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The Top Lawn Care Services in Cary in 2017

Brandon Lawn Care Inc.
Brandon Santos / Owner
Cary, NC
4 Years of Lawn Care Experience

4.88 /5 8 Verified Reviews

Services Offered


Bush Trimming


Lawn Mowing

Manual Quotes

If you are serious about the quality of your yard, than pick Brandon. He is very knowledgeable and hard working.

Cary, NC 6/20/2016

My yard is STUNNING now. I decided to get lawn care service for the first time this season and it definitely makes a difference.

Cary, NC 6/24/2016

Hooray...since my lawn looks good for the first time in ages. Can't be happier with their quality and attention to customer needs.

Cary, NC 9/5/2015

Cary Lawn Care and Mowing Inc.
William Canton / Owner
Cary, NC
3 Years of Lawn Care Experience

4.7 /5 10 Verified Reviews

Services Offered

Lawn Maintenance



Manual Quote


Nobody will do a better job than Will and his gang. Loved the way they explain the entire process as well as giving reminder about scheduling next services.

Cary, NC 5/21/2013

Superb job. The first customer-centric lawn care company that I've had the pleasure of doing business with.

Cary, NC 6/11/2014

Cary Lawn Care and Mowing was recommended to me by my neighbor and I'm glad I called them. My lawn was looking comparable to the neighbor's in no time.

Cary, NC 7/1/2014

Super thrilled that they were able to service Morrisville. I have pets on my property and they are always congizant of that fact and give us ample time to cage them up. Wouldn't recommend anyone else.

Morrisville, NC 8/12/2014

I actually enjoy the summer season now because my yard looks awesome. Have been a customer for over a year and don't plan to change anytime soon.

Cary, NC 8/4/2016

Hector and Sons Lawn Services Inc.
Hector Luis / Owner
Cary, NC
1 Years of Lawn Care Experience

4.89 /5 9 Verified Reviews

Services Offered

Lawn Service


Tree Care

Weed Control

Manual Quotes

Didn't expect to get this level of service considering that I was dealing with a lawn care company but it's truly a revolutionary concept.

Cary, NC 7/22/2016

They provide an extraordinary customer experience. Super easy to schedule/cancel mowings. I love that they are open to new technologies.

Clegg, NC 9/2/2015

They go above and beyond in providing a great customer experience. Scheduling and managing lawn care services couldn't be easier.

Cary, NC 5/9/2015

Lawn tip of the week

If you have any bare patches, it's a great time to seed them! Aeration and overseeding can be performed, although these are better done during fall.

Should I water my lawn today?

The expected precipitation in Cary, NC today is 0 inches. You will most likely have to water your lawn today. The best time to water is at dusk or dawn.

Sunrise Sunset
7:05 am 7:34 pm

Cary lawn care facts

Average Yard Size 6,528 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $47.39

Popular services in Cary

Percent of Weekly Cuts 28%
Percent of Biweekly Cuts 54%
Percent of Monthly Cuts 18%
Percent of Lawns Fertilized 9%
Percent of Lawns with Leaf Removal 14%
Percent of Aerated Lawns 14%
Percent of Yards with Cleanups 16%
Percentage of Days That Are Sunny 63%

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  • Regency
  • Preston
  • MacGregor Downs
  • Lochmere
  • Cary Park
  • Carpenter
  • Amberly
  • Most everywhere else…

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