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Fast friendly and professional Anthony and his assistant were here and done in no time. The lawn looks awesome with professional edging and clippings blown away and off all the sidewalks, driveway, and furniture. Anthony is a great asset to your service and should be acknowledged as so often.

-Victoria I. in Westerville, OH

A fair price and an excellent job. Adian and his crew helped give my lawn the TLC it needed Profession and courteous I had communication throughout the process.

-Monte B. in Westerville, OH

They did a great through job and never bothered us. We got more than I expected.

-C.W. W. in Westerville, OH

Westerville, OH - Sep 18, 2019
Westerville Lawn Care Recommendations

Should I water my lawn today?

We currently have no rainfall data available for Westerville, OH.

Sunrise   7:42 am Sunset   5:06 pm

Lawn tip of the week

Did you know? There are approximately 50 million acres of grass in the United States. Approximately 21 million of those acres are in our front and back yards.

Grass Cutting Height Preferences

Long (6-7 inches) 7%
Medium (4-5 inches) 37%
Short (2-3 inches) 56%

Popular Grass Types in Westerville

Bermudagrass 25%
Kentucky Bluegrass 20%
Tall Fescue 18%
Perennial Ryegrass 11%
Centipedegrass 11%
Buffalograss 9%
Zoysiagrass 6%

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 9,763 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $44.27
Average Customer Review 4.61 / 5.0

Weekly Cuts 23%
Biweekly Cuts 22%
Monthly Cuts 55%
Lawns Fertilized 14%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 12%
Aerated Lawns 6%
Yards with Cleanups 8%
Days That Are Sunny 6%

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FAQ About Lawn Maintenance in Westerville

What's the best way to maintain your lawn?

In the Westerville area, maintaining a lush, green lawn involves a number of things, from consistent mowing, to weeding, watering, fertilization aeration and more. The average lawn size here in Westerville is 9,763 square feet, which typically takes 88 minutes to mow if you do it yourself.

Additionally, you'll want to fertilize your lawn 5 times per year, with each application tailored to that time of year. It's also a good idea to get a soil test done once every 2-4 years to ensure your soil isn't lacking key nutrients. Professional fertilization in Westerville averages about $60 per application, and includes spot weed treatment.

Aeration is a process that relieves compaction, helps grass establish roots, and allows air and nutrients to reach the soil. Ideally, you should aerate once per year, every three years at the very minimum. Despite it's importance, only 6 percent of Westerville homeowners get aeration. Aeration in Westerville costs $146 on average, but depends on lawn size, and should be done in spring or fall.

Finally, watering is critical. You'll generally want to water in the morning before 7:42 am or in the evening after 5:06 pm so the water does not evaporate. Westerville does not have watering restrictions.

How much does it cost to have your lawn mowed in Westerville?

While the average cost of grass cutting in Westerville is $44.27, the price depends primarily on lawn size and mowing frequency.

Here is the average price in Westerville by lawn size:

  • 1/8 Acre: $33.4
  • 1/4 Acre: $37.1
  • 1/3 Acre: $40.4
  • 1/2 Acre: $52.9

Here is the average mowing price by frequency:

  • Weekly: $35.86
  • Biweekly: $49.58
  • Monthly: $54.45

Two other factors that can increase price are corner lots and gates. In Westerville, 17% of homes are on a corner lot, and 44% of homes have backyard gates.

Can I get fined for not cutting my lawn?

First, you'll have to check your Homeowners Association rules. In Westerville, 33% of homeowners are part of a HOA, and most HOAs have restrictions on grass and overgrown bushes.

Recent Reviews

We encourage feedback from all customers to ensure we are delivering the best service possible.

He did an amazing job. Our grass was really high and he did it all by himself. Great job!
Lisandra V. - Sep 14, 2019 - Westerville, OH,
Grass Cutting by Nate Heinzman,
Nate's landscaping
As always BJ has done a wonderful job.
Victoria I. - Sep 06, 2019 - Westerville, OH,
Lawn Mowing Service by Sabrina Finley,
Benyo Mowing
Cody did Amazing Job!
Tomeeka Jenkins - Sep 05, 2019 - Westerville, OH,
Lawn Service by Cody Wolfe,
Cody wolf
Everything was great . I like the work . Thumbs up
Amina Thomas - Sep 04, 2019 - Westerville, OH,
Lawn Care by Rodney Sotelo,
Rodney's Garden Services LLC
Great job
Hassan O. - Aug 30, 2019 - Westerville, OH,
Lawn Care by Jewel Holgu’n,
Jewel's Lawns And Landscape
Great job
Cathy Rockhold - Aug 27, 2019 - Westerville, OH,
Lawn Care by B.J. Schuetz,
Schuetz Landscaping Services
Cares for your yard as if it's his own!
Scarlett Turner - Aug 27, 2019 - Westerville, OH,
Lawn Mowing by Romualdo Galarza,
Redwood Lawn
Wonderful service!!!!!
Bill Wesley - Aug 23, 2019 - Westerville, OH,
Lawn Service by B.J. Schuetz,
Schuetz Landscaping Services
Good job Thank you. Next time please pay better attention to securing the fence at the bottom third so the dogs don't get out. Thank you.
Jenna T. - Aug 14, 2019 - Westerville, OH,
Yard Cutting by Jeffrey Tolbert,
Capital City Lawn Guarder
Excellent work!
David D. - Aug 14, 2019 - Westerville, OH,
Grass Cutting by Toshi Vega,
Buckeye Lawn And Landscape
Fantastic job, very friendly and respectful. Great job
Amine R. - Jul 23, 2019 - Westerville, OH,
Lawn Service by DesdŽmona Victoria,
Victoria's Landscaping LLC
It looked very nice . Will use Lamont again for trimming
Holly L. - Jul 19, 2019 - Westerville, OH,
Lawn Mowing by Anicet Hightower,
Anicet's Lawns Treatment And Landscape

Overall Rating: 4.88 / 5 stars (101 reviews)

Service Recommendations in Westerville

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for extra lawn services in Westerville, OH.

Flower Bed Weeding

Recommended by Thomas Chambliss


Location: Westerville, OH 43082

Yard Size: 6,380 square feet

Price: $12

Description: Full yard Spraying weed control around flower beds and pavement

Stick and Leaf Cleanup

Recommended by Louie Fonseca


Location: Westerville, OH 43081

Yard Size: 4,099 square feet

Price: $122

Description: Back yard Fully weed wack the back and then mow 3 different levels.

Yard And Flowerbed Cleaning

Recommended by Nate Heinzman


Location: Westerville, OH 43086

Yard Size: 11,399 square feet

Price: $49

Description: Front yard, Back yard, Left side, Right side Need additional time for clean up two week gone by the grass it above 9 inches the front tooks us two mows to finish the front

Pruning of Bushes

Recommended by Cody Wolfe


Location: Westerville, OH 43081

Yard Size: 2,152 square feet

Price: $100

Description: Full yard Trim and clean clipping from shrubs in front and back of yard

Trimming of Bushes

Recommended by Casildo Dickson


Location: Westerville, OH 43082

Yard Size: 25,323 square feet

Price: $24

Description: Full yard Trim hedges of the the uploaded pictures. Pick up big clippings and mulch smaller clippings with the mower.

Tree Care

Recommended by Jon Robles


Location: Westerville, OH 43081

Yard Size: 6,642 square feet

Price: $67

Description: Right side This is to pruning the small tree that is growing to you neighbor driveway see the pictures attached with this request

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Westerville

Shrub Trimming

Requested by Andrea K.


Location: Westerville, OH

Yard Size: 4,382 square feet

Items Needing Service: Front bush trimming - nothing fancy, just enough to satisfy the HOA!

Location on Property: Front along walkway

Work to be Done: Trimming”

Price: $24

Serviced by: Buckeye Lawn And Landscape

Hedge Trimming

Requested by Melissa H.


Location: Westerville, OH

Yard Size: 8,926 square feet

Items Needing Service: Hedges

Location on Property: Front door

Work to be Done: Needs to be leveled and evened

Price: $29

Serviced by: Garica's Lawns Solutions


Requested by Cynthia J.


Location: Westerville, OH

Yard Size: 9,550 square feet

Items Needing Service: There are some leaves that need to be hauled away. Also there is a brick pathway and brick patio that have settled into the ground and are uneven. I would like to see these bricks reset so the path andnpatio are level.

Location on Property: Back yard

Work to be Done: See above

Price: $500

Serviced by: White-Cedar Lawn Treatment And Landscape

Lawn Cleanup

Requested by Tracey W.


Location: Westerville, OH

Yard Size: 6,593 square feet

Items Needing Service: Clean out flower beds and large overgrowth of lantana.

Location on Property: Backyard flower bed by air conditioner and flower bed in front of back patio and the lantana in front of the back patio cut it all the way down.

Work to be Done: Clean out flower bed and trim bushes and overgrown lantana cut it all way down

Price: $176

Serviced by: Horsechestnu

Bush Trimming

Requested by Kymberlee T.


Location: Westerville, OH

Yard Size: 2,791 square feet

Items Needing Service: Bushe and "bush tree"

Location on Property: One in front and three in the back

Work to be Done: Trim them up

Price: $59

Serviced by: Redwood Lawn

Leaf Collection

Requested by Matt b.


Location: Westerville, OH

Yard Size: 2,583 square feet

Items Needing Service: Need both yards mowed for leaves

Location on Property: Entire property

Work to be Done: See previous entry

Price: $32

Serviced by: Anicet's Lawns Treatment And Landscape


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