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Escondido, CA - Jul 4, 2020
Escondido Lawn Care Recommendations

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Lawn tip of the week

Did you know? There are approximately 50 million acres of grass in the United States. Approximately 21 million of those acres are in our front and back yards.

Grass Cutting Height Preferences

Long (6-7 inches) 3%
Medium (4-5 inches) 18%
Short (2-3 inches) 79%

Popular Grass Types in Escondido

Bermudagrass 47%
Kentucky Bluegrass 28%
Tall Fescue 25%

Lawn Care Facts

Average Yard Size 9,838 sq ft
Average Mowing Price $41.08

Lawns Fertilized 8%
Lawns with Leaf Removal 11%
Aerated Lawns 2%
Yards with Cleanups 9%
Days That Are Sunny 7%

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Best Lawn Care in Escondido

Lying in a shallow valley surrounded by Rocky Hills, Escondido is located about thirty miles from downtown San Diego. As one of the oldest cities in California, it's one of the best places in which to live and work. This town may be old, but it’s certainly not worn out - it offers visitors and locals plenty of opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is a vast wildlife sanctuary, where you can tour a 1,800-acre wildlife sanctuary. This park is home to more than 300 species of African and Asian animals. The Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve features native plants, hiking and biking trails. It's also an excellent place to go horseback riding.

If a wine tasting is what a relaxed weekend calls for, head over to Orfila Vineyards and Winery. This classic vineyard features wine tastings and tours, along with expertly crafted beverages to suit any palate. Cordiana Winery is another favorite family-owned vineyard, offering thin-crust pizza and Italian desserts.

If you've got kids, make sure you plan a day at the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum. This playful museum offers hands-on, exhibits for children to learn more about science and technology. Kit Carson Park is another kid-friendly area, with hiking trails, an arboretum, three ponds, and sports fields.

After a day on the town, you have a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Pho Truc Xanh offers a Chinese-Vietnamese menu of banh mi, pho, fried rice & lo mein. Bellamy's serves California-French cuisine, and Vintana in the Lexus Centre offers fine dining featuring American favorites.

Here in Escondido, there's no shortage of things to do, see, and explore. But have you taken the time to see them all? Probably not if you’re already swamped with that weekend to-do list.

Enter LawnStarter, the name for all things lawn care in Escondido and the rest of California. We offer a customized approach to lawn care that's revolutionary, to say the least. To get started, all you need to do is visit our website or install the handy LawnStarter mobile app. From there, you can plug in your zip code. We'll send you back a list of all the services available in your area.

From basic lawn mowing to more advanced flower care, our skilled technicians can do it all. And there are no surprises here - when you book with LawnStarter, you’ll get a list of prices and potential start dates to make booking lawn care easier than ever.

Contact LawnStarter today, and begin making the time you need to enjoy everything Escondido has to offer.

Recent Review

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Amy B.'s Lawn Mowing service in Avila's Landscaping
Thank you so much for your attention to detail on this mowing. I was beginning to feel closed in! However, that still doesn't change how I feel about lawnstarter as a company. You should not have to overcompensate for their failure to compensate. Thank you again for your kindness!
Amy B. - Sep 24, 2019 - Escondido, CA
Lawn Mowing by Erik Avila,
Avila's Landscaping
Jim M.'s Lawn Care service in Avila's Landscaping
Looks great. Coming home to a fresh cut lawn after working all day was worth every penny. Couldn't be happier.
Jim M. - Sep 17, 2019 - Escondido, CA
Lawn Care by Erik Avila,
Avila's Landscaping
Tanya S.'s Lawn Care service in Green destin
Very reliable and does not cut corners; quality mindset!! Thank you
Tanya S. - Jun 19, 2019 - Escondido, CA
Lawn Care by Fredy Lopez,
Green destin
Kay G.'s Grass Cutting service in The lawn co
Thanks! Looks great!
Kay G. - Jun 11, 2019 - Escondido, CA
Grass Cutting by Jesus Ibarra,
The lawn co
Fadumo A.'s Lawn Mowing service in Reginald's Lawns Care Service
He did a great, timely job.
Fadumo A. - May 31, 2019 - Escondido, CA
Lawn Mowing by Reginald Hutchinson,
Reginald's Lawns Care Service
Kaye H.'s Lawn Maintenance service in Christian Lawnrence's Lawns & Landscape
Looks very good!
Kaye H. - May 23, 2019 - Escondido, CA
Lawn Maintenance by Christian Lawrence,
Christian Lawnrence's Lawns & Landscape

Overall Rating: 4.8 / 5 stars (10 reviews)

Service Recommendations in Escondido

LawnStarter pros will let you know what your lawn needs. Here are some recent recommendations for lawn care services in Escondido, CA.

Lawn Cleanup

Recommended by Ruben Fuller

Location: Escondido, CA 92033
Yard Size: 4,990 square feet
Price: $110
Full yard Trim all the tress and the brushes really nice to make it look better

General Landscaping / Maintenance

Recommended by Philip Saunders

Location: Escondido, CA 92033
Yard Size: 9,041 square feet
Price: $61
Right side Remove fallen pine tree from right side of house 

Flower Bed Weeding

Recommended by Fredy Lopez

Location: Escondido, CA 92046
Yard Size: 5,665 square feet
Price: $91
Full yard We will weedeat all weeds in flowerbeds and make them look nice.

Yard And Flowerbed Cleanup

Recommended by Ralph Castaneda

Location: Escondido, CA 92030
Yard Size: 4,168 square feet
Price: $98
Back yard Mow edge blow and clean up. Per customer request

Yard And Flowerbed Cleaning

Recommended by Phillip Porter

Location: Escondido, CA 92033
Yard Size: 2,984 square feet
Price: $91
Front yard We going to pick up the leaves in front of the house

Flower Bed Weeding

Recommended by Philip Saunders

Location: Escondido, CA 92025
Yard Size: 2,764 square feet
Price: $49
Left side, Front yard Weeding flower beds in the front yard and along the left side of the house where walk way is

Requests for Service

Have a project in mind? Request a no-obligation quote from your pro with the tap of a button. Here are some recent quotes requested in Escondido

Yard Cleaning

Requested by Conrad H.


Location: Escondido, CA
Yard Size: 7,877 square feet
Price: $91
Items Needing Service: Clean leave, debris, overgrowth on about 250sq ft of lawn. Could be done with a lawn mower, but may need extra tools.

Location on Property: North side of the property, front and side of house.

Work to be Done: Cleanup, debris removal, bush trimming/removal.

Serviced by: D. Shockley's...
Show More

Trimming of Hedges

Requested by Allison N.


Location: Escondido, CA
Yard Size: 5,086 square feet
Price: $82
Items Needing Service: We have several privets that need a trim as well as a jasmine bush and some bamboo.

Location on Property: On the sides and in the back

Work to be Done: Trim

Serviced by: Saunders's Lawns And Landscape


Requested by Leonora A.


Location: Escondido, CA
Yard Size: 4,211 square feet
Price: $82
Items Needing Service: around tree in front &along front of house

Location on Property: front

Work to be Done: flowers

Serviced by: Ortiz's Lawns Solutions

Bush Trimming

Requested by Brooklyln S.


Location: Escondido, CA
Yard Size: 6,747 square feet
Price: $29
Items Needing Service: bushes in front and back of house

Location on Property: front and back of house

Work to be Done: weed pulling of weeds in flower beds in front and back of house

Serviced by: Ralph Castaneda's Lawns And Garden


Requested by Sara W.


Location: Escondido, CA
Yard Size: 5,791 square feet
Price: $212
Items Needing Service: I am interested in getting grass in the front yard

Location on Property: front yard

Work to be Done: sod, trim and treat the existing flowering plants, weed

Serviced by: F. Rogers's Lawns Maintenance


Requested by Sebastien B.


Location: Escondido, CA
Yard Size: 9,586 square feet
Price: $1059
Items Needing Service: I would like to clean up , add grass throughout and gravels on the side of the house. I'm thinking about adding a couple of bushes to hide trash containers in the house as well. I want to put gravel along the house wall to avoid dirt splashes and make the whole area look clean. Maybe also vine on the fence. Lastly remove old fence. Pics... Show More

Top Escondido, CA Lawn Services of July 2020

#1-Fuller's Lawns & Garden LLC
Ruben Fuller
Escondido, CA
8 Ratings
Fuller's Lawn & Garden LLC. has been servicing Escondido for over 14 years. Ruben prides himself on being attentive to detail, experienced, and offers lawn work, pest control, and even handyman work at premium rates.
#2-D. Huynh's Lawns
Douglas Huynh
Escondido, CA
7 Ratings
Douglas started grass mowing lawns 13 years ago. Today D. Huynh's Lawns serves hundreds of customers in Escondido, and provides high quality grass mowing and economical dog waste removal.
#3-F. Rogers's Lawns Maintenance
Frank Rogers
Escondido, CA
40 Ratings
F. Rogers's Lawn Maintenance provides top grade landscape maintenance and lawn aeration in Escondido. Frank and his team have tackled hundreds of lawns over the past 14 years.
#4-Erik's Lawns Treatment Inc
Erik Shields
Escondido, CA
39 Ratings
Erik's Lawn Treatement Inc specializes in lawn maintenance, but also offers sprinkler repair and fire ant treatment. We are also one of the few lawn care services in Escondido that offers stump removal. You can rely on Erik's 16 years of expertise!
#5-P. Porter's Lawns Care Service
Phillip Porter
Escondido, CA
38 Ratings
P. Porter's Lawn Care Service is Escondido's best choice for grass cutting and shrub trimming. With 6 years of experience, Phillip and his crew are communicative and meticulous.
#6-Avila's Landscaping
Erik Avila
Escondido, CA
35 Ratings
Thank you so much for your attention to detail on this mowing. I was beginning to feel closed in! However, that still doesn't change how I feel about lawnstarter as a company. You should not have to overcompensate for their failure to compensate. Thank you again for your kindness!
#7-Saunders's Lawns And Landscape
Philip Saunders
Escondido, CA
32 Ratings
Philip and his team deliver good lawn maintenance, shrub trimming, and even dog waste removal in Escondido. You can expect punctual service, thanks to their 17 years of experience.
#8-Evans's Landscaping
Dean Evans
Escondido, CA
32 Ratings
Evans's Landscaping strives to be the best lawn business in Escondido. Dean's crew has 9 years of experience and provides top quality lawn care and sprinkler repair in the Escondido area.
#9-Christian Lawnrence's Lawns & Landscape
Christian Lawrence
Escondido, CA
3 Ratings
Looks very good!
#10-K. Orozco's Lawns Care Service LLC
Kevin Orozco
Escondido, CA
25 Ratings
Looking for a grass cutting company? Kevin and his service professionals are some of the landscaping industry's foremost authorities. They do fantastic tree removal, lawn maintenance, grub treatment and even power washing.
#11-Landscaping By Daw
Dawn Castro
2245 San Pasqual Valley Road
Escondido, CA 92027
2 Ratings
Services Offered: lawn treatment , lawn mowing service, lawn care
#12-Arellano's Lawns And Landscape Inc
Joe Arellano
Escondido, CA
2 Ratings
Joe started lawn maintenance lawns 17 years ago. Today Arellano's Lawn And Landscape Inc. serves hundreds of customers in Escondido, and provides professional grade lawn maintenance and bargain priced dog poo removal.
#13-Ortiz's Lawns Solutions
Mike Ortiz
Escondido, CA
18 Ratings
Ortiz's Lawn Solutions is a gardening company offering detail oriented lawn maintenance, pest control and other services in Escondido. They are diligent and results focused. Also the company specializes in concrete work.
#14-Reginald's Lawns Care Service
Reginald Hutchinson
Escondido, CA
18 Ratings
He did a great, timely job.
#15-D. Shockley's Lawns Treatment Inc
Don Shockley
Escondido, CA
16 Ratings
D. Shockley's Lawn Treatement Inc is Escondido's best choice for lawn care and tree removal. With 4 years of experience, Don and his crew are dependable and polite.
#16-Oscar Neal's Lawns Maintenance
Oscar Neal
Escondido, CA
12 Ratings
James is fantastic!
#17-Holden's Lawns
Bob Holden
Escondido, CA
11 Ratings
Wanting to hire a fair priced lawn company? Holden's Lawns is a lawn company that handles landscape maintenance, tree removal, and planting bed maintenance throughout the Escondido area.
#18-Omar Gutierrez's Garden Service
Omar Gutierrez
Escondido, CA
10 Ratings
With over 15 years experience, Omar is one of the Escondido area's top gardening experts. He primarily does lawn maintenance but also offers exterior washing, lawn aeration, and more.
#19-Ralph Castaneda's Lawns And Garden
Ralph Castaneda
Escondido, CA
10 Ratings
Ralph Castaneda's Lawn And Garden is a grounds service offering detail oriented lawn service, weed killer application and other services in Escondido. They are reputable and customer focused. Additionally the company provides concrete washing.

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