Two Guys and a Mower

James Brooks, Owner

Richmond, VA 23220

Years in Business: 3

Employees: 4

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Hi, I'm James, co-owner of Two Guys in a mower based here in RVA. I started this company with my younger brother, when we were quite literally two guys, 1 mower, and 1 weedwhacker. We started out just doing foreclosure properties, but as people started seeing us around town, we were asked to do more and more residential properties. Now we have quite a few more than two guys, but we still provide customer service like the good old days when it was just the two of us.

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Ratings & Reviews

We have good consistency. Guys cut a small area within fence. Thanks.

Unpredictable scheduling. No alerts before showing up. No information given before treatment

The backyard work was fine, but the trees in the front need to clear the sidewalk by 8 feet and the street by 14 feet. They do not right now.

Thanks for cleaning up the beds as well.

Please cut it shorter next time! It was already too long again a couple of days later

No warning about a fee that doubled the price.

No more do I have to deal with shady lawn crews!

My backyard has been dried up most of the summer. I'm still getting charged the same amount even when the back is not being mowed. Why?

I thought we were on a schedule of every other week.You were here on the 22nd.Love your service but need to cut back( no pun intended!)Hope to hear from you soon.

Great job.