Year in Review: 2023’s Top-Ranking Cities

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It’s been a busy 2023 for us at LawnStarter and our sibling brands at Home Gnome. We cranked out 70 rankings of U.S. cities, and some cities really outshined the competition.

Below, you’ll find our 2023 chart toppers — broken down by number of top-10 rankings and average rank, for example.

Of course, we all have room to grow, so we spotlighted our best performers’ top areas of improvement, too.

Scroll down to see America’s greatest cities — at least according to us. 🙂



Cities With Top-10 Rankings

Among the 500 biggest U.S. cities, 141 cities ranked in the top 10 of our rankings at least once.

The table below (followed by a map) details how each city fared across all 70 LawnStarter and Home Gnome city rankings. We ranked the cities on 3 weighted factors:

  • The total number of times each city placed in the top 10
    • Weight: 3
  • The total number of times each city placed 1st
    • Weight: 2
  • Each city’s average position across all rankings in which it placed in the top 10
    • Weight: 1


Top 10 Cities by Number of Top-10 Rankings

These 10 cities dominated our leaderboard most frequently:

Honorable Mentions

Top 10 Cities by Average Rank

Among the cities that ranked in the top 10 of our studies at least 10 times, these cities stood out:

Honorable Mentions

Best of the Best: Cities With the Most No. 1 Rankings

Big kudos to the Big Apple! New York took the top spot in our rankings most frequently, landing in 1st place a total of 27 times.

Scroll down below for other top cities and their biggest strengths.

The Statue of Liberty waves an orange foam finger with a “#1” to indicate its dominance in LawnStarter and Home Gnome city rankings.

These cities ranked No. 1 the most times:

Honorable Mentions

All of these cities tied for 6th place, each taking the crown once (in order of state):

Top 10 Cities’ Worst Rankings

At LawnStarter and Home Gnome, we’re all about improving your living environment, so we’ve rounded up the areas where our top 10 cities need to clean up their act a bit. 

In the table below, you’ll find each of our 10 best performers’ worst rankings, followed by surprising insights.

Surprising Findings

  • Three of our top 10 citiesHouston, Miami, and Las Vegas — ranked low in both parenting studies, Best Cities for New Moms and Best Cities for Single Dads. Interestingly, no top-10 city ranked low in only one parenting study despite big differences in their methodologies.

No matter their flaws, our top cities are still the ones to emulate, and every new year is a chance to do better.

Congrats to all of our top cities, and here’s to a prosperous 2024!

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