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Top Harrisburg, PA lawn Services of May 2020

#1-Atwood's Landscaping LLC

23 verified reviews
John Atwood
Harrisburg, PA

Great job as always by Ben. Also he ensured the back gate was properly closed. Thanks!!!

#2-Arrow Lawn And Landscape

39 verified reviews
Chris McCormick
Harrisburg, PA

the yard looked great-this will help my husband so much. He is so busy-glad I did this for his birthday present!!

#3-Property Services Landscaping Inc

26 verified reviews
Earl Cook
Harrisburg, PA

He came right back and did an excellent job in both the back yard and front. I only request to know what day he is coming ...

#4-Green Zone

36 verified reviews
Travis Sullivan
Harrisburg, PA

Our lawn has never looked better and the neighbors are noticing! Thank you David!

#5-Perfect CutLawn Care Service LLC

38 verified reviews
Arnold Shuler
Harrisburg, PA

i forgot to unlock the gate. are you back in this area anytime soon? As always great Job.

#6-Otto Walker's Lawns & Garden LLC

4 verified reviews
Otto Walker
Harrisburg, PA

Given the thin grass in iur lawn and theweather cooling where the grass isn't growing as much, pls skip our next cut which ...

#7-Mow And Grow Lawn Care Service

20 verified reviews
Nasir Hurley
Harrisburg, PA

The service was great except the date of service is incorrect.

#8-Liberty Lawn Treatment INC

36 verified reviews
Kyle Fernandez
Harrisburg, PA

I like to speak with the workmen before they start a job. Billy was very pleasant and he did a good job. I'm not a custom ...


34 verified reviews
Earl Waldrop
Harrisburg, PA

Jarvis continues to mow our lawn, edge our areas and blow the clippings in an outstanding manner. I'm truly impressed with ...

#10-Derek's Lawns Solutions

41 verified reviews
Derek Rewis
Harrisburg, PA

So quick that I didn't know he came and went!

34 verified reviews
Alex Raptapolus
6728 Terrace Way
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Great job! Thank you!
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1 verified reviews
Ralph Markel
300 Tennessee Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Services Offered: lawn treatment , spring cleanups, lawn fertilization
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19 verified reviews
Kossi Fiavi
935 South 16th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17104

Good job! First time I've seen my grass cut the length it should be. I may look down the road at what other services you ...
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84 verified reviews
Anson Wilson
630 Camp Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Services Offered: grass cutting , aeration, edging
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16 verified reviews
Tony Ulinfun
6250 South Highlands Circle
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Services Offered: regular lawn care , lawn fertilization, grass cutting
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65 verified reviews
Bernard Brown
1501 Allison Street
Harrisburg, PA 17104

All around solid service.
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108 verified reviews
Terrell Phillips
3130 Walnut Street
Harrisburg, PA 17109

Services Offered: fall cleanups , lawn mowing, lawn treatment
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95 verified reviews
James Henry
505 Alden Street
Harrisburg, PA 17109

Services Offered: lawn care , lawn mowing, lawn treatment
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91 verified reviews
Curtis Witherow
145 Piketown Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112

Excellent work. No complaints whatsoever.
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92 verified reviews
purcell McDonald
159 Lucknow Road
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Services Offered: spring cleanups , aeration, lawn mowing service
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19 verified reviews
Barry Spriggs
148 Lucknow Road
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Great job. Fast work. Nice guy!
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108 verified reviews
Charles Dominick
1626 Park Street
Harrisburg, PA 17103

Services Offered: fall cleanups , lawn fertilization, lawn treatment
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Harrisburg played a role throughout America’s history, including critical turning points like the Civil War and Industrial Revolution. Currently serving as the capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg is a fantastic place to raise a family and enjoy life, which is why the town is consistently growing.

Residents can access the great outdoors as soon as they leave their front doors. Take time to bike or run up and down the scenic trails along the Susquehanna River in Riverfront Park. Throughout the summer, Riverfront Park hosts dozens of annual festivals and events.

Foodies rejoice, Harrisburg is bursting onto the scene with some fantastic new restaurants to try. Home 231 or Cork & Fork, which serves possibly the best pizza in Harrisburg.

On the weekend, we visit Broadstreet Market located on North Third and Verbeke Streets. Residents come here to purchase locally-grown produce, meats, and sample local wares. Harrisburg has so much to offer, including some fantastic farmers and baked goods!

In fact, we love our farmers so much that we host The Farm Show each year and its one of the largest in the country. Country lovers and city folk alike come to the show to sample milkshakes and see what’s new that year.

Harrisburg residents love baseball; the Harrisburg Senators steal our hearts. That’s why we flock to FNB Field, located on City Island, to catch a game and enjoy the ballpark food. It’s always good, right?

When we want to get in touch with nature, a trip to Wildwood Park is the perfect remedy. Take a stroll around the lake and enjoy the wildlife. Hershey Gardens showcases the natural beauty of Harrisburg, and they host events for kids frequently. Kids love the Butterfly Atrium at Hershey Gardens. Everyone loves butterflies!

Harrisburg has classic northern weather, which means you only have a few months of fantastic weather. You don’t want to waste any of those gorgeous summer days on taking care of your lawn. That’s just a drag.

Instead, turn to LawnStarter! Let LawnStarter take care of your lawn mowing and other lawn services for you. All you have to do is give us your address and desired start date. Take a look at the price quotes, and leave the rest up to LawnStarter. We will match you with a local Harrisburg lawn care professional to take care of your lawn. LawnStarter is your lawn care near me solution you never thought you needed, but will be thankful that you have

You control everything from your mobile app including frequency of lawn mowing, ordering service and even switching to another lawn care pro near you. The app allows you to change the frequency of their visits. Later, residents can add specialty services, like tree trimming or bush shaping. Everything is at your fingertips.

Harrisburg is a city with modernization on the mind, and we love all of the changes coming to the area. Don’t waste time mowing your grass each summer. Instead, let LawnStarter get down to the dirty work, while you enjoy everything Harrisburg has to offer.

Recent jobs completed by Harrisburg, PA lawn maintenance companies.

Project: Lawn Mowing

Feedback: Thank you so much! My yard looks fantastic! - Amy J.

Serviced by Earl Waldrop, Buffalo


Date: Mar 02, 2020

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Project: Lawn Service

Feedback: Fabulous job.! - Jim g.

Serviced by Alex Raptapolus, Star Cleaning & Lawn Care


Date: Nov 05, 2019

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Project: Lawn Care

Feedback: Great job! Thank you! - alexix l.

Serviced by Alex Raptapolus, Star Cleaning & Lawn Care


Date: Sep 30, 2019

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Project: Lawn Mowing


Serviced by Curtis Witherow, Curtis withero


Date: Jul 19, 2019

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Project: Lawn Maintenance

Feedback: All around solid service. - Tanner H.

Serviced by Bernard Brown, Brown Landscape


Date: Jul 13, 2019

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Project: Lawn Service

Feedback: So quick that I didn't know he came and went! - Tamara B.

Serviced by Derek Rewis, Derek's Lawns Solutions


Date: Jul 04, 2019

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Project: Landscaping

Requested by Oscar H.

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Yard Size: 14,192 square feet

Items Needing Service: hedges

Location on Property: backyard

Work to be Done: remove the hedges from the backyard

Price: $44

Serviced by: Mow And Grow Lawn Care Service

Project: Other Landscaping Service

Requested by Steve D.

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Yard Size: 10,540 square feet

Items Needing Service: I am currently on a bi-weekly schedule and I need to have my lawn cut changed to once a month from now through approximately April.

Location on Property: all

Work to be Done: Change mowing frequency from bi-weekly to monthly for the duration of the winter months to approximately April

Price: $80

Serviced by: Perfect CutLawn Care Service LLC

Project: Tree Pruning / Care

Requested by Kevin W.

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Yard Size: 4,708 square feet

Items Needing Service: 2 palm trees

Location on Property: front yard

Work to be Done: Need to clean the droppings and trim up dead dried leaves.

Price: $51

Serviced by: Liberty Lawn Treatment INC

Project: Pruning of Shrubs

Requested by Janie G.

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Yard Size: 10,222 square feet

Items Needing Service: The 2 small bushes in front of the yard. they need to be trimmed.

Location on Property: in front of the yard( house)

Work to be Done: trimmed

Price: $30

Serviced by: Property Services Landscaping Inc

Project: Mulching

Requested by Rey D.

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Yard Size: 6,978 square feet

Items Needing Service: flower beds

Location on Property: in the front yard around the cactus area

Work to be Done: get a quote for installing some mulch in there

Price: $206

Serviced by: Buffalo

Project: Tree Service

Requested by Richard F.

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Yard Size: 7,190 square feet

Items Needing Service: One big tree in the front

Location on Property: Right in the front

Work to be Done: trim it down

Price: $82

Serviced by: Otto Walker's Lawns & Garden LLC

Project: Trimming of Hedges

Recommended by Terrell Phillips, All-star property management and maintenanc

Location: Harrisburg, PA 17121

Yard Size: 10,665 square feet

Price: $305

Description: Full yard Trim all bushes and bag clippings. Most Bushes are over ten foot tall.

Project: General Lawn Maintenance

Recommended by Kossi Fiavi, Sel

Location: Harrisburg, PA 17127

Price: $122

Description: Back yard Rake and seed back yard with grass seed to make yard more full

Project: Other Yard Maintenance

Recommended by purcell McDonald, gifted hand lawn care

Location: Harrisburg, PA 17107

Yard Size: 20,932 square feet

Price: $24

Description: Full yard Bag grass clippings when cutting grass full yard and remove from property haul all clippings away

Project: Flower Bed Weeding

Recommended by Ralph Markel, M&M Lawncare

Location: Harrisburg, PA 17129

Price: $9

Description: Front yard Clear beds of weeds in preparation for fresh mulch

Project: Yard And Flowerbed Cleanup

Recommended by John Atwood, Atwood's Landscaping LLC

Location: Harrisburg, PA 17109

Yard Size: 21,954 square feet

Price: $732

Description: Full yard we recommend you to clean up the leaves ...lets us know

Project: Flower Bed Weeding

Recommended by Tony Ulinfun, Tones Landscape

Location: Harrisburg, PA 17129

Yard Size: 12,712 square feet

Price: $366

Description: Back yard This is for the work that was completed on Monday. Please approve so I can get it marked as complete and paid. Thanks

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