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Happy customers all over Toledo

Harry D.'s lawn in Toledo, OH

Fantastic attention to detail and super hard work by Stephen and his team. Went above and beyond my expectations

-Harry D. in Toledo, OH

danah h.'s lawn in Toledo, OH

Beautiful job. I would recommend Chris to any of my neighbors.

-danah h. in Toledo, OH

Jacqueline J.'s lawn in Toledo, OH

Did an amazing job.. Very professional and detailed. Very very pleased!!

-Jacqueline J. in Toledo, OH

Toledo, OH - Jun 5, 2023
Local Lawn Care Facts & Resources

Should I water my lawn today?

We currently have no rainfall data available for Toledo, OH.

Sunrise   7:50 am Sunset   5:03 pm

Lawn tip of the week

Did you know? There are approximately 50 million acres of grass in the United States. Approximately 21 million of those acres are in our front and back yards.


Popular Grass Types in Toledo

Bermudagrass 27%
Kentucky Bluegrass 20%
Tall Fescue 17%
Centipedegrass 12%
Buffalograss 9%
Perennial Ryegrass 9%
Zoysiagrass 7%

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 11,517 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $68.35
Average Customer Review 4.65 / 5.0

Weekly Cuts 21%
Biweekly Cuts 31%
Monthly Cuts 48%
Lawns Fertilized 9%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 10%
Aerated Lawns 11%
Yards with Cleanups 10%
Days That Are Sunny 1%

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Easy, Affordable Lawn Care Services in Toledo

Toledo has warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters which can make growing and maintaining a lawn challenging. But don't give up –– LawnStarter will help you. We offer mowing, cutting, landscaping, and all other lawn care-related services you need to keep your property looking great.

Common Grass Types in Toledo: The most common types of grass in Toledo are Bermudagrass, Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, centipedegrass, and buffalograss.

Eco-Friendly Watering Tips: If you use a sprinkler system, schedule it to activate after midnight. Water three times a week and turn off your sprinkler if it's going to rain.

Tips for Aerating Your Lawn: Make sure your soil is moist, so wait till it rains or water your grass the day before you aerate. Get a spike or plug aerator and pass over the most compacted areas. To fill the holes, sprinkle compost, sand, or peat moss over the grass.

Use Energy Efficient Lawn Care Equipment: Instead of a gas-powered lawn mower, use corded lawn care equipment, such as an electric riding mower. You could use battery-operated lawn tools, but they lack consistent power, so corded equipment is typically more reliable.

Common Lawn Pests: Mole crickets and white grubs are common lawn pests in Toledo. If you notice these bugs, treat your lawn right away. Leaving them alone will only let them multiply and cause potentially severe damage to your grass.

Common Lawn Diseases: Anthracnose, pythium blight, brown patch, creeping bentgrass, leaf spot, and snow mold are common diseases and fungi that can kill your grass. They cause discoloration of your lawn and require treatment to get rid of them. If you're not sure what's damaging your lawn, give us a call. Our pros will diagnose and treat your lawn disease to get your grass thick and healthy again.

How LawnStarter Can Take Care of Your Lawn: In addition to lawn care, LawnStarter offers cleanups, fertilization, leaf removal, and sodding. All you have to do is call, click, or use our app, and we'll send you a customized quote.

Meet some of our Toledo pros

Samuel Torres Profile Photo
Samuel Torres
I am a fast, efficient, and reliable worker. I am always there when you need me. My schedule is flexible fit my customer's needs. No job is too big or too small for me. If you need a reliable worker, please get in touch and let me know how I can help.

312 Crittenden Avenue
Toledo, OH 43609

Melvin Surprise Profile Photo
Melvin Surprise
Hello, my name is Richard. I have been doing lawn care for three years. I enjoy working outside and providing excellent customer service at an affordable rate so that my customers can have the lawn that they desire. Reach out to me to discuss the services that are offered.

4119 Jackman Road
Toledo, OH 43612

Stephen Edge Profile Photo
Stephen Edge
Well, I love to make people happy and see them with a smile. I love the art of landscaping, so I took on the task to brighten up someone's day. Therefore, if you want a beautiful lawn, hire someone that takes pride in their work, which is my edges lawn care services

1505 Norwood Avenue
Toledo, OH 43607

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

Faith T.'s Lawn Mowing service in New life landscaping LLC
lawn looks great
Faith T. - Apr 21, 2023 - Toledo, OH
Lawn Mowing by Rebecca Chapple,
New life landscaping LLC
Wanda B.'s Lawn Mowing service in New life landscaping LLC
He did a wonderful job!
Wanda B. - Apr 02, 2023 - Toledo, OH
Lawn Mowing by Rebecca Chapple,
New life landscaping LLC
Billie C.'s Lawn Mowing service in TinkerHell
Looks great , Thanks
Billie C. - Mar 13, 2023 - Toledo, OH
Lawn Mowing by Miranda Olmstead,
John N.'s Lawn Care service in Mow And Grow Lawn Care Service
Great job, very quick.
John N. - Dec 18, 2022 - Toledo, OH
Lawn Care by Vane Cook,
Mow And Grow Lawn Care Service
Traci N.'s Lawn Maintenance service in A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape
Looks good, but maybe could be perfect if it hadn't been dark and he could see better. Good job Tyrell!
Traci N. - Oct 05, 2022 - Toledo, OH
Lawn Maintenance by Tyrell Lamonds,
A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape
Verdell F.'s Lawn Service service in A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape
Nice work Terrell as usual
Verdell F. - Aug 07, 2022 - Toledo, OH
Lawn Service by Tyrell Lamonds,
A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape
Wayne Z.'s Grass Cutting service in Elysian Lawn Care LLC
Thomas did great work. Thank you, especially for keeping me posted if any schedule changes.
Wayne Z. - Aug 05, 2022 - Toledo, OH
Grass Cutting by Thomas Kwapich,
Elysian Lawn Care LLC
Brian W.'s Lawn Mowing service in A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape
Excellent mow!
Brian W. - Jul 31, 2022 - Toledo, OH
Lawn Mowing by Tyrell Lamonds,
A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape
Sean G.'s Lawn Service service in A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape
Great job Tyrell, as always. I appreciate everything you do. Thank you sir.
Sean G. - Jul 28, 2022 - Toledo, OH
Lawn Service by Tyrell Lamonds,
A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape
Julie B.'s Lawn Service service in A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape
Tyrell was efficient and did a great job!!!
Julie B. - Jul 26, 2022 - Toledo, OH
Lawn Service by Tyrell Lamonds,
A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape
Sarah M.'s Grass Cutting service in A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape
Tyrell does an awesome job every time. I have a lot of plants and he's never run into any of them. And have a couple of weird obstacles. I super appreciate his work!
Sarah M. - Jul 22, 2022 - Toledo, OH
Grass Cutting by Tyrell Lamonds,
A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape
Debby R.'s Lawn Service service in A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape
I'm not sure he knew about cutting the.steip behind the garage. That's ok he can get it next time. Otherwise he did an excellent job!
Debby R. - Jul 21, 2022 - Toledo, OH
Lawn Service by Tyrell Lamonds,
A+ Lamonds lawn&landscape

Overall Rating: 4.83 / 5 stars (159 reviews)

Service Recommendations in Toledo

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for lawn care services in Toledo, OH.

Stick and Leaf Cleanup

Recommended by Cody Fernandez

Service Location: Toledo,OH
Service Yard Size: 8,992 square feet
Service Price: $243.9
Location (from the street): Full yard This yard needs a full cleanup to get you guys properly ready for this up and coming warm weather season

Other Landscaping Service

Recommended by Mark Flores

Service Location: Toledo,OH
Service Yard Size: 4,914 square feet
Service Price: $426.82
Location (from the street): Full yard I'd recommend leaf cleanup, yard raking and cleaning of the flower beds. Id also recommend a weed treatment. Price includes materials and dumping and hauling fees for debris

General Landscape Improvements

Recommended by Samuel Torres

Service Location: Toledo,OH
Service Yard Size: 15,483 square feet
Service Price: $182.92
Location (from the street): Full yard Winalization of fertilization To help the yard look greener and be healthier to build a thick luscious turf, this also is a defense against weeds

General Cleanup

Recommended by Delvon Stone

Service Location: Toledo,OH
Service Yard Size: 11,326 square feet
Service Price: $365.85
Location (from the street): Full yard Areas that are in the photos and what we talked about today will be cleaned up.

Pruning of Bushes

Recommended by Robert Rowe

Service Location: Toledo,OH
Service Price: $36.58
Location (from the street): Front yard, Right side Front side by door entrance bushes and tree by mailbox should be trimmed in future. Please let me know if you need other services done on your lawn. Thank you and God bless!

Other Lawn Maintenance

Recommended by Danny Jackson

Service Location: Toledo,OH
Service Yard Size: 5,821 square feet
Service Price: $128.05
Location (from the street): Full yard You are currently at risk of losing good grass due to the lack of nutrients I recommend a application of fertilization every three months

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Toledo

Lawn Care

Requested by Valerie H.


Service Location: Toledo, OH 75228
Service Yard Size: 11,148 square feet
Service Price: $6098
Items Needing Service: Relocate yucca to another location in flower bed

Location on Property: Front-yard

Work to be Done: Replant further back in flower bed away from border

Serviced by: Preffered Landscaping

General Lawn Maintenance

Requested by Susan D.


Service Location: Toledo, OH
Service Yard Size: 6,944 square feet
Service Price: $329
Items Needing Service: Backyard Two sections

Location on Property: Backyard walkway and against house in backyard

Work to be Done: New pebbles under rock walkway, and new rocks on side of house from the hose to the edge of house. Also need wood piece in rocks removed that is sticking up in front of door.

Shrub Trimming

Requested by Gary M.


Service Location: Toledo, OH
Service Yard Size: 7,838 square feet
Service Price: $47
Items Needing Service: bushes

Location on Property: front yard in front of the windows. boxy looking bushes

Work to be Done: bush trimming

Leaf Cleanup

Requested by Shelley S.


Service Location: Toledo, OH
Service Yard Size: 9,474 square feet
Service Price: $471
Items Needing Service: Leaves and pine needles in bed

Location on Property: Front and back yard

Work to be Done: Cleaning of leave and needles from the bed in front

Other Yard Maintenance

Requested by jeff s.


Service Location: Toledo, OH
Service Yard Size: 11,197 square feet
Service Price: $53
Items Needing Service: Need an additional mowing service. Currently on every other week but the grass is growing fast. Thanks.

Location on Property: same property

Work to be Done: Mowing

Serviced by: world

Leaf and Debris Removal

Requested by William B.


Service Location: Toledo, OH
Service Yard Size: 6,313 square feet
Service Price: $165
Items Needing Service: Front and back yard

Location on Property: Front and back

Work to be Done: Have leaves removed. They can be left in bags at the curb

Questions and Answers


Are there watering restrictions in Toledo, OH?

We could not find any records of watering restrictions in Toledo, OH. Be sure to check your local government website for the most up-to-date information


Does Toledo, OH have long / overgrown grass ordinances?

This notice is to all property owners, operators, agents or person in possession of control of any charge of land within the City of Toledo, Ohio of their responsibility to maintain their property free of noxious weeds, high grass, surface water, refuse, litter or nuisance conditions in accordance with Chapter 955 of the City of Toledo Municipal Code and that they shall keep grass cut to a height not in excess of eight inches (8”). They shall also keep the same free and clear from all noxious weeds and rank vegetation on such lots owned or controlled by said owners, operators, agents or persons in possession or control of said property to event such rank growth and/or the maturing or spreading of seeds or pollen there from. The same applies to any charge of land abutting upon a public right of way and on the unpaved portion of the right of way


Top Toledo, OH Lawn Services of June 2023

Delvon Stone
19 Birckhead Place
Toledo, OH 43608
63 Ratings
Delvon and his partner do an amazing job! I'm very very pleased with there services! They are quick and precise! Thank you gentlemen!
#2-Preffered Landscaping
Danny Jackson
8305 Nebraska Ave
Toledo, OH 43617
42 Ratings
Preferred Landscape is a full-service residential and commercial landscape contractor. They design custom landscapes and install sod, mulch beds, retaining walls, and walkways. Other services include hydroseeding new lawns, slice seeding for thin or unhealthy lawns, deep root fertilization for trees and shrubs, and weed control.
#3-Wiseguys Lawn & Landscape
Robert Rowe
2911 Cypress Colony Dr
Toledo, OH 43617
41 Ratings
WiseGuys Lawn & Landscape offers residential and commercial landscaping and maintenance at competitive prices. Their landscaping work includes design and installation, with thorough clean-up after a job is complete. Their full-service weekly maintenance plans come with mowing, striping, trimming, edging, and debris blowing.
#4-Esquina Maintenance LLC
Zulema Rodriguez
20 Bronson Boulevard
Toledo, OH 43608
4 Ratings
We strive to be competitive both in service and in prices. We go above and beyond the standard service to make our customer feel that they get the service that they deserve. A clean and maintained lawn is like a clean house. It makes you feel good about your home. We appreciate your business.
#5-Forrest Rodriguez's Lawns Maintenance
Forrest Rodriguez
Toledo, OH
36 Ratings
Looks great! Is it possible not to mow so low maybe set higher to allow grass to fill in? Grass has suffered due to droughts and no water sprinklers. I think it would help. Thanks though good job!
#6-Edges lawn care service
Stephen Edge
1505 Norwood Avenue
Toledo, OH 43607
35 Ratings
I see other companies go through our neighbors lawns super quick and knock or out in an hour. This gentleman took his time and made sure everything was perfect before he left. He even raked the clippings that were the result of weed whipping. Highly impressed!
#7-Erik's Lawns And Garden
Erik Shuler
Toledo, OH
33 Ratings
This is my third provider since using lawnstarter and definitely the best. On time, thorough and professional. Thank you Shane!
#8-Premier Gardening Services
Tom Merritt
2361 Gradwohl Rd
Toledo, OH 43617
28 Ratings
Thank you!
#9-Proscapes Inc
Anthony Waldrop
Toledo, OH
28 Ratings
Quality and timely service excellent job thanks Larry
Erik Torres
Toledo, OH
25 Ratings
The grass looks great. When I moved in there was no grass and now that I have grown some. You made it look like a great lawn! Thank you.
Katie Cliff
Toledo Avenue
Toledo, OH 43609
246 Ratings
Katie and her crew have taken exceptional care of my lawn for years. Her professionalism and communication have been highly appreciated.
#12-Mow And Grow Lawn Care Service
Vane Cook
Toledo, OH
15 Ratings
Luis took my over grown yard and made it beautiful again! Thanks Luis your the best!
#13-Mark's Lawns And Landscape LLC
Mark Flores
Toledo, OH
12 Ratings
To Ri, please do not let this get to your head but understand I like I'm sure so many LawnStarter members are incredibly busy. I am a restaraunt area trainer and work stupid hours having a fantastic service at an affordable price is well worth every$
#14-Fernandez's Lawns Care Service
Cody Fernandez
Toledo, OH
11 Ratings
Great job overall. Thank you for doing this job ahead of schedule and on the weekend. Would have liked some of the plants with the flowers gone but I guess those aren't bushes. Next time I'll take a picture. Thank you!
#15-DT Property Preservation
David Clark
854 Euclid Avenue
Toledo, OH 43605
102 Ratings
Thank you David, I was worried the weather might be a problem, thanks for getting the mowing in.
#16-We do it all lawn & handy services
Vee Kelley
229 East Central Avenue
Toledo, OH 43608
1 Ratings
God has provided well for me ever since I started two years ago. A friend of mine told me about this app. It's the first form of advertising I have ever done, but it seems to be okay! I look forward to meeting you all. Thank you and have a blessed day! "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life." -John 3:16

Neighborhoods we service in Toledo, OH

2151 Blackthorn Dr Toledo OH 43614
Five Points
Reynolds Corners
Old South End
Library Village
Copeland To Turnpike
Corey Woods / Wildewood
Highland Heights
Whiteford-Corey Rd
North Town
Polish Village
Shoreland Park
Heatherdowns & Byrne
Most everywhere else…

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