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Wichita Kansas
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4 Best Grass Types in Wichita, Kansas

Wichita’s hot summers and cold winters make it a challenge for homeowners to choose a grass type for their lawn. Warm-season grass or cool-season grass? Warm-season grass will grow best during Wichita’s summer months but will be too hard to maintain in cold winter. Cool-season grass thrives in winter but […]

Old Orange County Courthouse, Santa Ana Calif
California, Grass Guides

3 Best Grass Types in Santa Ana, Calif.

The hot and dry weather in Santa Ana presents unique challenges for landscaping. Water Smart landscapes can incorporate a number of plants, artificial turf, structures, and some grasses. Within the confines of Santa Ana’s water restrictions, it is possible to have a beautiful and diverse yard if you plant one […]

Goodyear blimp, an iconic part of life in Akron
Grass Guides, Ohio

4 Best Grass Types in Akron, Ohio

The home of Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Akron, Ohio, also is home to hundreds of thousands of plush lawns of primarily four grass types.  Look up and you may see the Goodyear blimp (its home base is in nearby Suffield). Look down and you’ll likely see Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, […]

dog-friendly fertilizers for your provo, UT lawn
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Is It OK for Your Dog to Eat Grass?

People who own both dogs and lawns often have a question for their veterinarians: “Why do dogs eat grass?” Grass-eating by dogs is a commonly observed, but rarely studied topic, so there are plenty of opinions. It’s to soothe an upset stomach. It causes them to throw up. It’s to make up for a nutritional deficiency in […]