Landscaped desert pool

How to Landscape Around Your In-Ground Pool

It’s an idyllic summer afternoon. Your family just moved into a new house with an in-ground pool, and you’re ready to enjoy it. There’s just one problem: Instead of having fun, you’re thinking about how dingy the pool looks surrounded by dead grass and empty space. You can save yourself […]

Isabella Plantation, Gunnera, the bog garden in spring

Bog Garden: How to Build One

To a small housefly, a bog garden is a deathly, swamp-like jungle. But to gardeners, bog gardens are a fascinating attraction. If your home doesn’t have a naturally occurring bog, bog gardens can be built right in your backyard, next to your pond, or even in a small container. Building […]

Rooftop garden in Manhattan, NY

How to Start an Urban Rooftop Garden

When you live in a concrete jungle like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, or the like, you’re accustomed to making the most out of the least when it comes to space — including green space. That’s where a rooftop garden can help. An unused roof may be the perfect […]

Front yard sign urging folks to pick up their dog's pet waste.

The Crappiest Lawns in America

Where are the crappiest lawns in America? They’re all over the country and likely on your own street. See, we’re not talking about yards that look crappy, we’re talking about lawns where your dog does his or her business. We at LawnStarter mined our own data and surveyed our yard […]

Small palm tree in a plant bed beside a walkway, a door, and a stone wall

How to Landscape With Palm Trees in Phoenix

Outside the tropics, there’s no more perfect place for palm trees than Phoenix. It’s in the Valley of the Sun, after all, and palm trees love sun. Because palm trees grow so well in Phoenix’s climate, they’re all over the city. Simply planting a palm in your yard isn’t enough […]

Large yellow house with white stone columns and palm trees of different sizes all around it
San Diego

How to Landscape With Palm Trees in San Diego

You’re living the dream. You get to spend all your time in San Diego, where the beaches are stunning and the weather is perfect year-round. What could make life better? Consider this: Are you proud of your landscape? When you pull up in your driveway, do you feel like you’re […]

A view of downtown Houston, Texas with landscape trees
Houston, TX

How to Landscape with Trees in Houston

As the eighth-most expansive city in the country, Houston’s sprawl makes accommodating landscape trees easy — and mandatory, too. The local Tree and Shrub Ordinance requires the planting of at least one tree, depending on lot size, so let’s explore the many ways you can landscape with trees at your […]

blooming crepe myrtles in downtown raleigh
Raleigh, NC

How to Landscape with Trees in Raleigh

You may live in the City of Oaks, but there’s a wealth of other trees suitable for your Raleigh home landscape design. Let’s take a look at the large trees and small trees that will bring beauty, shade, privacy, wildlife, and even food to your yard. 1. Plant Trees to […]

charlotte city skyline with landscape trees
Charlotte, NC

How to Landscape with Trees in Charlotte

Living in Charlotte, you’ll want your home’s curb appeal to match the majesty of the Queen City itself. Already known for its trees — we’re at 47% tree canopy now — CLT’s environment is perfect for an array of species. Here’s how to choose the best trees that will have […]