Reseeding Your Lawn After Removing a Tree

Reseeding Your Lawn After Removing a Tree

If you’ve ever removed a tree from your yard, you know that once the tree is gone, the work isn’t done. There’s now an unsightly hole in your lawn. Here are five stopes to reseeding your lawn after removing a tree in Provo, Utah.

Grab Your Tools

Before you begin the task of reseeding your lawn, make sure you have all the necessary materials. These include:

  • Clippers or a saw
  • A rake
  • A Shovel
  • Topsoil
  • Slow release and quick release nitrogen-rich fertilizers
  • Grass seed

Prepare Your Area

Before you can begin planting your new grass, it’s important to get the soil ready. Removing all wood chips and sawdust should be your first priority. Sawdust and woodchips rob the soil of nitrogen, an essential nutrient for growing healthy grass.

mulchUse a rake to remove any wood chips and sawdust. If any large roots are remaining, use your clippers and saw. Finally, use your shovel to turn the top level of soil over. Freshen up that soil! This will give it some oxygen and loosen it up, enabling your grass to grow back lush and healthy.

Add Fertilizer and Topsoil

Using a mixture of slow release and quick release nitrogen-rich fertilizers will give the soil a boost now and help maintain nitrogen levels in the future. Add a layer of fresh topsoil and rake the area to distribute the fertilizer evenly.

Seed the Area

Now that your area is cleared, your soil is prepared, and your fertilizer is mixed in, you can finally lay down your seeds. As you reseed, make sure to get good coverage. Using a criss-cross method to cover the whole area will get you the best results.

seedAfter the seeds are laid down, use your rake to go over the surface, mixing the seeds into the soil. Lay down an extra ¼ inch layer of topsoil over the seeds and you’re almost done!

Maintain Your New Grass

Once the grass seeds are planted, it’s time to go into maintenance mode. Make sure to water your new grass seed within 5 to 10 minutes of planting. Make sure that the soil isn’t allowed to dry out. Dry seeds will quickly die.water

Need help tending to your lawn after tree removal? Visit our Provo lawn care page for more info!


Rachel Vogel