Fall Lawn Care Tips for Memphis, TN

Fall season in Memphis is a relief from the preceding hot months. Your lawn is under more friendly temperatures, but as winter looms ahead, fall is the best time to start preparing your lawn for the upcoming cold weather. Here are some fall lawn care tips to make sure your lawn stays in the best shape possible.

Clear Your Weeds and Leaves

Weeds grow quickly in the summer. But in the fall season, now is the time to pluck weeds out and use a pre-emergent weed killer that will stop new growth until spring. Although it's lovely watching Memphis trees shed orange leaves, the resulting debris can hurt your lawn. Clumps of leaves block crucial sunlight and soak up water meant to reach your lawn. Remove these leaves with a rake and check your grass for diseases or pests.

Use Fertilizer

Fall season is the optimal time to fertilize your cold season grasses in preparation for winter. But knowing what kind of fertilizer to use takes some work. You'll need a soil test. This test will inform you on what nutrients your lawn is lacking and will help you choose the right fertilizer.

If you live in the city with only an indoor or outdoor garden, fertilization is still a necessary step for your plants’ survival. Just a small note of caution: use an odor-free fertilizer for indoor gardens.

Plant Grass Seeds

Planting cold season grasses should be done somewhere between September and October. Overseeding is the best process. The first step is to cut your lawn very short by setting your mower to its lowest setting. Cutting the lawn this short allows the new seeds to reach deep into the soil.

Remember Indoor Maintenance

If the aforementioned tips weren’t too relevant because you live in the city, fall is still an important time for you. Garden owners should plant their food and vegetables now because they thrive in the fall season. While there are many options to choose from, leafy greens such as lettuce are quick to grow.

Besides indoor gardening, it’s important to continue the upkeep of plants that you have around the house. Inspect them for any signs of disease or malnutrition, and continue to water them the recommended amount.

These lawn and garden tips may be laborious, but the reward is great. By winter time, your lawn will be healthy and robust against the brittle temperatures, and your garden will reap quality produce.

Need help preparing your lawn for this fall? Visit our Memphis, TN lawn care service page to get in touch with a professional! In addition to Memphis, we provide lawn care services to Tennessee cities, including Nashville, Knoxville, Hendersonville, and Smyrna.