5 Places to Explore Nature in Greensboro, NC

North Carolina features a wide variety of breathtaking natural areas, and Greensboro specifically is home to many different beautiful parks, lakes, and even swamps. The area around Greensboro features truly unique outdoors experiences, and whether you live in the area, or if you’re just visiting, there are quite a few great places to explore nature alone or with family and friends.

With so many opportunities to witness amazing scenes throughout nature, outdoor activities of a wide range can be found in the area. Spending time out in nature has been proven to passively help relieve stress, is perfect for exercise, and is completely free to experience. So if you’re in the area, and you’ve become inspired to start exploring, check out these spots around Greensboro for the best experiences.

1. Hanging Rock State Park

Offering spectacular landscape views, and hikes that show off beautiful creeks and waterfalls, this North Carolina state park is a fantastic spot to relax and enjoy nature. Whether you want to spend a few nights camping alongside a waterfall, or hike to the famous Hanging Rock, there’s always something to explore here.

2. Fishing at Lake Higgins, Brandt, or Townsend

Greensboro is home to three man made reservoirs, all of which feature stocked fishing experiences, boating, and much more. At Lake Higgins, Lake Brandt, or Lake Townsend, you can find scenic views, and great fishing, with stocked reservoirs mostly containing largemouth bass, crappies, and catfish. These sights may not impress the most advanced fishermen, but there is no better place for fishing novices.

3. Flat Water Paddling on the Black River

The Black River in Greensboro is a host to some of the best paddle boarding in North Carolina. The area offers spectacular views of the swamps it runs through, some of which contain the oldest living trees in eastern North America. For a day long excursion, try picking out popular spots along the river to stop and see a portion of the area.

4. Trail Run the Watershed Lakes Trails

Over 42 miles of trails run all throughout the area around Lakes Brandt, Higgins and Townsend, and is perfect for trail runners of all experience levels. These trails offer beautiful scenic views, while also offering challenges even for advanced runners.

5. The Greensboro Arboretum

Containing 14 different plant collections, the Greensboro Arboretum has been offering beautiful gardens to the public since 1991. This arboretum is free and open to the public, and features many unique species of plants not found in the area natively. For a cheap afternoon excursion, save your money and simply enjoy a quaint, professionally groomed garden for a change of scenery.

To learn how to cultivate a nature area in your own backyard visit our Greensboro lawn care page for more information.