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New Bedford, MA - Oct 15, 2019
New Bedford Lawn Care Recommendations

Should I water my lawn today?

We currently have no rainfall data available for New Bedford, MA.

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Lawn tip of the week

Did you know? There are approximately 50 million acres of grass in the United States. Approximately 21 million of those acres are in our front and back yards.

Grass Cutting Height Preferences

Long (6-7 inches) 6%
Medium (4-5 inches) 22%
Short (2-3 inches) 72%

Popular Grass Types in New Bedford

Centipedegrass 100%

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 8,753 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $46.99

Lawns Fertilized 7%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 13%
Aerated Lawns 2%
Yards with Cleanups 14%
Days That Are Sunny 6%

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Better Lawn Care in New Bedford

The city of New Bedford, Mass., holds the famous Seaman's Bethel, where sailing men prayed before going off for years at a time to hunt for whales. This city, located on a hillside, sits on the shore where whaling was once the bread and butter of the vicinity.

Today, it still controls one of the largest fishing industries in the world. The industrial capacity of this community is boundless and still has a huge hand in textiles, the golf balls industry, handmade glass, tools, and the manufacturing of electrical components. This city has residents who have lived in the area for generations. Newcomers putting down roots in this historical city are joining hands to make it even stronger.

Parks are filled with people enjoying the great climate of the "Whaling City." It is a nostalgic city, where shipbuilding and historical landmarks are a part of the culture. These monuments rise throughout the area displaying its shipbuilding, fisheries, and whaling history.

There are so many ways to enjoy New Bedford. Enjoy a summer jaunt to Martha’s Vineyard aboard the SeaStreak Ferry, visit the Hurricane Barrier Walk, Buttonwood Park Zoo, or New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park. Soak in the Civil War history at Fort Rodman. Sports activities nearby include golf, the Providence Bruins minor league hockey, and the Mass Attack Roller Derby.

The Whaling City, located in Bristol County, has a population of 95,315 residents, and it is the sixth-largest city in Massachusetts.

New Bedford, whose other nickname is “New Beige,” is rightly famous for its electronic equipment building, whaling, manufacturing, and fishing. The city has a resilience that is contagious, and pride in its people, that has withstood even the depression years and loss of multiple industries.

A busy city with great places to go and fun things to do needs lawn servicing to keep things looking bonny.

The best way to begin lawn mowing is with LawnStarter the “Uber for lawn care.” Understanding the need for deep watering, rather than a little watering makes a difference. Professionals understand, the proper way to cut grass, and the best herbicides for keeping pests away. This takes knowledge and skill that comes from years of experience and training.

Like many places, having free time to enjoy the amenities of the city is important. One way to do this is to allow LawnStarter to take care of lawn maintenance. Take in the New Bedford sights, eat out, and visit the museums of the city while never worrying about lawn mowing.

Meet some of our New Bedford lawn service pros

Raymond Keir
I have more than 12 years of experience in lawn care, gardening, and pressure washing. I deliver great curb appeal to every property I work on and offer reasonable rates. I'm a single dad trying to make a living for my twins and myself. My work is outstanding. Contact me.

5312 Richland Drive
Marrero, LA 70072

Andrew Benitez
Since 2012, A.B. Landscapes has been delivering quality service with phenomenal customer service. Owned and operated by the Benitez brothers, we are dedicated and energetic with a mind-set on customer satisfaction. Contact us for all your home landscaping needs today!

9803 West Sam Houston Parkway South
Houston, TX 77099

Isaac Gonzales
Hello, my name is Isaac. I am part of a new lawncare provider service in the North Texas area. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients and customers by providing an exceptionally manicured service professionally and efficiently. We look forward to working with you and for you.

5124 Seashore Lane
Frisco, TX 75034

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

Thank you
Gina H. - Oct 08, 2019 - New Bedford, MA,
Lawn Service by Glen Kelley,
Glen Kelley's Lawns And Landscape INC
Lawn looks great. Thanks again, Lucio!
Patricia J. - Jul 10, 2019 - New Bedford, MA,
Lawn Maintenance by Michael Souza,
Affordable lawn care
Lawn looks good and he blew the debris in the carport area. Thank you.
Marlene C. - Jul 03, 2019 - New Bedford, MA,
Lawn Maintenance by Franklin Casey,
Franklin's Lawns Maintenance
Great work. Thank you.
Eve W. - Apr 30, 2019 - New Bedford, MA,
Grass Cutting by Theodore Lloyd,
Theodore's Lawns Treeatment & Lawnscape Inc
Joel did a great job! The yard looks perfect!
Sara J. - Mar 21, 2019 - New Bedford, MA,
Lawn Care by Gabriel Wilson,
Gabriel Wilson's Landscaping
Thanks a lot, the lawn looks great! And thank you for not mowing down my plants :)
Alina P. - Mar 13, 2019 - New Bedford, MA,
Yard Cutting by Derrick Marshall,
Derrick Marshall's Lawns Treatment LLC

Overall Rating: 4.89 / 5 stars (9 reviews)

Service Recommendations in New Bedford

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for extra lawn services in New Bedford, MA.

Leaf Raking And Cleanup

Recommended by Franklin Casey


Location: New Bedford, MA 02746

Yard Size: 5,000 square feet

Price: $244

Description: Full yard Whole lot needs to be picked up of Trash & Debris. Debris damages our machines and trimmer.


Recommended by Horacio May


Location: New Bedford, MA 02742

Yard Size: 23,526 square feet

Price: $59

Description: Full yard, Front yard, Right side, Back yard, Left side Mulch down all of the grass clippings over entire yard.

Other Landscaping Service

Recommended by Horacio May


Location: New Bedford, MA 02744

Yard Size: 2,101 square feet

Price: $49

Description: Full yard Pull weeds front yard rock scape, pull weeds around house yard driveway ..

Flower Bed Weeding

Recommended by Brandon Barr


Location: New Bedford, MA 02746

Yard Size: 12,084 square feet

Price: $43

Description: Front yard We will clean out the flower bed an make it nice and beautiful. Is there anything else you would like use to do like add new mulch or fertilizer. Maybe some more flowers

Leaf Raking And Cleaning

Recommended by Franklin Casey


Location: New Bedford, MA 02741

Price: $183

Description: Back yard Hey peter it looks like theres alot of sticks and leaves and weeds that i could take care of if you want. I could clean it up nice for you. Thanks

Hedge Prunning

Recommended by Rodney Mack


Location: New Bedford, MA 02744

Yard Size: 6,458 square feet

Price: $274

Description: Full yard The entire yard needs trimmed around fence line we will cut them down and haul everything off to dump

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in New Bedford

Shrub Trimming

Requested by Darren B.


Location: New Bedford, MA

Yard Size: 5,444 square feet

Items Needing Service: I'm requesting for all bushes in my front yard to be neatly trimmed and maintained. This means they need to be cut at a minimum of once month. The picture attached shows the bushes in front of house as well as bushes on front Conner of house. Please provide me with a quote for this service. Thanks

Location on Property: In the flower bed and on the Conner of my home. A picture is attached for your review.

Work to be Done: I would like for them to be trimmed right now for at least once a month.

Price: $62

Serviced by: Alejandro Harper's Garden Service

Leaf Raking And Cleaning

Requested by Taylor S.


Location: New Bedford, MA

Yard Size: 6,166 square feet

Items Needing Service: Pick up sticks in backyard and throw them away

Location on Property: Backyard

Work to be Done: Backyard to be cleaned

Price: $76

Serviced by: Spencer West's Landscaping

Leaf Raking And Cleanup

Requested by Donovan L.


Location: New Bedford, MA

Yard Size: 6,165 square feet

Items Needing Service: Backyard

Location on Property: In the backyard. There's a shed area as well that leaves need to be picked up

Work to be Done: Leaf removal and any junk. It's hard to explain until you really see it

Price: $88

Serviced by: Theodore's Lawns Treeatment & Lawnscape Inc

Leaf Raking And Cleanup

Requested by brittany h.


Location: New Bedford, MA

Yard Size: 5,907 square feet

Items Needing Service: Tree branch

Location on Property: Drive way

Work to be Done: Remove tree branch that fell in Drive way and haul off or place by curb

Price: $47

Serviced by: Mccarty's Lawns Care Service

General Tree Care

Requested by Deepak G.


Location: New Bedford, MA

Yard Size: 5,879 square feet

Items Needing Service: There is a tree stub that is very close to a wall; it is not a full grown tree it's small.

Location on Property: It is located in the front yard.

Work to be Done: Uproot this stump before it grows back into a full big tree.

Price: $153

Serviced by: Barr's Lawns And Landscape INC

Trimming of Bushes

Requested by Stephanie H.


Location: New Bedford, MA

Items Needing Service: Shrubs

Location on Property: Front of house

Work to be Done: Trimmed as needed

Price: $35

Serviced by: Gabriel Wilson's Landscaping

Top New Bedford, MA Lawn Services of October 2019

#1-Derrick Marshall's Lawns Treatment LLC
Derrick Marshall
New Bedford, MA
6 Ratings
Thanks a lot, the lawn looks great! And thank you for not mowing down my plants :)
#2-Mccarty's Lawns Care Service
Caleb Mccarty
New Bedford, MA
6 Ratings
Mccarty's Lawn Care Service strives to be the best grass cutting company in New Bedford. Caleb's crew has 17 years of experience and provides high grade lawn mowing and sprinkler repair in the New Bedford area.
#3-Gabriel Wilson's Landscaping
Gabriel Wilson
New Bedford, MA
5 Ratings
Joel did a great job! The yard looks perfect!
#4-Jacob Cutevas's Lawns Maintenance
Jacob Cuevas
New Bedford, MA
39 Ratings
Great to come home to a clean and neat yard--Just one request please leave the garbage can by the street on pick up day- Thanks
#5-Franklin's Lawns Maintenance
Franklin Casey
New Bedford, MA
37 Ratings
Lawn looks good and he blew the debris in the carport area. Thank you.
#6-Odonnell's Lawns & Landscape
Marcus Odonnell
New Bedford, MA
37 Ratings
Wanting to hire a trustworthy lawn and landscape company? Odonnell's Lawn & Landscape is a lawn and landscape company that commonly does lawn work, tree planting, and pest control. They can also provide quotes for sidewalk repair upon request.
#7-Guy Diaz's Garden Service
Guy Diaz
New Bedford, MA
36 Ratings
Guy Diaz's Garden Services specializes in lawn care, but also often provides leaf removal and weed removal. We are also one of the few lawn care services in New Bedford that often provides coy pond maintenance. You can rely on Guy's 8 years of expertise!
#8-May's Landscaping
Horacio May
New Bedford, MA
32 Ratings
Professional and thorough
#9-Rodney's Garden Service
Rodney Mack
New Bedford, MA
30 Ratings
Rodney and his team deliver professional lawn care, irrigation inspections, and even xeriscaping in New Bedford. You can expect trustworthy service, thanks to their 16 years of experience.
#10-Buck's Lawns Maintenance
Marcus Buck
New Bedford, MA
3 Ratings
Seeking a landscaping service? Marcus and his service professionals are some of the gardening industry's foremost gurus. They do reliable tree removal, landscape maintenance, handyman work and even pest treatment.
#11-Glen Kelley's Lawns And Landscape INC
Glen Kelley
New Bedford, MA
3 Ratings
Thank you
#12-Mynor's Lawns & Garden
Mynor Dunn
New Bedford, MA
27 Ratings
Mynor's Lawn & Garden has serviced New Bedford, MA for over 20 years. Meticulous and experienced, Mynor's Lawn & Garden is known for grass mowing, leaf removal, and flower bed maintenance. They also offer stump removal.
#13-Theodore's Lawns Treeatment & Lawnscape Inc
Theodore Lloyd
New Bedford, MA
27 Ratings
Great work. Thank you.
#14-Spencer West's Landscaping
Spencer West
New Bedford, MA
27 Ratings
Searching for a punctual grass cutting company that is proficient in good grass cutting in New Bedford? Then Spencer and his crew are your solution!

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