4 Tips for Spring Lawn Care in Baltimore, MD

spring lawn

Temperatures are on the rise and spring will soon arrive in the Baltimore area. You may have great plans to host outdoor parties, play with the kids, and soak up the sun but is your lawn ready as well? Springtime brings us warmer temperatures that allow for time spent outdoors to spruce up the yard and to think about the pending growing season. Follow these tips on how to get your Baltimore lawn care plans prepped and ready for a fun and relaxing summer!

lawn mower

1. Prep the Gear

Does your lawnmower need some TLC? What condition did you leave it in when you stored it for winter? Take out the lawnmower and really pay attention to anything that needs to be done to it to get it ready for a busy growing season.

Change the oil, drain and refill the gas tank, and sharpen the blades. Tighten those loose screws and repair anything else that needs some attention. Double check your line trimmer as well as your leaf blower to make sure that they are in proper working condition as well.  Doing so will start your mowing season off on the right foot in getting a clean first cut this spring.

2. Clear the Yard

Northeastern winters can do a lot of damage to Baltimore lawns. Make sure to assess your lawn by walking around to notice potential problem areas. Clear away limbs and debris that you’ll need to move when you mow. Pick up any trash that has blown into your yard and take out any plants that have died over the winter. Once you really stop to look at your lawn, you’ll be amazed at what you normally glance over without notice.

grass patches

3. Tackle Problem Areas

During the walkthrough to evaluate your lawn did you notice any bare or worn spots in the grass? Did a fallen branch or snow plow blade cause damage that will need to be seeded again? Spring is the time to fix these problem areas that can be an eyesore. Rake out the soil in these areas and spread seed where needed and slightly overseed the grass around the damaged area.

Cool season grass types will germinate and take hold after the temperature rises above 50°F. Be aware of the temperature in your area and seed these problem spots as soon as you can. Planting seeds early will help give them the chance to develop roots and grow to match your current lawn.

4. Mow Early

Did you know that you shouldn’t cut more than 1/3 of the grass leaf during a mow? Doing more than this can cause the grass to become damaged and cause stress to the plant root system. Many homeowners wait too long to do their first mowing either because they aren’t thinking about it or they don’t want to admit that it is time to start the mowing season. Either way, consider doing a quick first cutting before you normally would to better gauge what condition your lawn is in. Doing so will help you get on a schedule and will keep the grass from getting damaged early in the season.

The springs in Baltimore are a beautiful time of year and can be a welcome sight after a long winter of wind and snow. Make sure that your lawn is in good shape and ready for a busy summer by clearing the yard, preparing your equipment, mowing early, and seeding problem areas. Doing so will help to ensure that you have a healthy and durable lawn throughout the upcoming summer season.


Nikki Moore