5 Good Reasons To Hire a Lawn Care Company

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Hiring a professional lawn care company saves you time and effort in maintaining a healthy lawn. They provide expertise and save you time. With their experience, they deliver quality results and offer preventative care. Here are five good reasons to hire a lawn care company.

1. Time and Convenience

Taking care of your lawn requires time and effort. By hiring a lawn care company, you can free up your time and enjoy the convenience of having professionals handle all the necessary tasks, from mowing and trimming to fertilizing and weed control.

You won’t have to worry about maintaining equipment, and you can avoid the time and expenses associated with DIY lawn care. In sum, hiring a lawn care service allows you to get the best lawn care without the expense of supplies and your free time. 

2. Cost and Storage

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Contrary to what many people think, hiring a lawn care company can actually be cost-effective in the long run. While an upfront cost is associated with lawn care programs, it does eliminate the need to invest in expensive equipment, tools, and supplies required for lawn care beginners.

The cost of lawn care is mainly determined by the size of your yard and the tools you need. If you decide to do your own lawn care, you may also need to buy a shed to store all your lawn care supplies, especially if your garage is full. Depending on your landscaping, some of the supplies you may need to purchase include:

  • Fertilizers: The average cost of fertilizing ranges from $88 to $544, with most homeowners spending around $380 to fertilize their lawns.
  • Mulches: The cost of mulch is around $17 to $68 per cubic yard or $2 to $5.50 per bag.
  • Lawn mowers: Several factors determine the cost of a lawn mower. A walk-behind mower has an average cost of $363, while a riding mower has an average cost of $2,450.
  • Trimmers: The best string trimmers range in price between $45 and $400.
  • Leaf blowers: Depending on whether they are gas, electric, or battery-powered, leaf blowers cost between $17 to $619.
  • Sprinkler systems: Installing an underground sprinkler system costs $3,150 or $0.60 per square foot on average.
  • Shed: On average, building a shed costs around $3,634, with most homeowners spending between $20 to $175 per square foot.

3. Expertise and Knowledge

Lawn care companies have years of experience maintaining a vibrant lawn and landscape. They know what type of grass and plants will grow in your area. Lawn care pros are well-versed in the specific care requirements for each type and consider factors such as soil composition, climate, and sun exposure. 

Moreover, they have experience in identifying and treating common lawn diseases and other issues. This enables them to customize their approach to meet your specific lawn care needs. Lawn care specialists can deliver proper lawn care and effective solutions for:

  • Challenging weeds like crabgrass, dandelions, and nutsedge
  • Persistent pests, including grubs, voles, and armyworms
  • Damaging diseases such as dollar spot, red thread, and brown patch

4. Consistent and Regular Maintenance

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Hiring a lawn care expert offers another significant benefit: the assurance of consistent and regular maintenance needed for good lawn care. These professionals adhere to a predetermined schedule and deliver regular services to ensure your lawn remains in excellent condition year-round.

This regular maintenance not only enhances your curb appeal but also the long-term health and durability of your lawn. They handle many essential tasks, including:

  • Mowing: To maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn, it is essential to mow the right way to ensure even growth, prevent scalping, and reduce stress on your turf.
  • Trimming: Regularly trim bushes, hedges, and shrubs to keep your landscape looking its best.
  • Fertilizing: Knowing when and how to fertilize your lawn can make the difference between lush grass and a disaster.
  • Aerating: When you aerate your lawn, you create holes in the soil, which allows air, nutrients, and water to reach your grass’ roots.
  • Weed control: Using various weed control strategies, such as mulching, hand-pulling, or pre-emergent herbicides can help keep your garden or lawn weed-free. 

5. Liability and Safety

Another critical reason to hire a lawn care company is that they assume liability and prioritize safety during maintenance. They also know about local regulations and guidelines, ensuring compliance and minimizing potential legal issues.

Hiring lawn care professionals ensures the safe handling of equipment and pesticides, reducing the risk of common yard equipment accidents. Three-fourths of lawn and garden injuries are caused by these tools. With professionals, you can trust that your lawn care is done safely and responsibly.


What Should I Consider When Hiring a Lawn Care Company?

Check reviews, get quotes, and shop around for the option that’s best for you. When hiring a lawn care company, it’s essential to consider the following: 

  • Customer reviews
  • Specific services they offer
  • Licensing and insurance
  • Fair pricing
  • Communication and customer service 

Will I Need To Sign A Contract For Lawn Care Service?

It depends. Contracts for lawn care services can vary from company to company. Some companies may require a contract for long-term or ongoing services, while others may offer flexible options with one-time services. Discussing the terms and conditions with the company to understand their specific requirements is recommended.

What is Low-Maintenance Landscaping?

Low-maintenance landscaping involves designing and maintaining a yard or garden to create an attractive outdoor space that demands less time, money, and energy for upkeep.

This approach includes selecting native, drought-resistant plants to minimize the need for watering and fertilizing. It may also involve using mulch or ground covers to prevent weeds and reduce the frequency of mowing.

When to Hire a Pro

If you genuinely enjoy working on your lawn, follow your passion and find tips on the Lawnstarter blog. However, if you prefer to enjoy your outdoor living spaces and avoid the hassles of yard work, hiring a local lawn care expert might be the best choice for you.

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