Yard Drainage 101 In Harrisburg, Pa.

yard drainage 101 in harrisburg

Water leaking into your basement can be your worst nightmare. What about standing water or pools that never seem to go away? This may be a sign that you have a lot of clay in your soil. You could install an expensive permanent drainage system, but there are also several creative ways to deal with improper drainage here in Pennsylvania. Here is our guide for yard drainage 101 in Harrisburg, including easy and fun DIY projects for the whole family.

Sketch a Plan

sketchBefore you go digging up your yard, you need to draw a plan, including all outbuildings and features of your landscape to get a better idea where all the high and low spots are located. You want to make sure the water is traveling away from your house and your neighbor’s house.

Yard Grading

This simple technique involves adding soil around the foundation of your house to make a slope, so water runs away from the house and not toward it. Before you start digging it’s important to know where all the pipes and lines feeding into your home are located.

Add a Drainpipe

rain barrelThe best way to get rid of water is to drain it away via underground PVC pipe. Just dig a trench or downspout from the source to the area you wish to put the drainage basin. Simple, out of sight out of mind.

Make A Beautiful Water Feature

Instead of burying feet of PVC pipes underground why not create a water feature that diverts water into a pond? This is an ideal project for the entire family. Begin by creating a gently sloping trench to your drainage area. Then have fun by placing boulders and rocks, and waterfall here and there. Finish it off by planting ornamental grasses and shrubs to help make it look more natural.

Rain Garden

rain gardenA rain garden is just a cleverly disguised swampy area that you alter to make it look like you intentionally made it. Add to it by directing water from your drain pipes or water features into it. Turn that ugly and embarrassing pool of standing water into a beautiful and functioning feature. Add boulders, cattails and water lilies to make it even more attractive.

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Rachel Vogel