Landscape design with various plants and a gazebo

How to Use Plants in Your Landscaping

Ready to revamp your landscape design but not sure where to start? Infuse your yard with texture and color by planting ground covers, ornamental grasses, trees and shrubs, and low-maintenance annuals and perennials. Types of Landscaping Plants 1. Trees Tree types: Evergreen (maintains needles or leaves year-round). Examples of evergreen […]

Landscape trees in downtown Atlanta
Atlanta, Landscaping

How to Landscape with Trees in Atlanta

From The Varsity sign to the Olympic flame to Bank of America Plaza, Atlanta’s city skyline offers gorgeous views of famous, towering buildings. But towering trees? They provide even more than beauty; they deliver environmental benefits to this area, too. Of course, it doesn’t get any more Georgia than the […]


Best Landscaping Rocks for Your Yard Project

Not all beauty is planted or grown. Landscaping rocks are formed and polished. Using landscaping rocks for your yard project could cut down on maintenance and conserve water. The question is, which ones are best for your landscaping project? You have several options: Decorative gravel Pea gravel River rock Lava […]

Rock Garden with Succulents

How to Make a Rock Garden

Building a rock garden is simple and perfect for first-time gardeners. Forget about fertilizing, weeding, and mowing, and get ready to relax in your new, low-maintenance rock garden.  A rock garden, also known as a rockery or alpine garden, features and accentuates various carefully arranged rocks, stones, and boulders. This drought-tolerant […]

Backyard Pool

21 Landscaping Ideas for the Backyard

Front yard landscaping may be about first impressions, but backyard landscaping ideas will help you make memories. Your backyard is an extension of your home. It’s where you gather as a family for privacy, entertainment, and relaxation. But without an inviting backyard landscape, you’re left cooped up inside with screens […]

Rain Garden

What is a Rain Garden?

Wild petunias, red-twig dogwood, and scrumptious elderberry –– a charming rain garden will accentuate your landscape and invite nature’s guests for an afternoon snack. But did you know a rain garden in your yard serves a useful purpose? A rain garden intercepts and absorbs contaminated rainwater runoff from your rooftop, […]


A Beginner’s Guide to Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping isn’t the absence of landscaping. It’s merely an efficient way of using drought-tolerant plants and grasses to conserve water. You don’t have to fill your yard with rocks and cactus to join this trendy movement. This beginner’s guide to xeriscaping can turn a barren yard into an enviable one. […]