How Much Does Yard Cleanup Cost in 2024?

The average cost for a yard cleanup is $318, with most jobs costing $174 to $436.

A clean, well-maintained yard is an essential part of a relaxing outdoor living space, but it can be difficult to maintain on your own. The average cost for a professional yard cleanup is $318. But for most jobs, the cost ranges between $174 and $436. However, some jobs cost as much as $1,089 or as little as $109.

The total cost can vary based on the frequency of your visits, the size of your property, and your specific cleanup needs. Many lawn care pros offer seasonal packages for yard cleanup that include additional lawn maintenance services at a discounted flat rate.

In this pricing guide, we’ll cover:

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Average Yard Cleanup Costs in 2024

National Average Cost$318
Typical Price Range$174 – $436
Extreme Low-End Cost$109
Extreme High-End Cost$1,089

The cost of a lawn cleanup varies based on where you live and the specific needs of your yard. Lawn cleanup may include a combination of services or simply the removal of leaves.

More involved services, such as removing heavy debris after a storm, might cost as much as $1,089, while simple cleaning services for a small yard could cost as little as $109.

Cleanup Cost Estimator by Yard Size

The average home has a 10,000-square-foot yard, and cleanup typically costs around $0.02 to $0.05 per square foot. Based on that rate, here are some estimates for how much you might spend on a full cleanup based on the size of your yard.

Yard SizeTypical Cost
⅛ acre (5,445 square feet)$109 – $272
⅙ acre (7,260 square feet)$145 – $363
⅕ acre (8,712 square feet)$174 – $436
¼ acre (10,890 square feet)$218 – $544
½ acre (21,780 square feet)$436 – $1,089
¾ acre (32,670 square feet)$653 – $1,634
1 acre (43,560 square feet)$871 – $2,178

Other Factors That Affect Cost

In addition to yard size, the cost of a yard cleanup depends on the following factors:

  • Type of cleanup
  • Frequency of visits
  • Lawn care packages
  • Storm damage
  • Seasonal price changes

Type of Cleanup

A yard cleanup may include the following services, and the price fluctuates based on the services you need:

  • Mulching leaves means running over the leaves with a mulching mower to shred them into small pieces and leaving them in your lawn as natural mulch. It is the cheapest way to clean up leaves from your yard. If you have less than 50% leaf coverage on your lawn, your lawn care pro may decide mulching is the best option for you.
  • Raking leaves costs more than leaf blowing and mulching because this yard work is harder and takes longer.
  • Bagging yard waste, including leaves, twigs, and other debris, adds to the overall cleanup cost. Large amounts of debris will have to be bagged or blown into a disposal area.
  • Trash or furniture removal services will increase your cleanup cost and may require hiring a separate company.
  • Hauling away debris (mainly larger debris, such as fallen branches) costs more than leaving it curbside for your trash service to pick up.
  • Flower bed and garden cleanups typically cost more than cleaning a lawn because they require more delicate, detailed work to prevent damaging the plants.
  • Wet leaves are heavier, so the leaf cleanup job will take longer and cost more than removing dry leaves.

Note: Pet waste removal doesn’t usually come with yard cleanups, so you may need to hire a separate company to remove the ick from your front or backyard.

Frequency of Visits

The frequency of visits can significantly affect the price of yard cleanup services. The more often your landscapers come, the less they’ll have to clean or maintain, which can keep your costs down. Some landscaping companies also offer a discount if you sign up for regular service.

Homeowners who want a consistently neat and well-groomed outdoor space schedule bi-weekly or even weekly yard cleanup. Regular cleanup intervals help prevent the accumulation of debris, ensuring a visually appealing yard and minimizing the need for extensive interventions.

Lawn Care Packages

Many pros offer lawn care service packages that include leaf removal and yard cleanups. Purchasing a package is a great way to save money on all these services.

Fall and spring cleanups included in a lawn care package may come with:

  • Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • Bush trimming
  • Flower bed maintenance
  • Winterizing your lawn

Storm Damage

You will need more than an ordinary cleanup after a severe storm. Your home may require anything from temporary repairs to large debris clearing. In addition, your landscaper may have to provide mold prevention, apply new fertilizer, and replace the mulch in your garden or flower beds.

Keeping an emergency cleanup savings fund is a good idea if you live in an area prone to hurricanes or other severe weather. A lot goes into cleaning a yard after a hurricane, and you’ll either have to do the work yourself or pay extra for it.

Labor Costs

The cost of labor can add to the overall cost of yard cleanup due to the time and effort put into tasks such as raking, debris removal, and trimming. Skilled labor contributes to efficient and thorough cleanup, but it may cost around $32 to $80 per hour.

Seasonal Price Changes

The season also affects cleanup pricing because of differences in demand. For example, everyone needs their yard cleaned in the fall, so expect to pay higher prices (around $188 to $475) for fall cleanups.

Early spring is the second most popular time to clean the yard. You may be able to get a lower price, between $106 and $300, if you wait until the off-season to hire a yard cleanup service.

Junk Removal

After cleaning your yard, junk removal is the finishing touch to ensure a clutter-free and neat outdoor space. These services efficiently dispose of large debris and unwanted items, preventing your yard from becoming messy again. On average, junk removal costs around $160 to $400, depending on the volume of items and the service provider.

While you have a lawn care or landscaping pro onsite, you might consider some of the following services in addition to having your yard cleaned. Here’s how much these additional services could add to the overall cost of the job.

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Bush trimming
  • Lawn aeration
  • Dethatching
  • Sprinkler installation
  • Lawn mowing
  • Weed removal
  • Gutter cleaning

Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization is vital in keeping your lawn healthy, killing weeds, and preventing pests. Many synthetic and organic fertilizers can feed your grass all the nutrients it needs. Right after clearing debris from the lawn is a great time to fertilize because those nutrients have better access to the soil.

Check our lawn fertilization cost guide to know more about the average cost of fertilizing a lawn and the cost factors involved.

Bush Trimming

What’s the point of cleaning up your yard if your bushes are still scraggly and overgrown? Have your bushes trimmed along with your yard cleanup in spring or fall to give the whole landscape a facelift. Bush trimming usually costs less than $20 per bush. If you need tree trimming services or have very tall or overgrown bushes, expect to pay more.

Lawn Aeration

The best time to get a yard cleanup – fall or early spring – is also the best time to aerate your lawn. Lawn aeration involves poking holes in the soil to promote the flow of nutrients and oxygen, which can help your grass grow thicker and longer. It’s usually done once a year and costs between $78 and $238.


Aeration and dethatching typically go hand-in-hand. Dethatching removes a layer of organic material between the grass and soil, and it’s best to do it before aerating your lawn. If you need to remove excess thatch from your lawn, dethatching costs around $146 to $246.

Sprinkler Installation

If you don’t already have sprinklers installed, they are an excellent investment to help keep your lawn lush and healthy. The average cost of sprinkler installation may vary depending on the size of your yard and the type of sprinkler system.

If you already have a sprinkler system in your yard, sprinkler repair may be necessary every now and then due to wear and tear, damage from external elements, or malfunctions in the system components.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is an essential aspect of a clean yard. Mowing your lawn regularly can help prevent pests, boost curb appeal, and keep your grass healthy. You can hire a professional lawn mowing service for around $36 to $105.

Many lawn care pros charge a minimum fee to visit the property, so small yards will typically have a higher cost per square foot, even though the overall cost may be lower.

Weed Removal

Mowing down weeds during a regular yard cleanup isn’t enough to get rid of them. You have to dig them up, roots and all, to get rid of them for good. For weed removal, the cost depends on the size of your yard and the level of weed growth.

Gutter Cleaning

If you have leaves on your lawn, you probably also have them in your gutters. Gutter cleaning services cost an additional $105 to $375, but keeping them clear of debris can help prolong the lifespan of your roof.

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

Average pro cost$318 per visit
Average equipment cost for DIY$921 (one time)

The difficulty of DIY yard cleanups varies depending on the season and the yard’s needs. Some jobs are simple, while others require heavy equipment and long hours in the blistering sun.

If you already have the necessary tools and the right skills and don’t mind a little elbow grease, cleaning up your yard on your own is a more affordable option.

Please see common equipment prices for a simple leaf and small debris cleanup in the table below.

EquipmentTypical Cost
Leaf blower$167
Mulching mower$326
Gardening gloves$12
Pruning shears$14
Hedge trimmer$54
Lawn aerator$125
Lawn waste bags$6
Total equipment cost$921

Though lawn care equipment, especially power tools, can be pricey, keep in mind that you pay for them once, and you’re done. That’s a one-time cost of around $921 compared to paying a professional lawn care service an average of $318 per visit to clean your yard. One or two visits per year can add up quickly.

Cost of Yard Cleanup by Location

The total cost of yard cleanups can vary by location because of:

  • Labor costs: The higher the cost of living in your area, the more you will have to pay for labor. Rural areas usually have lower labor costs than big cities like New York.
  • Average yard size: The average homeowner in Montana has over an acre of lawn, whereas the average yard size in Nevada is about 4,000 square feet. Typically, the larger the average yard size in an area, the higher rates will be for yard cleanups and other lawn care services.
  • Climate: Local weather affects cleanup costs, too. For example, if you live in an area that frequently gets heavy storms, yard cleanup services will be in higher demand and will likely cost more than in other areas.


What is the Fastest Way to Clean Up Your Yard?

The fastest way to clean your yard is by using a leaf blower and a mulcher. Some leaf blowers can mulch or vacuum leaves, but many people mow over the leaves with a mulching mower.

Note: This method won’t be sufficient if you need to remove large debris, such as fallen branches.

How Do I Get Rid of an Overgrown Yard?

If your yard is overgrown with tall grass, plants, and shrubbery, these tools can help:

  • Brush trimmer
  • Chain saw
  • Pole saw
  • Hedge trimmer

Please remember:

  • You can’t cut overgrown grass with a typical lawn mower.
  • Remove all debris before you mow.
  • Treat weeds to prevent regrowth.

How Do I Get Ready For a Yard Cleanup?

If you want to help your landscaper out and get ready before they arrive for your yard cleanup, you can do a few things:

  • Gather up any debris and waste and either remove them yourself or put them in an area that is easy for the landscape maintenance pros to access.
  • Remove obstacles such as toys from the site.
  • Keep pets inside while the pros are working so that no one – either your landscaper or your pet – gets hurt.

How Often Should I Have My Yard Cleaned?

Most homeowners do a full yard cleanup twice a year: once in spring to prepare for new growth after winter and once in the fall to remove fallen leaves.

Final Thoughts

Yard cleanups are essential, but they can take a lot of work. You can save hours of your time (maybe even a whole weekend) by hiring a lawn care service pro to remove leaves, twigs, and other debris from your yard for just around $174 to $436.

Note: LawnStarter may get a referral fee for matching you with contractors in your area.

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