These Are the Fastest-Growing Suburbs in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio skyline

by Jake Hill, LawnStarter Research Analyst
August 8, 2017

For all the hype about Columbus, Ohio––The Washington Post compared it with the likes of Austin and Nashville––it’s the suburbs, not the city itself, that are experiencing the region’s most dynamic population surge.

From 2010 to 2016, the population of New Albany jumped over 31 percent, making it the fastest-growing suburb in the Columbus metro area, according to a LawnStarter analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. During that period, New Albany added more than 2,457 residents, bringing the total headcount above 10,000 for the first time ever last year.

Here are the six fastest-growing Columbus suburbs (Note: This list features only cities of 10,000 or more people):

1. New Albany, OH: 2010-16 growth rate of 31.1 percent

2. Hilliard, OH: 23.2 percent

3. Grove City, OH: 11.0 percent

4. Delaware, OH: 10.9 percent

5. Powell, OH: 10.7 percent

6. Dublin, OH: 10.7 percent

(For a complete list of Columbus suburbs and their 2010-16 population growth, see the graphic at the end of the story.)

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What’s drawing people to Columbus’ fastest-growing suburb?

New Albany, Ohio white fences

New Albany is well-known known for its white fences.

So, what’s drawing people to the fastest-growing suburb on our list? New Albany’s website cites factors such as close proximity to Columbus, low average commute times, low crime and poverty rates, and upstanding public-school ratings as credit for attracting newcomers to the area. Residents online boast a “friendly, safe, and energetic community”.

As for the community, there’s no shortage of wealth. A recent report published by Bloomberg ranked New Albany, Ohio 26th on their list of America’s 100 Richest Cities. The average household income is just over $260,000, according to Bloomberg analysis, and the median property value of a single-family home is close to $500,000.

But it’s not just homeowners and families that are pouring into the City, many businesses are drawn to the area, too.

Did you know? Since 2010, New Albany has more than doubled its workforce.

Local government representatives are dedicated to engaging the City’s business community in order to promote economic growth.

For example, in an agreement between the city of New Albany and American Electric Power (AEP), the company allowed the City to lease the company’s advanced fiber optic network instead of building its own. The deal to use AEP’s fiber optic network “saved the community $7.5 million and created a strong competitive advantage.” New Albany’s website says this agreement is the primary reason that Nationwide Insurance and TJX Companies selected New Albany for their mission-critical facilities.

New Albany’s dedication to economic development is the reason for the City’s impressive growth.

A 22-minute drive from the nation’s 14th largest city, New Albany has positioned itself––both geographically and strategically––to attract and retain a remarkable range of businesses, from Abercrombie & Fitch to Amazon. Speaking of positioning… New Albany, Ohio is located within 500 miles of more than 50 percent of the North American population.

Spearheading New Albany’s economic charge is the master-planned New Albany Business Park, generating over $1.4 billion in investments since its inception.

New Albany Business Park is Ohio’s Willy Wonka Factory for businesses.

New Albany, Ohio white fences

Abercrombie & Fitch Headquarters.

New Albany Business Park is one of the largest master-planned business parks in Ohio and one of the fastest growing in the region. At over 14,500 employees, 3,500+ acres, 1,125 acres of developable greenfield sites, and 6 million square feet of development, New Albany Business Park is Ohio’s Willy Wonka Factory for businesses.

Michael Rayden, President and CEO of Tween Brands (headquartered in New Albany), says of the City, “Our associates are energized and engaged by the beautiful surroundings and convenience this community has to offer. In fact many of them have made it their home. The very values our company was built upon are nicely reflected in everything New Albany has to offer.”

Of course, it’s not just big business and large corporations benefitting from the abundance of resources that New Albany Business Park has to offer. New Albany also supports their technology startup scene.

Innovate New Albany, the City’s incubator for technology startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses provides tools and resources for up-and-coming companies to succeed in a competitive economic environment. Innovate New Albany’s website says, “From venture capital to human capital, Innovate New Albany enables business startups to access and leverage an unmatched level of resources to power growth.”

It seems that just about anyone can benefit from relocating to New Albany.

Columbus’ Fastest-Growing Suburbs

In the chart below, you can see the 2010-16 population figures for Columbus’ suburbs, with New Albany out in front for percentage growth.

To learn more about a specific suburb, click on the bar next to its name or the associated circle on the map.

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Top Photo: Columbus Neighborhoods

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