6 Scenic Places to Visit in Tulsa, OK

Tulsa residents know a secret fact that many other Americans look over: that Tulsa is a booming city with plenty of interesting things to see and do in Northeastern Oklahoma. Visitors are often surprised at the diverse depth of activities that Tulsa has to offer in terms of restaurants, museums, and outdoor hot spots.

Exploring nature is a common activity that many area residents enjoy within different parts of the city. You’ll find plenty of green space in downtown Tulsa which provides a daily stress reliever for those workers cooped up in cubicles all day in the banking financial district. Other areas of nature within the Tulsa area include ample open space for both kids and adults to stretch their muscles which can help to support better health. Check out these six places to explore nature in Tulsa for your own dose of positive health effects.

1. Woodward Park

Located Southeast of downtown in the Swan Lake area, Woodward Park offers a substantial amount of beautiful plants and flowers that are common photo backdrops. Many visitors enjoy the peace and quiet that the park offers without the need for a lot of extra attractions. The walking paths, carefully sculpted gardens, and large trees offer their own entertainment for those wanting to explore nature just steps from many residential areas. The Linnaeus Teaching Garden is also included in the space which allows kids of all ages to learn about how to grow and care for plants which is an added touch to the charm of Woodward Park.

2. River Parks

If you are looking to get in some exercise while also enjoying nature look no further than River Parks. The area includes 26 miles of surfaced trails making this a great option for area runners, walkers, and bicyclists. The trails run along the banks of the Arkansas River as well as around other popular outdoor activities like playgrounds, splash pad, and fountains.

3. Tulsa Botanic Garden

Set on over 170-acres in Northwest Tulsa, the Tulsa Botanic Garden offers plenty to see and enjoy on a sunny day. Visitors can casually stroll around the large lake within the garden as well as hike the one-mile nature trail that gets visitors up close to native plants in the Tulsa area. The gardens feature different exhibits that are tailored to a wide range of causes including the Children’s Discovery Garden as well as the A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Floral Terraces. Stop by the popular Spring Giant which is a 15 foot tall carving a face for the ultimate selfie.

4. Turkey Mountain Park

Known as Tulsa’s Urban Wilderness Area, Turkey Mountain Park sits just 7 miles from downtown Tulsa but seems like a world away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Many Tulsans covet their time within the park in order to get away from it all and find peace. Turkey Mountain Park offers many different trails that range in difficulty. Families will enjoy the easier trails near the parking lot while other visitors go for the more moderate to hard inclined trails that offer a wide range of natural obstacles.

5. Mary K. Oxley Nature Center

This gem of a resource is tucked away into a corner of Mohawk Park that is located North of Downtown Tulsa. Over 800 acres make up the Mary K. Oxley Nature Center, inspiring wonder and educating visitors about the different facets of nature in the Tulsa area. The space includes 9 miles of trails in order to get out into nature as well as a nature center to learn more about the different species that call Tulsa home. The nature center is a great place to spot a wide range of animals including 38 species of mammals and flying squirrels. There is also a 70-acre man-made lake within the nature center, and over 700 species of plants throughout the space.

6. Redbud Valley Nature Preserve

This short one-mile trail may seem small but the rugged features of the trail will take visitors through a wide variety of habitats over a short amount of space. The Redbud Valley Nature Preserve was created for Tulsans to enjoy the beauty and majesty of the area as well as learn about the native plants and animals that reside there. The preserve is free to visit but does have a list of things that are not allowed including bringing pets or having picnics. Visitors won’t find a lot of cement or updates to the property as the purpose is to create a natural trail to explore the best of what nature has to offer.

There are plenty of places in Tulsa to get out and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Consider visiting all of these gorgeous places to explore nature in Tulsa on your next lunch break or outing with the family.

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