LawnStarter and Our Customer

LawnStarter is Changing the Lawn Service Industry

Lawn Care is a $71 billion dollar industry in the United States alone. Think about it, nearly everyone in a non-urban, non-desert area has a lawn. Your lawn is the first impression someone has of your house. It's one of the first impressions a visitor has of you. Contrast your expectations of the tenants you would have, walking up to Lawn A (seen below) and Lawn B, right aside from it. Even though they are both nice houses, the yard really takes so much away from the house on lawn B.

West Lake Hills lawn that gets proper lawn service
West Lake Hills lawn that does not get proper lawn service

Many people initially try to care for their own lawns. Many times they don't get the results they want, or they just feel their time is better spent doing other thingws. Then, they consult a lawn mowing service. Little do they know what they're in for.

The lawn care industry is one of the most poorly run industries in America. Its technological infrastructure is so far behind the times, and the whole industry is plagued with terrible customer service. Shouldn't an industry that affects nearly 80% of homes in America, while spanning across over 20 million acres of land, be run better than this?

Well we at LawnStarter felt the same way after having terrible customer experience ourselves. That's why we developed a lawn care business that has taken the entire lawn care experience to a whole new level. Through our simple website, you can insert your address and get a quote in under a minute. Then you can schedule an appointment with one of our vetted, professional Austin lawn care services, who is guaranteed to do quality work. We fully refund you if you're not satisfied. And we're here 7 days a week to talk if you ever have questions about your lawn service.

LawnStarter is a new take on an old industry. We're bringing technology, reliability and customer service to you so that you can take pride in your lawn without having to hassle finding a lawn care service. If you're interested in getting lawn care service, or simply have questions about your lawn, feel free to visit or call us (512) 693-9224. We're always happy to talk.