Fall Lawn Care Tips for Rochester, NY

Fall is a busy time for transition in Rochester. Many fruits and vegetables are ready to be picked, but even if you aren't gathering anything from your garden, you still need to prepare your lawn. Seize the opportunity and follow the fall lawn care tips below to get your yard ready for the upcoming winter.

1. Determine Which Fertilizer to Use

A lawn care guide with any value whatsoever will advise you to apply fertilizer in autumn. The key is to choose a fertilizer that also prepares your lawn for winter. The best time to do this is around Labor Day. There’s no need to pass on barbecues or parties, but make time during the holiday weekend to begin your fall lawn care routine. Winter will hit Rochester quicker than you think.

2. Aerate Your Lawn

It’s recommended you take half a day over the Labor Day weekend to work on your lawn. Aeration should be one of those tasks. This process loosens up tightly packed soil and creates more space for water and nutrients to reach the roots of your plants and grass.

The average cost of lawn aeration in Rochester is $139, and it’s worth hiring a professional versus renting your own.

3. Mow Through the Season

Feel free to mow the lawn all through fall. Keep an eye peeled for frost in the weather report to be safe. You should also lower the blades once the grass stops growing. There's no need to butcher it—remember your lawn won't grow again until March or April.

4. Prep the Landscaping

Fall is also the time of year to trim down the bushes and plants that form your landscaping. Each one requires something different, so take a weekend to figure out how to prep your favorites for the coming cold weather. Some need to be cut back, while others may require a safe covering. Certain plants and flowers may even need to be moved inside.

Need help with your lawn care? Visit our Rochester lawn care page to get in touch with a professional! In addition to Rochester, we provide lawn care services to New York cities including Buffalo, Albany, and Syracuse.

Featured image source: Zillow Rochester