Leander, TX
Yard Cutting by Jaime Jaimes,
Jaime jaime
John G.'s Lawn Service service in Chris’s Lawn Service
Thank you so much Chris. My lawn looks absolutely amazing. Really good job done.
John G. - Apr 15, 2020 - Leander, TX
Lawn Service by Chris Carr,
Chris’s Lawn Service
Felipe G.'s Lawn Mowing service in Biggers Landscaping
Great and efficient service!
Felipe G. - Mar 27, 2020 - Leander, TX
Lawn Mowing by Kevin Biggers,
Biggers Landscaping
Angela P.'s Yard Cutting service in Jaime jaime
Great job, thank you
Angela P. - Mar 23, 2020 - Leander, TX
Yard Cutting by Jaime Jaimes,
Jaime jaime
Janelle G.'s Lawn Mowing Service service in Chris’s Lawn Service
Looks great! Thanks
Janelle G. - Mar 18, 2020 - Leander, TX
Lawn Mowing Service by Chris Carr,
Chris’s Lawn Service

Overall Rating: 4.82 / 5 stars (253 reviews)

Service Recommendations in Leander

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for lawn care services in Leander, TX.

Flower Bed Weeding

Recommended by Brian Glover

Location: Leander, TX 78645
Yard Size: 6,175 square feet
Price: $61
Front yard Weeds are overgrown in front flower bed and by the tree in the front

Yard Cleanup

Recommended by Jonathon Gallegos

Location: Leander, TX 78641
Price: $73
Back yard Weed eat all the beds along the fence in the back yard in the bed/natural area and clean it up and make it all look nice

Flower Bed Weeding

Recommended by Mason Ludwig

Location: Leander, TX 78646
Yard Size: 6,023 square feet
Price: $37
Full yard Spray all the weeds in natural area and in the cracks in the concrete

General Landscaping / Maintenance

Recommended by Jose Aguilar

Location: Leander, TX 78645
Yard Size: 3,672 square feet
Price: $287
Front yard, Back yard This quote is good for 4yards of compost from the city ... the city's compost actually consists of recycled lawn clippings but also high-end leftover fish at from HEB and other really premium ingredients that make this compost a unique blend very rich in organic material and has a nice black color at least when it gets wet. The smell goes away after about a day but the... Show More

Pruning of Shrubs

Recommended by Bill Winsor

Location: Leander, TX 78641
Yard Size: 2,786 square feet
Price: $49
Front yard Trimm evergreen give a nice round shape and pick up all garbage

Pruning of Bushes

Recommended by Tavian Augustus Ward

Location: Leander, TX 78646
Yard Size: 6,718 square feet
Price: $122
Back yard Clean out overgrown bushes along back fence line and trim trees that are dropping debris in back yard.

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Leander

Pruning of Bushes

Requested by Bryan G.


Location: Leander, TX
Yard Size: 2,905 square feet
Price: $82
Items Needing Service: bushes lining front bay window and walk-way.

Location on Property: front yard

Serviced by:

Hedge Prunning

Requested by Matthew S.


Location: Leander, TX
Yard Size: 7,774 square feet
Price: $105
Items Needing Service: Shrub maintenance

Location on Property: Front and back

Work to be Done: bushes trimmed

Serviced by: Southland Landscape

Leaf Removal

Requested by Michelle A.


Location: Leander, TX
Yard Size: 9,103 square feet
Price: $147
Items Needing Service: Small amount of leaves around perimeter of yard. Porches blown off regularly. Some landscaping.

Location on Property: Perimeter of back yard.

Work to be Done: Leaf removal.

Serviced by:

General Lawn Maintenance

Requested by Robin V.


Location: Leander, TX
Yard Size: 6,887 square feet
Price: $50
Items Needing Service: the whole yard

Location on Property: front and back

Work to be Done: resodding the whole property.

Tree Pruning / Care

Requested by Edward A.


Location: Leander, TX
Yard Size: 4,532 square feet
Price: $94
Items Needing Service: Tree trimming in front lawn

Location on Property: Tree trimming in front lawn.

Work to be Done: Trim tree away from house and also drive way.

Serviced by: Eco Irrigation And Landscaping

General Tree Care

Requested by Ron L.


Location: Leander, TX
Yard Size: 3,885 square feet
Price: $151
Items Needing Service: All trees and bushes except large palm.

Location on Property: Front and both sides.

Work to be Done: Expert trimming.

Serviced by: Busby Landscape

Questions and Answers


Are there watering restrictions in Leander, TX?

The City of Leander is now in Stage 1 of the Drought Contingency Plan. Stage 1 requests that customers voluntarily comply with Stage 2 restrictions which call for a limit on outdoor irrigation to no more than twice a week. Stage 1 will remain in effect until further notice



Does Leander, TX have long / overgrown grass ordinances?

We have no records of city or county-mandated long grass ordinances in Leander, TX. However, 65% of customers in Leander report having overgrown grass restrictions mandated by their Homeowners association.


"What is your number one lawn care tip?"

With summer just around the corner, lawns and garden spaces are about to face stress caused by summer heat. While it’s hard to pick my top tip for lawn care/ landscaping / gardening / outdoor renovation, here are my top three tips.

1) Water your lawn consistently and water in the mornings! – Consistent watering is key. If you don’t plan on watering consistently, don’t bother watering at all. Consistent watering habits will help stave off dormancy – when the turf shuts down from the heat, turning brown and hibernating until temperatures cool. It’s also extremely important to water your lawn in the mornings, so the water can reach the roots of your turf before the sun begins evaporating the water.

2) Utilize fertilizers with care – When temperatures heat up, you run the risk of burning your lawn when using quick-release fertilizers. Consider utilizing a slow-release fertilizer, an organic fertilizer or even a compost tea during the summers to minimize your burn potential.

3) Mow a little higher - Let your grass grow a little higher. Taller grass is more tolerant to drought and allows for deeper root growth.

-A recognized expert in the turf space, Barrett Ersek represents Holganix LLC, a manufacturer of plant probiotics for green industry professionals in the turf, garden and agriculture space. Barrett has been published in HBR, and several trade industry maga

Top Leander, TX Lawn Services of September 2020

#1-Evolution Land Care
John Finn
Leander, 78758
99 Ratings
This is my first time using LawnStarter. I have to say from setting up the service to the employees answering all my questions. It has been a positive experience. Got home today to see the first lawn service and it looks great. Clean, professional looking. Thanks Ricky!!
#2-Joey Hayes Lawn Care Co
Kimberly Jett
Leander, TX
981 Ratings
I was caught out of town but had intended to get the backyard cleaned of the dog mess prior to Walter's crew. I apologize for now getting that completed. Lawn always looks good. Please be sure to leave a note if a sprinkler head gets damaged. Thank you.
#3-Royale Elevation
lance carson
1116 Whitley Drive
Leander, TX 78641
65 Ratings
Bill did a great job and responded back to me asap for a request I had. Thank you, Bill.
#4-4 Seasons Landscape LLC
Adrian Yepez
Leander, TX
614 Ratings
Terry did and always does a great job. I wish Terry and his family a Merry Christmas and all of the people at LawnStarter !! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!
Tavian Augustus Ward
PO Box 589
Leander, TX 78641
579 Ratings
Great job! I don't need the service anymore though. I got my mower fixed. It was great while I had it and I will certainly call again if I need it. Thank you.
#6-Perez Landscaping
Caleb Perez
Big Falls Drive
Leander, TX 78641
51 Ratings
Hello, our landscaping company offers incredible service at an affordable price. We can create the right lawn maintenance plan for you that suits your needs as well as your budget. We offer basic lawn maintenance service in addition to seeding, fertilizing, weed control, patching, tree trimming, and garden bed maintenance.
Tavian Augustus Ward
PO Box 589
Leander, TX 78641
42 Ratings
He turned a nasty overgrown weed–infested mess into something well manicured and looking very nice
#8-g&v lawn service
maria garcia
1006 Los Vista Drive
Leander, TX 78641
41 Ratings
My lawn looks fantastic! Thank you for your great service!
Tavian Augustus Ward
PO Box 589
Leander, TX 78641
41 Ratings
Sorry I haven't been as responsive as I normally would be. We recently moved and I am still getting my bearings. I will be better in the future. :)
#10-Above and beyond lawns
Rob Rand
1710 Primrose Lane
Leander, TX 78641
36 Ratings
Rob and his team did an amazing job! I had to add in a last minute bush trim service and they were very flexible. They even suggested recommendation services for the next cut.
Darrell Shaw
Leander, TX
34 Ratings
You charged me for last week and they did not mow that is exactly why I quit my last lawn service for charging me when the service was not preformed one more time and you are history I even told you not to charge me and you did anyway
#12-Chris’s Lawn Service
Chris Carr
Leander, TX
311 Ratings
Chris and his crew were fantastic! I had an extreme jungle growing in back yard. His crew went through it quickly and he looked like a rockstar when he mowed with just one arm! He was so good at communicating throughout the process and gave me advice for my next mow. I would have given him more stars if they were available! His was the first crew I've had out for mowing through LawnStarter and I feel confident that he will come back knowing exactly what I want done. Thank you Chris!
#13-RFF llc
Crystal King
136 Woodland Trail
Leander, TX 78641
3 Ratings
Thanks again, looks awesome.
#14-Biggers Landscaping
Kevin Biggers
904 Water Hyacinth Loop
Leander, TX 78641
257 Ratings
Kevin does an amazing job! Thank you so much!
#15-The T.I. Group LLC
Stasia Barrett
904 Lantana Ln
Leander, TX 78641
256 Ratings
They did an amazing job!!!!....they were very professional and got the job done really quick!!!!....please let them be my regular lawn care providers!!!!!
#16-Pro Edge Lawns & Landscape
Zachary Dulevitz
Leander, TX
20 Ratings
Loved the service. Merino was friendly and put us at ease using a lawn service. They did an amazing job!!!
#17-Keep It Green Landscaping
Yvonne Kline
Leander, TX
2 Ratings
Cut was just as requested. Looks good
#18-Just Right
Brandon Ramirez
Leander, TX
2 Ratings
Great job!
#19-Energized Lawn Services, LLC
Dana Kunze
616 Sawyer Trail
Leander, TX 78641
174 Ratings
I am a Veteran who owns an all battery operated company. We are detail-orientated and well-versed in lawn care and landscape maintenance. We care and it shows.
#20-Busby Landscape
Paul Busby
Leander, TX
17 Ratings
They seemed to do a great job getting all the leaves from our various flower beds. They were also very diligent about minimizing the number of leaves that got into the pool from leaf blowing.

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