Front yard sign urging folks to pick up their dog's pet waste.

The Crappiest Lawns in America

Where are the crappiest lawns in America? They’re all over the country and likely on your own street. See, we’re not talking about yards that look crappy, we’re talking about lawns where your dog does his or her business. We at LawnStarter mined our own data and surveyed our yard […]

Fall colors on leaves reflected on a lake in the foreground.

Best and Worst States to Visit This Fall

Bonfires are roasting, corn is ready to harvest, and everything is flavored pumpkin spice — fall is back! If you’re like us over here at LawnStarter, you can’t wait to enjoy the great outdoors in some cooler weather. That’s why it’s crucial to know the best and worst states to […]

Rows of community gardening plots with lots of plants and greenery are surrounded by palm trees in South Beach, Miami, Florida.

America’s Best Cities for Urban Gardening

Florida may be known as the Sunshine State, but it deserves another nickname — the Gardening State (not to be confused with New Jersey, the Garden State). Three cities in Florida are at the top of our list of America’s Best Cities for Urban Gardening, and another three Sunshine State cities […]

Frisco TX

Best and Worst U.S. Cities to Be Stuck at Home

Being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic means fewer vacations, strangers delivering meals and groceries, and a greater reliance on Wi-Fi for all those work-from-home video calls or job interviews. The majority of us aren’t fortunate enough to be “stuck” at a beach bungalow. So, if you’re truly staying […]


Best Cities for 4th of July Celebrations 2020

We analyzed the biggest 100 U.S. cities to see how they’ll celebrate the Fourth of July in the Coronavirus era, and which cities are the best for enjoying a fun — and safe — 244th birthday bash for America. Some cities fizzled, but some still sparkle. Here’s what we found, […]