Author: Rachel Vogel

Boston, MA house
Boston, MA

Best Grass Types for Boston, MA

If you’re looking to grow a gorgeous lawn that provides serious curb appeal to your Boston home, you’re in luck. Despite our unpredictable weather and somewhat challenging conditions, it’s not tough to grow a lush, green lawn.  All you need to do is select the grass type that is most […]

dog-friendly fertilizers for your provo, UT lawn
Provo, UT

Dog-Friendly Fertilizers For Your Provo, UT Lawn

Maintaining a healthy green yard is important, but not at the expense of your pet’s health. Applying fertilizer is especially tricky. Many fertilizers are dangerous, even deadly for dogs, cats, and other pets, making it necessary to find dog-friendly fertilizers to help your lawn thrive in Provo. If you have […]

Deltona, FL

Lawn Fungus Prevention and Treatment for Deltona, FL

Deltona’s hot and humid climate is perfect for breeding many lawn diseases. The city’s proximity to many area lakes also creates the ideal growing conditions for fungus. Most people here choose St. Augustine or bermudagrass since they both grow well in warmer climates. However, a fungus isn’t picky about where […]

lilac bush pruning tips for lancaster
Lancaster, PA

Lilac Bush Pruning Tips for Lancaster, PA

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous, fragrant lilac bush? While these plants are well-suited to Pennsylvania’s climate, they do require regular maintenance. While it requires some precise timing, it doesn’t take an expert to prune these bushes. Here are our lilac bush pruning tips for Lancaster, PA.  When to Prune Lilac […]

Provo, UT

5 Flowers That Don’t Attract Bees In Provo, UT

Having a garden full of flowers is a surefire way to make your house pop. The bright colors and beautiful smells can turn a drab yard into the most attractive yard on the block. Unfortunately, bees also find it appealing. Bees are necessary for pollinating one-sixth of all flowering plants on […]

Henderson, NC

How To Minimize Damage from Lawn Decorations

After the holidays you may find a nasty surprise under those lawn decorations: dead grass and brown patches. Those heavy decorations take their toll on our lawns. After a year of diligent maintenance and care, this can be disheartening. Here are a few tips to help you minimize damage from […]