5 Places to Explore Nature in Toledo, OH

Located in one of the corners of Lake Erie, Toledo is a place that will never bore you and gives you ample opportunities to explore nature. During the winters in Toledo, ice forms on the lake surface and you can ice fish. In the summer, you can spend time at the lake, whether you want to boat, jet ski, fish or simply sunbathe on the beach. Here are five beautiful places to explore and enjoy nature in Toledo.

1. Oak Openings Preserve

Oak Openings Preserve is one of the largest parks in the Toledo area with multiple things to do and enjoy. The park features different topographies from sand dunes to the forest as well as the water. It is a lovely place to visit to take a walk; there is plenty of nature to see and hear. Take some time alone to walk or visit with your family.

The Preserve has something for everyone. There is a variety of walking and hiking trails on different terrains. You can camp, cookout, play on the playground, or go fishing. Some folks even ride horses along these trails. Oak Openings is indeed a gem in Toledo where you can relax and take in nature with your family.

2. Wildwood Preserve Metropark

Wildwood Preserve contains one of the best tall-grass prairies in Ohio. There is a variety of attractions including a boardwalk, covered bridge, a 100-year-old schoolhouse, and a hiking trail that connects to the local university.

One of the main attractions at the Wildwood Preserve is the system of trails that go through the different terrains. The park is bisected by the Ottawa River, featuring a diverse collection of plants and animals. During the spring, the Preserve is a breeding site for ground-nesting birds like field sparrows and the American woodcock. Throughout the summer, you can see a display of prairie wildflowers. A visit to the park is never dull.

3. Toledo Botanical Gardens

Another gem is the Toledo Botanical Gardens which are a recreated pioneer garden that features acres of fragrant meadows and wildflowers. The Botanical Gardens feature 60-acres of display gardens and plant collections. It is a lovely opportunity to explore the beauty and spend time in a tranquil environment. There are acres of trails and walkways for you to explore. The Gardens has wooded areas, water gardens, and sculptures. A trip to the Toledo Botanical Gardens will leave you in awe.

4. Side Cut Metropark

Side Cut Metropark is technically in Maumee, Ohio, but it’s close enough that Toledo residents can take full advantage. The Maumee River splits, creating the Side Cut, which joins the main channel a mile later. The park is well-maintained, featuring lots of shade and well-marked trails. If you are a dog lover, this park is where you need to go. There are dog fountains scattered throughout the park on all the drinking fountains. For cyclists, the park installed air pumps for fill ups.

5. W. W. Knight Nature Preserve

W. W. Knight Nature Preserve is a 44-acre preserve that offers hiking trails and boardwalks through a variety of natural areas. You can enjoy canoeing or kayaking on the pond throughout the summer. The pond also provides fantastic fishing opportunities.

You’ll find the park quiet and relaxing, with several ponds and trails. Visitors will see birds, ducks, and geese. When you need to stretch your legs, take a walk around the lakes or one of the boardwalks through a wooded area.

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