2022’s Best Cities for Golfers

Male golfer in foreground putting in golf ball while group of two men and a woman cheer in the background

Every golfer has their favorite local venue. Whether they go there to play 18 holes, practice their short game, or watch the world’s best, these places can be like a second home to the avid golfer.

But some cities score better for golfers than others. 

That’s why LawnStarter ranked 2022’s Best Cities for Golfers, marking Oct. 4 as National Golf Lovers Day.

We compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on 22 key indicators of golfer-friendliness, such as weather, number of golf courses, and access to equipment.

Is your city up to par? Find out in our ranking below, followed by some highlights and lowlights.


City Rankings

See how each city fared in our ranking:

Overall Rank (1=Best)CityOverall ScorePublic Course Access RankPremium Course Access RankTraining Access RankCourse Quality RankClimate Rank
1Scottsdale, AZ59.741131546
2Orlando, FL45.095121896
3Cincinnati, OH42.772312139200
4Las Vegas, NV37.841515581040
5San Francisco, CA36.6916023215530
6Winston-Salem, NC35.8168714023102
7Los Angeles, CA34.6417641719029
8Savannah, GA34.563252857135
9Augusta, GA34.0267613667164
10Rochester, NY32.71365139133180
11San Antonio, TX32.091041015138123
12Toledo, OH32.04758178108175
13Atlanta, GA31.35711159113100
14Birmingham, AL30.9827168449169
15Tucson, AZ30.6714187411754
16Pasadena, CA30.21861254416
17Houston, TX29.53167914968192
18Tulsa, OK29.401011319060172
19Durham, NC29.3610053293126
20Corona, CA29.144315938206
21Phoenix, AZ29.10134261281246
22Henderson, NV28.946640493740
23Charleston, SC28.837321478160
24Dallas, TX28.57156179028104
25Escondido, CA28.531315991551
26Lexington, KY28.504042996153
27Chandler, AZ28.4717413411446
28Port St. Lucie, FL28.382033637279
29Hollywood, FL28.2728159143386
30Charlotte, NC28.2512819834080
31Surprise, AZ28.196123459546
32Austin, TX28.121351412087129
33Frisco, TX28.11117321059104
34Louisville, KY28.0764246050162
35Peoria, AZ28.065671205846
36Irvine, CA27.6714915123216
37Alexandria, VA27.6452100210098
38Carrollton, TX27.2874731145104
39Knoxville, TN27.2512624283142
40Virginia Beach, VA27.0879120172181
41Fullerton, CA26.971316322786
42Ontario, CA26.901701598276
43Grand Rapids, MI26.8822557118197
44Roseville, CA26.86261221612237
45Spokane, WA26.5816392514493
46Lubbock, TX26.5690351663661
47Akron, OH26.53182051163189
48Tampa, FL26.415477883070
49Fort Wayne, IN26.3988010470137
50Salt Lake City, UT26.3241165015774
51Thornton, CO26.02121159153465
52Pomona, CA25.9916515972196
53Chula Vista, CA25.98188150106111
54Springfield, MO25.75334513054170
55Kansas City, MO25.72453712756129
56Lincoln, NE25.5376024160149
57McKinney, TX25.52872392107104
58Overland Park, KS25.45292726171129
59Rockford, IL25.33117612585182
60Oceanside, CA25.2872107351301
61Riverside, CA25.24937094936
62Reno, NV25.1885681164458
63San Diego, CA25.15141341321091
64New York, NY25.11190851182146
65Indianapolis, IN25.115029114103179
66Hayward, CA25.101191341053930
67Olathe, KS25.09154751524129
68St. Louis, MO25.09244321146158
69Anaheim, CA25.08169159103226
70Mesa, AZ25.0121677314046
71Greensboro, NC24.9589875342102
72Irving, TX24.941822236111104
73Santa Rosa, CA24.805588611376
74Yonkers, NY24.751431591831160
75Santa Ana, CA24.6617215344656
76Fontana, CA24.57184159163136
77Fort Worth, TX24.541334612927104
78Miami, FL24.505359967786
79Pembroke Pines, FL24.3246106814586
80Huntington Beach, CA24.3117914143796
81Murfreesboro, TN24.284112417716175
82Sioux Falls, SD24.261038158150159
83Boise City, ID24.2061843712063
84Arlington, TX24.18140746835104
85Aurora, CO24.1419727713465
86Kansas City, KS24.121376314517129
87Montgomery, AL24.10371137662185
88Richmond, VA24.05136504175118
89Long Beach, CA23.96120157113715
90Tacoma, WA23.92381444810476
90Jacksonville, FL23.921393112480101
92Plano, TX23.92113475691104
93Albuquerque, NM23.9048447814957
94Aurora, IL23.761421148714165
95Oxnard, CA23.75144159167466
96Boston, MA23.68191894629116
97Oklahoma City, OK23.671101111342497
98Chesapeake, VA23.66166146161981
99Columbus, OH23.591733014147195
100Grand Prairie, TX23.50321596994104
101Springfield, MA23.401161599525116
102Colorado Springs, CO23.35803616912162
103Glendale, AZ23.21811595711546
104Mobile, AL23.183161150105194
105Mesquite, TX23.141571598518104
106Raleigh, NC23.0882868084126
107Killeen, TX23.061621591875129
108Madison, WI23.06395293112184
109Amarillo, TX23.01516615611964
110Jackson, MS22.963410320063188
111Macon, GA22.931257819126141
112Waco, TX22.814412118948145
113Tempe, AZ22.78881591915246
114Naperville, IL22.75122519154165
114Dayton, OH22.75105586596163
116San Bernardino, CA22.70153159164696
117Newark, NJ22.471851595532154
118Stockton, CA22.42127991657655
119Chattanooga, TN22.41699218051187
120Tallahassee, FL22.32836581106174
121Eugene, OR22.297713513866120
122Palmdale, CA22.271381311831026
123Pittsburgh, PA22.22995733127196
124Omaha, NE22.22236952170138
125Bakersfield, CA22.17126981939744
126Des Moines, IA22.124254154129151
127New Orleans, LA22.071077915552173
128Moreno Valley, CA22.02941591621266
129St. Paul, MN22.00621309899147
130Fort Collins, CO21.96601049713165
131Midland, TX21.94784819214159
132North Las Vegas, NV21.721322816817340
133Jersey City, NJ21.671871491798160
134Shreveport, LA21.62769470123183
135Salinas, CA21.48981337915930
136Norfolk, VA21.48971591746481
137Joliet, IL21.4510915914243165
138Newport News, VA21.40961391827481
139Glendale, CA21.29178114621536
140Fayetteville, NC21.0912911811788126
141Hialeah, FL20.971501591157386
142Wichita, KS20.891038219589140
143Little Rock, AR20.894949179151121
144Memphis, TN20.8812310119461156
145St. Petersburg, FL20.6813010810811670
146Garland, TX20.464715954165104
147Minneapolis, MN20.4612415611292147
148Philadelphia, PA20.3918615812653139
149Portland, OR20.2411211913312472
150Syracuse, NY20.21995157176199
151Corpus Christi, TX20.2014710219710194
152Rancho Cucamonga, CA20.181921381191356
153Clarksville, TN20.1457132131138175
154El Paso, TX20.0211815517514343
155McAllen, TX19.9915812618886123
156Cape Coral, FL19.9035159147142136
157Sacramento, CA19.857014714617237
158Bellevue, WA19.74108971318176
159Baton Rouge, LA19.706581109158191
160Chicago, IL19.5618383101110165
161Salem, OR19.3610610518513695
162Denver, CO19.3210212710016165
163San Jose, CA19.2416113614316430
164Oakland, CA19.2116414315316230
165Detroit, MI19.1918915416082143
166Brownsville, TX19.025815919615692
167Fresno, CA19.0015111718614745
168Nashville, TN18.9591145159132175
169Worcester, MA18.8517311088128171
170Providence, RI18.711488927174157
171Sunnyvale, CA18.5811515910717930
172Washington, DC18.531551593016998
173Lakewood, CO18.42251597118765
174Seattle, WA18.361461298616776
175Laredo, TX18.31152148198125123
176Torrance, CA17.8715912861926
177Vancouver, WA17.7211410912317572
178Elk Grove, CA17.6516813711017737
179Baltimore, MD17.56163142111148152
180Columbus, GA17.35111112199168119
181Huntsville, AL17.0218056176166181
182Fort Lauderdale, FL17.02171933118486
183Milwaukee, WI16.6384152137178155
184Hampton, VA16.603015917018581
185Modesto, CA16.41929618418655
186Denton, TX16.385915966188104
187Buffalo, NY14.8495159121183190
188Anchorage, AK14.7314589173182198
189Cleveland, OH13.98175140148180186
190Lancaster, CA13.291771591811896
191West Valley City, UT12.976315914419174
192Fremont, CA12.6818115913519030
193Garden Grove, CA11.20192159391936
194Orange, CA11.19192159401936
195Paterson, NJ11.021921595193150
196Santa Clarita, CA9.341921591221936
197Miramar, FL7.721921596719386
198Warren, MI7.2019215964193143
199Bridgeport, CT7.1519215975193122
200Pasadena, TX5.73192159102193192
Infographic showing the Best Cities for Golfers, a ranking based on 22 key factors, such as weather, number of golf courses, and access to equipment
Note: For presentation purposes, not all ties may be displayed for some metrics in the above infographic.

Highlights and Lowlights

If You Build It, They Will Come

Regardless of where you live, the first and most essential requirement for golf is having a place to play. You can’t swing the sticks without a course.

From private clubs to resort courses to your local muni, more courses means more options and a greater capacity for golf. Of the top 20 cities on our list, only five fall outside the top 100 for the number of public golf courses. The top three cities on our list (Scottsdale, Orlando, and Cincinnati) all rank in the top five for public course access and top 15 for premium course access. Scottsdale is the top-ranked city in both categories.

For context, Scottsdale has 56 courses within the city’s limits, about 10 courses per 100,000 residents. Another 45 are within a 20-mile radius.

Drive for Show, Putt for Dough

Practice makes perfect. And the ability to practice your golf swing makes a difference on our list, too. Indoor and outdoor driving ranges are a haven for golf-hungry loopers. They’ve even become a fun place for non-golfers, especially with the rise of venues like TopGolf.

Alexandria, Virginia, stands out in both driving ranges per square mile (No. 5) and virtual golf venues per square mile (No. 1).

And while the range is the perfect place to take some practice cuts, there’s no substitute for a good coach to diagnose and cure any golf game ailments. That shows up in our Training Access category, as the top three cities — Scottsdale, Orlando, and Cincinnati — rank third, first, and ninth, respectively, in PGA coaches per 100,000 residents.

Tight Lies and True Greens

“How was the course?”

It’s probably the most frequently asked question among golfers. That’s because course conditions matter. Well-maintained fairways and greens make for a more enjoyable golf experience and a truer test of skill.

The best cities on our list put quality golf at a premium. Nine of our top 20 cities rank 49th or better in Course Quality, with three of the top five ranked 15th or better. 

Sunny With a Chance of Birdies

Climate is another major factor in determining a city’s golfability. If the place is too hot, too cold, or too wet too often, playing the game becomes untenable.

Cities in states like Arizona, Nevada, and California all bring sun and warmth to the top 10 of our list. Four of our top 10 cities for golf rank 46th or better for Climate, and just three fell outside the top 150.

Climate isn’t everything, though. Cincinnati is ranked third overall but scored a bogey on Climate, ranking 200th. That’s the only city in the top 10 that finished last in a category.


For each of the 200 biggest U.S. cities, we gathered publicly available data on the factors listed in the table below. 

We then grouped those factors into five categories: Public Course Access, Private Course Access, Training Access, Course Quality, and Climate.

Next, we calculated weighted scores for each city in each category. 

Finally, we averaged the scores for each city across all categories.

The city that earned the highest average score was ranked “Best” (No. 1), while the city with the lowest was ranked “Worst” (No. 200). (Note: The “Worst” among individual factors may not be No. 200 due to ties among cities.)

MetricWeightingMin. ValueMax. ValueBest
Public Course Access
Public Courses per 100,000 Residents509.8Max. Value
Municipal Courses per 100,000 Residents406.3Max. Value
Premium Course Access
Private Courses per 100,000 Residents3011.8Max. Value
Number of Preferred Courses (Golf Tournament Association of America)203Max. Value
Number of Top 100 Golf Courses in the World (Golf Magazine)401Max. Value
Number of Top 100 Golf Courses in the U.S. (Golf Digest)302Max. Value
Number of Best Golf Courses for Public Access (Golfweek Magazine)307Max. Value
Number of PGA Courses Available for Public Play301Max. Value
Training Access
Driving Ranges per Square Mile202.5Max. Value
Indoor and Virtual Golf Facilities per Square Mile100.1Max. Value
PGA Golf Coaches per 100,000 Residents204.6Max. Value
Non-PGA-Affiliated Golf Coaches per 100,000 Residents13.2155.1Max. Value
Golf Equipment Stores per Square Mile100.3Max. Value
Course Quality
Average Consumer Rating for All Courses304.3Max. Value
Total Reviews for All Courses2067Max. Value
Average Number of Holes for All Courses2018Max. Value
Average Number of Yards for All Courses207,351.5Max. Value
Average Par for All Courses231.572Max. Value
Historical Average Annual Number of Extremely Cold Days10192Min. Value
Historical Average Annual Number of Extremely Hot Days12169Min. Value
Historical Average Monthly Percentage of Sunshine142%85%Max. Value
Historical Average Monthly Rain (in Inches)10.55.4Min. Value

Sources: Golf Digest, Golf Tournament Association of America, GOLF.com, GolfLink, Golfweek, Lessons.com, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Nextgengolf, PGA of America, and Yelp

Final Thoughts

Why is LawnStarter ranking the Best Cities for Golfers?

For starters, a golf course literally cannot exist without grass (i.e. lawn). As the online leader in  outdoor services, we know a thing or two about maintaining immaculate turf.

We can do more than just tell you where to find the best greens in town. Our lawn care experts can help you trade pushing the lawn mower for swinging the club faster than you can say FORE!

So, on National Golf Lovers Day this Oct. 4, park the riding lawn mower, hire a local LawnStarter pro, and go hit the links.

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Ryan Plank

Ryan Plank

Ryan Plank is a freelance writer and journalist in Orlando, Florida. He studied at Florida State University and is an avid golfer.