A Guide to Lawn Care Service Prices in San Antonio, TX


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in lawn care services for your home.  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve been providing landscaping and lawn service in San Antonio for quite some time, and from working with dozens of lawn services in the area, we’ve managed to gather a ton of data on lawn service pricing.

This guide walks you through various lawn-related services specific to the San Antonio area, as well as the prices you should expect should should you desire to hire a lawn care service.  Read on, and feel free to share with your friends!


First, a note on hiring a quality lawn care service

Let’s address one big, important question.  Is the lawn care provider licensed and insured?  Please take my advice and make sure that the company is incorporated as a legitimate business and carries liability insurance.  Sure, you can save a bit of money by paying some guy cash under the table, but it comes with huge risks.  Not only are you helping someone evade taxes, but if the lawn care provider damages your lawn, or worse hurts somebody, he most likely will not be able to pay for the damages.  Additionally, there are many cases where you might be liable for any injuries which occur on your property.  Bottom line, do yourself a favor and make sure that the contractor is legit.  For the purposes of this article, we’re going to assume you’re talking to a legitimate licensed and insured lawn care provider.

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Lawn Mowing

So you’re tired of mowing your lawn, and it’s time to hire a lawn care service.  Well, not all lawn mowing services were created equally.

What goes into the price?  First, there are the actual services performed.  Is the company bagging or mulching clippings?  How much attention do they pay to the edging job?  Do they weedwhack?  Do they mow extra when the grass grows after rain?  Keep all these things in mind before you jump to the company with the lowest price.

A big factor of the price is whether you want weekly, biweekly, or monthly lawn service.  In this region of Texas, biweekly is usually sufficient from March through November, and monthly service is recommended during the winter months.  Though if there is a great deal of rain during the summer, you may want to switch to weekly service temporarily.

Also, keep in mind that lawn mowing service prices often depend on the contractor’s own costs.  One of these is drive-time.  Since lawn care companies have to pay to burn gas and pay employees during the drive to your property, they may charge more for the sole fact that you live far away.  It may seem unfair, but it makes sense from a business perspective. LawnStarter has solved this issue by finding the best local contractors in each zip code, and providing fair, flat rate pricing.

According to Wikilawn, here are the prices for lawn mowing in San Antonio:

<1/8 acre: $29.66
<1/4 acre: $33.08
<1/3 acre: $38.19
<1/2 acre: $43.33

Core Aeration

Core aeration is a process which relieves compaction in your lawn’s soil by pulling little plugs of dirt out of the ground.  This in turn allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate your soil.  When getting prices for aeration this Fall or next Spring (that’s when you should be doing it!), there are a couple things to keep in mind.

What goes into the price?  First and foremost, a big price driver is whether your lawn care company owns its own aerator or has to rent one.  If they have to rent an aerator, the price will undoubtedly be higher.  Another big factor is the number of passes that they take over the yard.  A good landscaper will make multiple passes over the yard with the aerator.  This ensures that the lawn is less compacted and that the roots of the grass can breathe.

Market Prices for Core Aeration in San Antonio

  • Townhouse: $55-85
  • ¼ Acre Lot: $80-135
  • 1/3 Acre Lot: $120-190
  • ½ Acre lot +: $190+


Mulching is a service that has a whole lot of factors that come into play.  The main factor to consider is the quality of mulch.  Under no circumstances should you use low grade mulch; it comes from the dump, FYI.  Using low quality mulch introduces all sorts of unwanted diseases and bugs to your flowerbeds.  Instead, make sure that you’re getting double-shredded, hardwood mulch.  Quality mulch will provide nutrients to your plants while preventing new weeds from popping up.

Additionally, there are several different types of colored mulches, ranching from black to red.  These types of mulch usually good, but they’re almost always going to cost you more.  There usually aren’t any advantages other than pure aesthetics, so if you’re willing to pay a tad more for colored mulch, go for it!

Once you know that you’re ordering quality mulch, make sure to inquire whether the company puts a bed edge on your mulch bed.  This is the nice, 30 degree angle cut into the sod around your flowerbed that gives your flowerbeds that beautiful, framed look.  Many companies will use an edger while some will use a shovel.  An edger looks the best, but a skilled landscaper can still do a great job with a shovel.

The final factor that affects mulching prices is whether a cleanup is performed before.  Your lawn care provider should clean up any leaves, sticks and debris left in the mulching bed.  The more debris in your mulch bed, the more that has to be cleaned out and the higher the price.  Don’t sweat it if a couple leaves are left over after the bed is all cleaned out, but pre-mulching, flower bed cleanup is good practice that most quality lawn care companies adhere to.  Attention to small details like this are usually indicative of a great contractor!

Now that we’ve discussed quality issues that affect pricing, let’s discuss other factors which affect how much you’ll pay for that beautifully framed flowerbed.  The cost of the mulch is big, as some companies may have access to wholesale pricing while others may not.  Generally medium-sized companies will have a wholesaler, and if they do a lot of business, they may even get free delivery for over a certain amount.

Putting mulch down requires a great deal of physical labor.  Typically two or more crew members will work on a mulch job.  Companies whose labor is in higher demand will generally charge more for the labor.  Why?  They need to in order to meet their Return on Investment goals.  Are companies that are in higher demand always better?  Many times yes, but some are just good at mass-marketing and skimp on quality.

So now to the punchline.  How much does mulching cost?  Well, I can’t possibly tell you the size of your own flowerbed, but in the San Antonio area, the price will range from $80-120 per cubic yard of mulch laid down.  This price will include labor and debris removal.  If you’re wondering what is included in the mulching job, ask your lawn care provider for a proposal indicating where the money is being spent.  This will help you compare one price to another.


Fertilization is super important.  Additionally it’s important that you do not do it yourself; professional fertilization companies have better chemicals than those you can find at Home Depot.

It’s pretty straightforward; you higher your lawn care provider to spray the proper amounts around your yard.  Make sure they’re using quality fertilizer.  Additionally, if you would like organic fertilizer, it will cost a bit more.  Will organic fertilizer work better?  Usually you won’t be able to tell the difference to be honest.  But, organic fertilizer is a good option if you want to be green and ensure that your pets don’t get sick.  When paying for someone to lay down fertilizer, make sure that they have a few years of experience and are certified applicators.  Otherwise you risk burning your grass, and that’s not a pretty look for your yard.  Generally you want 5-7 applications of fertilizer per year, applied mostly in Spring and Fall.

Pro tip: Ask your lawn care company for a discount if you agree to a year-long fertilization package. Fireant treatments are also very common in this region.

Market Prices for Fertilization in San Antonio (per application)

  • Townhouse: $40-50
  • ¼ Acre Lot: $45-85
  • 1/3 Acre Lot: $90-120
  • ½ Acre lot +: $110+

Shrub Trimming

Bush trimming is another that varies so wildly that it’s hard to give a price.  The price will depend on the frequency of how often the bushes need trimming and the labor rate your lawn care provider charges.  Sometimes a company may charge a disposal fee to haul away the debris, other times the company may include this in the price.  Generally labor rates fall around $50 per man-hour, and you’ll have to ask how much time it will take your lawn service professional to complete the job.  Often you will get a price range, rather than a flat fee as these jobs are often tough to estimate.

Should you always go with the lowest bidder?

We’ve already established that hiring a non-licensed or non-insured lawn care service is a bad idea.  But assuming you’re comparing legit companies, should you go with the lowest price?  Sometimes the answer depends on the quality of work you desire.

Many times, it’s worth paying the extra dollars if you have a contractor that comes highly recommended and does perfect work.  Especially if the alternative is a contractor that is not a known quantity.

On the other hand, sometimes one contractor may have greater expenses, or simply may try to charge more because he or she thinks that you’ll pay more.  This is when comparing proposals and asking for references helps.

What if the price is too good to be true?

I will urge you to be careful when you find a contractor whose price is significantly lower than expected.  Unless you’ve worked with this company before and trust them, you should see extremely low prices as a red flag.  Here’s what happens when a company offers very low prices:

  1. They’re cutting corners.
  2. They’re avoiding taxes, or doing something sketchy.
  3. They’re losing money, in which case they’ll eventually skimp on the work when they realize this.

Bottom line, don’t just look for the lowest price.  Find a trusted contractor who will do quality work for fair prices.

Pro tip:  Ask for all lawn care service prices before you choose a provider, even if you don’t plan on ordering said services for several months.


Hopefully this guide was helpful for any San Antonio residents seeking advice on hiring a lawn care professional.  Ready to take the plunge and order lawn care service?  Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you and found the best lawn care services in San Antonio, at reasonable, market rates.  Click here to learn more.

Need help tending to your lawn? Visit our San Antonio lawn care page for more info! In addition to San Antonio, we also provide lawn care service in New Braunfels.


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